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Shosh, Jessica and I–together with the cast of LTYM: Wilmington 2013–are delighted, proud, and thrilled to share the videos from our Mother’s Day show at The Queen! Check out the Wilmington playlist (along with hundreds of videos from our other 2013 cities) thanks to the support of national video sponsor The Partnership at

LTYM is proud to share The Partnership’s message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse. Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic.

Spend two seconds to take the pledge and share it via social media and help prevent ½ a million teens from abusing prescription drugs.

Thank you once again to all our local sponsors World Cafe Live at The Queen, Mercantile Press, 93.7 WSTW, Out & About Magazine, Broad Reach Communications, Film Brothers, Fresh Thymes Cafe, Jewish Federation of Delaware, Barbara Goldberg & Associates, Siegel JCC and Fairfax Discount Liquors.

We hope you enjoy our stories, and become inspired to share your own.  Thank you!!

One Last Love Letter Mon, 20 May 2013 17:08:01 +0000



Earlier this year in a moment of crisis and panic, I reached out to my dear friend, Milwaukee LTYM director Alexadra Rosas. In her typical mother-goddess grace, she comforted me and said, “Unlike most people, you fall in love completely. You jump into love without fear or question. This ability to not fear love is rare.”

The truth of her words resonated with me,  comforted me, made me feel stronger.

Photo 1

The beauty of LTYM wasn’t just my own ability to jump into love fully and completely without question or fear:

It was that with this love—I could take people with me.


Photo 2

This love connected seventeen women who didn’t even know they needed each other.

Photo 3


Seventeen women who had been strangers.


photo 4

Seventeen women who stood on a stage and revealed themselves.

photo 5

Seventeen women who will never have to be alone.

photo 6

And this love called out to an audience who were compelled to show up.

photo 7

Who took and abstract idea of women reading on stage and watched it become reality.

photo 8

An audience who saw glimpses of the mirror into their own lives

photo 9

An audience who now have their own tale to tell.


And yes we were sold out.


And yes, the Second Lady was in our audience.


photo 10

But, between you and me, the fact that she is the second lady isn’t the big deal. Because before she moved to Washington, we taught in the same English department.  We shared lunches and books. My students filled out surveys for her Ed. D. She reached out with support when I tried to advance my career. Our cast members Kris and Cat also work in that same English department.  And our boss brought her because they are dear friends and friends go out to support each other.

Because, in the end, your status, your lot in life, isn’t what’s important– it’s the stories you have to tell and the bravery it takes to tell them.


photo 11

So, thank you Ann Imig for creating this movement

photo 12

Thank you for LTYM: Philly for letting me stand on stage, tell my story and get my first taste of this love.

photo 13

Thank you to my team Jessica and Jennifer who gave their own hearts and their own time to make this a reality.


photo 14

Thank you to every woman who auditioned- each of your stories mean something.


Thank you to my cast who not only opened up, but who lent me their words and their stories and helped me pull out the best of themselves.


Thank you to the directors and producers of the 23 other cities who held each other up—who ever says women don’t support each other has never met THESE women.


Thank you to our national sponsors BlogHer and One2One who give women a voice across the country.

photo 15

(LTYM: KC Director Erin Margolin and I hanging at BlogHer ’12)


And of course, thank you to our local sponsors, who gave of themselves, so that we could we could give Wilmington LTYM

Our AMAZING cameraman, Charlie Bailey from Broad Reach Communications.

Our printer Mercantile Press,

Our local media sponsors: Out and About Magazine, 93.7 WSTW, The Jewish Federation of Delaware

Our audition and rehearsal space sponsors:  Film Brothers Productions, Siegel JCC 

and  Fresh Thymes Cafe, Barbara Goldberg and Associates, Fairfax Discount Liquors, and First State Pharmacy


Thank you to our talented photographer Donna Harlev who captured our show with such beauty and thought.


And, thank you for buying tickets and donating a little extra money for our charity Family Promise, now you are a part of their story.


photo 16

Until next year, find your passion, tell your story, and jump head first into love.



