2017 Shows

Listen To Your Mother Show takes a bow!

Listen To Your Mother Show takes a bow!

In a spectacular Grand Finale Season, Listen To Your Mother 2017 gave motherhood a microphone in 29 cities across the U.S. — Over $28,000 was raised for local causes, bringing the project total over $141,000 in charitable giving since LTYM began.


LTYM’s National Team was facilitated by Ann Imig (National Director), Stephanie Precourt (Online Content Manager and Returning Cities Mentor), Melisa Wells (Returning Cities Mentor), Taya Dunn Johnson (Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Mentor), and Deb Rox (Business Strategist).

Returning National Sponsors #BlogHer17 and Luvs — along with hundreds of local sponsors– made LTYM 2017 possible.


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STANDING OVATIONS and a ROARING APPLAUSE to our 2017 directors and producers — our torchbearers — and the many, many volunteers that gave their all in LTYM’s Grand Finale Season!

The casts of LTYM 2017

The casts of LTYM 2017

Atlanta‘s 4th season dir/producerd by Jana Anthoine and Miranda Wicker

Austin‘s 7th season directed by Kristin Shaw and Susanne Kerns

Baltimore‘s 4th season dir/produced by Taya Dunn Johnson and Arlene Jackson

Baton Rouge‘s 3rd season directed by Meghan Matt and Whitney Andrus

Boulder‘s 5th season dir/produced by Ellen Nordberg and Stephanie Sprenger

Burbank‘s 2nd season dir/produced by Suzanne Weerts and Taia Perry-Kretzin

Charleston‘s 4th season dir/produced by Becca Finley, Anna Hartman, Jennifer Buddin, and Meredith Betzhold

Chicago‘s 6th season dir/produced by Melisa Wells and Tracey Becker

DC‘s 6th season dir/produced by Stephanie Stearns Dulli and Kate Coveny Hood

Kansas City‘s 4th season dir/produced by Greta Funk & Kathleen Fisher

La Crosse‘s 2nd season dir/produced by Beth Erickson, Jess Witkins, & Molly Hilligoss 

Lehigh Valley‘s 3rd season dir/produced by Kirsten Piccini and Kristina Grum

Madison‘s 8th season dir/produced by LTYM founder Ann Imig and co-produced by Takeyla Benton

Metro Detroit‘s 4th season dir/produced by Angela Amman and Angela Youngblood

Milwaukee‘s 5th season dir/produced by Rochelle Fritsch, Jen Gaskell, and Alexandra Rosas

North Jersey‘s 4th season dir/produced by Sandy Rustin Fleischer, Deborah Goldstein, & Brooke Lefferts

NYC‘s 6th season dir/produced by Amy Wilson, Elizabeth Robinson, &  Barbara Herel

Oklahoma City‘s 5th season dir/produced by Mari Farthing and Jennifer Dennis Smith

Pittsburgh‘s 3rd season dir/produced by Jennifer Hicks and Stephanie Jankowski

Plumas County‘s 4th season dir/produced by Margaret Elysia Garcia and Tina Terrazas

Providence‘s 5th season dir/produced by Brianne DeRosa, Kirsten DiChiappari, and Chelley Martinka

Raleigh Durham‘s 5th season dir/produced by Keanne Hoeg and Marty Long

Rochester‘s 3rd season dir/produced by Monica Gebell, Sarah Fitzgibbons, Corrie Spike Carter, and Sally Bitner Bonn

San Antonio‘s 2nd season dir/produced by Jill Robbins

San Francisco Bay Area‘s 6th season dir/produced by Janine Kovac, Tarja Parssinen; assistant Mary Hill

Southwest Michigan‘s 3rd season directed by Kim Jorgensen Gane & Beth Haire-Lewis

Spokane‘s 7th season dir/produced by Stacey Conner and Elise Raimi

 St. Louis‘ 5th season dir/produced by Naomi Francis, Laura Edwards Ray, and Ellie Grossman

Twin Cities‘ 5th season directed by Galit Breen & Vikki Reich