Photos by Donna Harlev (self-portraits by me)

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And now a word from our local media sponsors Fri, 10 May 2013 15:30:31 +0000


LTYM Wilmington


The word has been splashed all over Facebook and Twitter, Chester County Moms, InWilmington, Town Square Delawarethe Jewish VOICE

Today you will hear us on WHYY’s Newsworks and read about us in the News Journal.  And for extra LTYM awesomeness, you can  watch about the national movement on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams TONIGHT!

We have also been lucky enough for local media sponsors to help us spread the word.

Ask anyone is Delaware, and they’ll tell you that living in such a small state is like living in a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Where else does Six Degrees of Separation to the Vice President end for most people at two degrees? Everyone is connected to everyone else and 93.7 WSTW and Out and About are a part of those connections.

Out and About Magazine  and 93.7 WSTW have been kind enough to give us another platform to get the word out about our show.


Out and About Magazine has been featuring the best events in Delaware since 1988. A monthy magazine, weekly newsletter and website, Out and About keeps Delaware informed.  With magazines available at over 600 locations in and  around Delaware.  They are a part of the Delaware landscape and being included  in their magazine is an honor.


                     Nancy Podium



When 93.7 WSTW heard their morning show host, Nancy Johnson, they were delighted to jump on board as a local media sponsor to help promote the show. While Nancy has been bursting with her exciting news all week, WSTW kindly backed up us with their own promotions.

More than anything, this show is about creating a greater sense of community. Giving back through our words, and of course through our Charity Family Promise.  Thanks to our local media sponsors, we are able to widen our reach.

Sunday is right around the corner. Celebrate your Mother. Celebrate yourself! Join US!


Microphone 2

The last 13 Questions: Anne Saks and Sandy Leonard Mon, 06 May 2013 16:16:52 +0000

The show is less than a week away. We’ve had our read-through and rehearsal. We’ve laughed over lunch and open our hearts with margaritas in our hands. We’ve printed posters and alerted the media.  And now, it’s up to you to buy your tickets and stuff your bags with tissue.  And as we come to the big day, we have two more cast members to share with you. Two more warrior women who brave this world with heart. Two women, Sandy Leonard and Anne Saks, whose connections will only truly be revealed when you sit in your seats at the Queen this Sunday, May 12th

Sandy headshot 4

Sandy Leonard moved to Glen Mills, PA almost five years ago with her husband, twin sons and two Labrador retrievers.  As if two teenagers and two dogs weren’t enough, she also manages a strategic research alliance for AstraZeneca in Wilmington, practices yoga and regularly hunts out tasty local fare on the weekend with her husband, Bailey.

  1. While confined to my bed for several months recovering from Lyme disease this past summer and fall, I had way too much time to think.  Fearing that I may not ever feel well again, I promised myself that I would do all the things that I have been too busy with work, family, and life to do.  At the top of my list was to begin writing again. Watching an old college friend’s LTYM reading on YouTube from the Spokane WA show last year, I knew I wanted to be a part of this too.  So, a couple clicks later, I found LTYM Wilmington, sent a “please pick me” email and began writing using the audition date as my deadline.
  2. No blogs.  No tweets.  At least not yet.  But now that I have started writing again, perhaps . . .
  3. I have an uncanny ability to not recognize famous people or even recall their names for that matter.  So, most likely, yes I have met someone famous.  Do I realize it?  Absolutely not! Having watched hours upon hours of his show and still my labs do not consistently come when called, I think I would like to meet up with Ceaser Milan, the dog whisperer.
  4. After listening to a piece on This American Life, I can NEVER eat calamari again. Pig bung.  ‘Nuf said.
  5. My favorite word right now is heckaroo, as in “What the heckaroo?”
  6. My least favorite word: Probably. Reason #1:  This was on my 3rd grade spelling list for several weeks in a row because I kept spelling it “probly.” Reason #2:  Either you will or you won’t or you haven’t made up your mind.  Probably leaves it to chance.”
  7. What sound do I love? One son playing guitar, the other son playing bass.  Rarely is it together anymore, but I just love hearing them play.  I have no musical talent so I am amazed at what they can do and the feelings that their music can evoke.
  8. Sound that I hate: Dog tags clinking at 6 AM on the weekend.
  9. I’ve got my next profession planned out — a DIY dog wash business and when it is slow, then I would write.  Could it be more perfect?
  10. I would not want to teach 7th grade. Having lived through it myself and then survived it with my twin sons recently, I have incredible respect for 7th grade teachers and a healthy dose of fear of them as they must be just a bit crazy to keep doing it.
  11. I am pretty adept at finding the bright side of almost any situation.  The more I have to use this talent, however, the harder it is to retain it.
  12. Title of my future autobiography: “These Aren’t the Best Shoes I Own” – So many of my memories end up linked back to shoes . . . not in a fashion sort of way though. Having no shoes. Staring down at chubby toddler toes in sandals. Playing dress up in high-heeled clogs. Pleading for my first pair of brand name shoes. Picking out the perfect kitten heel for my wedding.  Slipping on my sons Converse to get the mail and the shoe being too big.  Each shoe tells part of my story.”
  13. Invisibility and flying? I think I would choose to fly.  Could I have others fly with me, like Peter Pan?  Now, that would be useful!  I could just imagine grabbing hands with my husband and sons and flying us to visit family in Chicago or friends in North Carolina.  No Tinkerbell needed!



Anne Saks is a New Jersey native now living in Delaware. She is a sometime engineer, sometime teacher and full time mom. Anne is very excited to make her debut at LTYM. This mother of five and aspiring writer hopes to reach out to people with her story.

  1. I’ve never done anything like this before and I wanted to share my story to let other women know that they are not alone in their struggles.
  2. Blog? Tweet? Nope, sorry – not enough time.  I have old fashion email!
  3. I’ve met lots of famous people, but only briefly! Delaware’s senators, congressman, governor, etc… Famous tennis stars from my era: Pete Sampras, Stephan Edberg, Ivan Lendl, Andres Agassi, Lindsay Davenport, Martina Navitolova, Bille Jean King, Williams sisters and more!  And a bunch of Broadway actors/actresses from my “hanging out at stage doors days”!
  4. I won’t eat anything that is alive when it is served to me and octopus – ugh!
  5. My favorite word: Persnickety. I love how it sounds like what it means.  Superfluous and extraneous are good words too.
  6. My least favorite word: No
  7. What sound do I love? Any babies laughing, especially mine!
  8. What sound do I hate? Babies crying and nails scratching on a board.
  9. I think I’d like to try being a wedding planner, I love a good party!
  10. I would not want to be a garbage man – sorry guys!
  11. I love to play tennis and piano.  I also like to cook and do arts and crafts especially with my kids.
  12. I’m just not sure what the title of my autobiography would be.  I have to think about that one.
  13. Given the choice between flying and being invisible, I would like to fly!  I would love to see the world from that angle.



Donna Schwartz and Shari Short’s 13 Answers Mon, 29 Apr 2013 20:16:21 +0000

This past weekend, Shosh and I took the train to Washington, DC to see and support Listen to Your Mother: DC. It was a great trip and we got to meet awesome new people and spend time with people we already knew.  That’s the way we feel about Shari Short and Donna Schwartz. We were already acquainted with Donna from the community and LTYM has given us the opportunity to get to know her better. We knew Shari Short was a funny lady but we didn’t actually “know’ her until she auditioned for the show. LTYM, both locally and nationally, has given the team the chance to make new friends and meet awesome people and we are loving every minute of it!


Even though Donna Schwartz came to Delaware for a job, she found love and in many ways herself after moving from Boca Raton, FL. Donna married her partner and soul mate 7 years ago. In her free time, she enjoys running, indulging in reality tv (admitting is the first step) and traveling.

  1. I tried out for LTYM Wilmington because this little voice in my head dared me to do it.
  2. I have a professional blog at and I tweet at @donna1017. I mostly stalk celebrities on twitter and catch up on my reality TV obsession.
  3. I met Ben Affleck in an elevator at my sister’s wedding. It’s a great story ask me about it. I’m also obsessed with Jillian Michaels and would love to meet her. Anyone reading this know her???
  4. I’m pretty adventurous with my food choices but the idea of pigs’ feet or scrapple makes me want to hurl.
  5. I really like the word wretched. I’m not sure why but I just like the severity of it and how it sounds.
  6. I hate any words describing a medical procedure. I’m very visual and I see it in my head actually happening.
  7. I love all sounds that happen at the ocean.
  8. I hate any sound that is repetitive like the clicking of a pen or someone tapping their foot. It’s wretched! :)
  9. If I could try any profession, it would be millionaire house wife or princess of some remote island.
  10. I would not want to be a factory worker. It all goes back to the repetitiveness.
  11. My special talent: I’m really good at lying on the couch and procrastinating on any type of housework.
  12. Title of my autobiography: “What does it all mean?”
  13. If given the choice between invisibility and flying, I’d rather fly. I love to travel so the ability to fly would really cut down on all those TSA rules.



Shari Short began her comedy career at the age of 14 at the Comedy Works in Philadelphia, PA. Her one woman show “It’s My Mother’s MS, I Just Have It” played to a sold out audience at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE. She lives in Wilmington with her husband and nine year old son Rowan who thinks it’s cool that his mom can do impressions of characters from SpongeBob SquarePants.

  1. After doing a one woman show about my mom a couple years ago, I experienced first-hand how fun it was to make fun of her in front of a live audience. This show seemed like a great way to continue that buzz.
  2. I can often be found on the Facebook, but I do tweet whenever I remember I have a twitter account.
  3. I have had the good fun and fortune of meeting many famous people. But it usually does not go well for me because I get nervous. I literally told Matthew Broderick that I had “rented” him.
  4. What food would I never eat? Pickled peppers
  5. My favorite word: cornucopia.
  6. My least favorite word: I won’t tell you. You will print it and all my friends will torture me with it. I know, I have met them.
  7. I love the sound of my son’s belly laughs; James Taylor’s voice; the sound of my husband’s car pulling into the drive way.
  8. What sound do I hate? The phone late at night- ‘cause you know that’s never good news.
  9. I would like to try being an NPR Radio talk show host.
  10. I would not want to do any job in food-service. I would be horrible.
  11. Aside from standup comedy, my special talents are that I read tarot cards and I create Someecards. Even won Editor’s Pick one time! But the tarot cards did not give me the heads up that would happen, it was a total surprise.
  12. Title of my autobiography: “Bad Sneakers”
  13. If given the choice between flying and invisibility, I would choose the ability to fly. When you have a disability, you already feel a bit invisible. I would definitely rather fly. And I would like to fly to Australia to visit my friends there. Do you think it would still take 30 hours?

Buying tickets to see Donna and Shari in Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington is as easy as clicking here.

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Jewish Federation of Delaware: Women of Wisdom Fri, 26 Apr 2013 19:11:18 +0000


On Wednesday, Jenn and I attended Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington’s local sponsor Jewish Federation of Delaware’s Women of Wisdom’s Spring Event.  Yes, it’s a mouthful. However, the event featured June Hersh author of Recipes Remembered, a celebration of Survival that contains the remarkable stories and authentic recipes of Holocaust survivors.

This isn’t the first Holocaust cookbook I’ve come across, and I realize that people don’t always know how to react to a Holocaust cookbook. However, this isn’t any cookbook. It is a celebration. As June said, “They lived through a tragic time, but they are not tragic people…living a good life is the best revenge.”  Each recipe in the book comes with the survivor’s story. While June took the time to interview and research and put their words onto paper, she also knows how to capture their words, their stories with her own wit, humor, and deep sense of obligation to bring goodness to this world.

This event reminded us of the art and the power of storytelling. It isn’t enough for a story to live on in the memory of one person; it gains more power and more meaning when people are brave enough to open up and share. It keeps the story alive, and as one of our own Listen To Your Mother stories also explains, it keeps the people in the stories alive— even if those people are no longer with us.

And the best part of June’s collection? She did it out of pure goodness. As she said, “I’d done well, now it’s time to do good.” Every cent of the sales of her book goes to charity.  And of course, because it is also a cookbook, it follows June’s mantra: “Eat Well – Do Good, a way to combine great food and rewarding deeds.”

Events like this from Jewish Federation of Delaware, speak both to the power of stories and the power of women.

WOW, Women’s Philanthropy of Jewish Federation of Delaware is a powerful group of women.

The Woman’s Philanthropy Division of the Jewish Federation of Delaware inspires ALL women in our community to give to their full potential – by sharing their time, knowledge, skills and financial commitment with others.  They enhance our community by:

  • Educating themselves and others about needs in the Jewish community, and the crucial role Federation plays in meeting those needs
  • Empowering others not only to get involved, but to become future leaders
  • Encouraging women to take advantage of our local Jewish agencies so that each of us can live a satisfying Jewish life and pass the tradition of Judaism to the next generation
  • Raising the funds necessary to carry out all the above

While Jewish Federation of Delaware strives to create a community to improve our world together, The Women’s Campaign is a driving force in that effort. In fact, the past few years, Delaware women have contributed nearly half of the total raised annually by the Federation’s Annual Campaign!

This event was a great reminder to us at Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington of the might of women, the strength of words, and sweetness of triumph.  We are proud to have a local sponsor with the same kind of vision we hope to bring with our stories.

Find June’s book. Like Jewish Federation of Delaware on Facebook, follow them on twitter  and buy their app for your phone!

And come help us celebrate the power of motherhood through the words of our women on May 12 at 6 PM at the Queen.




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Spotlight on the Storytellers: Terry Heyman and Luanne Sims Wed, 24 Apr 2013 21:33:30 +0000

Today’s spotlighted cast members came to us by way of Jim Breslin and West Chester Story Slam. When the LTYM Wilmington production team went scouting for talent to audition, West Chester Story Slam provided not only a fun night but amazing cast members as well. Terry Heyman and Luanne Sims have great stories to tell and boy, do they know how to tell them. 


Terry Heyman is a former fashion buyer who left the corporate world in 2005. In her spare time, Terry enjoys writing and participating in Story Slams (which she won in February of 2012). Her writing has been published in the literary anthology Chester County Fiction.  She lives in West Chester with her husband and two children.

  1. Jim Breslin first told me about LTYM Wilmington after he met Jessica Kupferman at West Chester Story Slam. I read the bios of Jessica, Shosh, and Jennifer on the LTYM website and I wanted to meet these amazing interesting women so I requested an audition.
  2. I don’t blog or tweet. People can find me on Facebook. Just look for the photo of Faye Dunaway as Mommy Dearest. I also have videos of my story slams on YouTube.
  3. Have I ever met anyone famous? In 1982, I danced with Academy Award winning actor Timothy Hutton at a private party hosted by Calvin Klein at Studio 54.  Our danced lasted for 45 seconds before a group of Dalton private school bitches cut in on us.
  4. I don’t think there is any food I wouldn’t try. I once ate a chocolate covered cricket at the Maryland Science Center—tasted like chicken.
  5. My favorite word is “Namaste.”
  6. My least favorite word is “Whatever.”
  7. I love the sound of laughing, especially when it’s from my children.
  8. I hate the sound of fighting, especially when it’s from my children.
  9. I’d like to try my hand at being a talk show host.
  10. I would not like to be a lawyer.
  11. Special talent: I’m fantastic at making a mountain out of a molehill.
  12. Title of my autobiography: “Requiem for a Late Bloomer”
  13. Given the choice between flying and being invisible, I would be invisible. I’m not ashamed to admit I’d find it fun to eavesdrop.


Luanne Sims Headshot Original

After a semi-successful stint in adult diaper sales and various faculty and staff positions at Penn State University, Luanne Sims gave it all up in 2005 to raise her kids full-time and pursue her creative interests.  She paints a little, draws a little, writes a little, and is becoming a regular at story slam events near her home in West Chester, PA.

  1. Producer Jess Kupferman and Director Shosh Martyniak shared the audition information at a story slam I attended, and they were so hilarious and welcoming I had to pursue it.
  2. I tweeted once.  You can read it @LFoxSims.  People can find me on Facebook at Luanne Fox Sims.
  3. Have I ever met anyone famous? Last year I had a short but terrific conversation with M. Night Shyamalan but I didn’t realize it was him until two weeks later.  I’m still waiting for him to realize it was me.
  4. What food would I never eat? Despite making huge progress since I was 9 and my Mom-Mom would boil me a hot dog when I wouldn’t eat anything else, there are still too many foods I don’t eat to list on this page.
  5. My favorite word is “Dorf,” as in my son thinking it’s called, “Snow White and the Seven Dorfs.”
  6. What is my least favorite word? When at some sort of professional development training and the motivational speaker gives the group a hypothetical scenario where people are selling, “whosits” and “whatsits”?  Those are tied for my least favorite words:  whosits and whatsits.  Sometimes also “whizbangs” or “whizzers.”
  7. What sound do I love?  Certain turn signals have a nice rhythm that I find comforting.
  8. What sound do I hate? The sound of other people chewing, smacking their lips, cracking gum, biting into apples, licking their fingers, tossing popcorn into their mouths, eating bacon, potato chips, or breathing too loud sends me into a rage to the point where I should get counseling.
  9. If I was going to try a profession, it would be acting, but I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try it yet.
  10. When I was 19 I worked in a windowless hotel laundry room washing and folding sheets and towels.  Once a day the grease rags and dirty napkins from the restaurant would come up to be washed, and that bag to this day is one of the foulest smelling things I’ve ever encountered.  I lasted two weeks on the job, and more than 20 years later I’m still grateful I don’t have to go back there.
  11. Do I have any special talents? I do.  I sometimes make giant birthday cakes in the shape of friends’ heads, and twice I’ve really nailed the likeness.
  12. The title of my autobiography would be “Dogs, Bingo, and Other Games of Chance.”  This was the name of a department I once saw at a county municipal building in Central Pennsylvania, and decided on the spot if I ever wrote a book this would be the title.
  13. If I could choose between being invisible and flying, I would be invisible so I could try Zumba.


Tickets for Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington are easy to buy, just go here!

Heather Jackman and Jinni Butz in 13 Answers Mon, 22 Apr 2013 18:30:04 +0000

According to  Erma Bombeck, a mother “has to be completely washable, but not plastic. Have 180 moveable parts…all replaceable. Run on black coffee and leftovers. Have a lap that disappears when she stands up. A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair. And six pairs of hands.” Heather Jackman and Jinni Butz came to us as mothers looking to share their voices and stories and we are so very glad they did.


Heather Jackman is currently a stay at home mom working for two girls under the age of three.  Before sacrificing paychecks for clean tushie checks, she was pursuing a career as a commercial insurance underwriter. LTYM is her first stage debut.

  1. I tried out for LTYM Wilmington because being a stay at home mom is a rather isolating existence.  I long to share my stories. There are days that I cannot make this shit up.  I also love my mom and this is for her to tell her that I finally get her.
  2. Sadly I do not blog or tweet although I wondered if anyone would enjoy my stories.  LTYM is giving me a lot more to think about… maybe I will, if only I can wrestle my phone and the iPad back from the kiddos.
  3. The only famous person I have ever met was regionally famous, Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey player- Ron Francis.  I was in high school, at a hockey rink with a friend; he was skating with his son and asked that I leave him alone when I said “Hi.”  Unfortunately, this rejection scarred me so badly that I would probably just turn and run if I did see anyone famous to this day, so no, I don’t want to meet anyone famous.
  4. I’ll try most any foods, but I get squeamish about rare or uncooked meat and it better be dead, no live bugs for me.
  5. Favorite word? Daddy- It means I am off the hook, plus I think the world of my dad and my husband aka “daddy.”
  6. Least favorite word? Yawn- I cannot read or say that word without having to do that involuntary reaction.  Do you know how many kid’s books say “Yawn.”  ARGH, I am doing it right now.
  7. Sound that I love? My two year old daughter singing and telling stories.  Her tone is rather remarkable for two and she really has an incredible memory.  Her sound is an echo that reverberates all the parental waves that I have been sending out.
  8. Sound that I hate? Oh this makes me cringe and I am sure someone is going to mess with me now, but I hate the spoon against the empty ice cream dish or yogurt container sound.  ARRGHH- It’s done, gone, give it up!
  9. If I could attempt a profession other than my own, I have two equally strong pulls- obstetrics/ post-partum care and architecture.  Odd as my Summa Cum Laude degree was in Finance and Real Estate so I will dream on.
  10. I would never want to work in Customer Service- hmmm maybe I am already doing it.
  11. Do I have any special talents? Maybe not a strong talent, but I love identifying the artist, music, or instrumental theme in movies and commercials.  I have always had a sweet spot for classical or modern instrumental music.  It might be my second favorite sound.
  12. Title of my autobiography: “My phone contact list now includes ‘William’s mom’ and ‘Kelly from the Park.”
  13. Given the choice between being able to fly or be invisible, I would like to be invisible, but not forgotten.



Jinni Butz is a Delaware native who left behind a rewarding career in education to become the manager for the department of make-believe, while pursuing her Masters and PhD in patience. Currently, she serves as President of the Junior League of Wilmington. In addition, she is actively involved in the Christ Church Outreach Committee, serves as a liaison to Reading ASSIST and Pathways to Wholeness.

  1. I auditioned for LTYM without any expectation of being selected. I thought it to be a terrifying while exhilarating way to begin finding out what my voice is. Moreover, to step out of my comfort zone and let others hear it.
  2. My online presence is limited to Facebook, and what juicy tidbits can be gleaned from a Google search.            “
  3. Being a Delaware native, my most famous encounters have been with our neighbors the Biden’s- not a unique story. If given the opportunity, I’d want to have a Martini with Dorothy Parker- two at the most, or a cooking lesson with Julia Child.
  4. Liver will be one food that does not pass these lips. Up until a year ago, I would have said brussel sprouts, but I loss that distaste during a bet with my son to try one. Note to the audience- Olive oil and parmesan really does make anything taste better. Except liver.
  5. My favorite word is grace. It is best demonstrated, seldom seen, and never forgotten when bestowed.
  6. I am utterly intolerant of the c-word.
  7. I love the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, or of laughter.
  8. I detest the sound of intolerance. How crass, course, and jagged it sounds on my ears whether spoken or written.
  9. If given the opportunity to attempt another profession I’d like to be an archeologist. It was always my dream as a child to unearth the remains of an ancient dwelling or city. Instead I decided to pursue an equally lucrative career in education.
  10. I would never want to be a school bus driver. I have enough time staying serene with two children in the backseat let alone twenty.
  11. I think being able to walk in heals while balancing a child on my hip qualifies as a special talent, remove spaghetti sauce from white wool pants, or daily cajole my eldest son into eating a vegetable. Come to think, that may be qualification for sainthood.
  12. Title of my autobiography: “A Life Less Than Ordinary”
  13. If I had to choose between being able to fly and being invisible, I’d rather be able to fly. Go superwoman!

Tickets, tickets! Get your Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington tickets!

Broad Reach Communications Brings LTYM to the World Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:00:38 +0000

After the women come off the stage, the lights are off, and the Queen is empty, the show is not over. In fact, it will be time for the rest of the world to experience Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington on Listen To Your Mother’s very own You Tube Channel.

Of course, none of this is possible without the help of a cameraman- a cameraman that makes the rest of the world feel like they are too are experiencing Listen To Your Mother from a seat in the audience.  Enter Charles Bailey of Broad Reach Communications.

A camera operator, director of photography, director and producer, Charles is the force behind Broad Reach Communications. From Video Production to Event Webcasting,   An Emmy-winning cameraman and Emmy-nominated director, Charles’ client list includes:

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Bell of Pennsylvania
The Discovery Channel
The Entertainment Co.
F&F Productions
Heartland Music
Home Shoping Network
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
King World Syndication

The Learning Channel
Loud Communications
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Merv Griffin Enterprises
Mobil Chemical
On Air World Syndication
Rohm & Haas
The Sports Channel
Stewart Digital
University of Delaware
USA Network
U.S. Leisure Co.
U.S. Armed Services
Villanova University
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Excited yet? He’s even been the DP/Cameraman for the Jon Stewart Show.

And now, Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington is proud to not only work with Charles, but have him sponsor the show.

So, take a moment to look at his website, like him on facebook, follow him on twitter or even better use him for your video production needs.

Want to see him in action? Buy Tickets for Listen To Your Mother: Wilmington! 


Spotlight on the bloggers: Jeannette Bezinque and Kelly Brown Wed, 17 Apr 2013 17:41:35 +0000

As a “national series of live readings by local writers” it was only natural that LTYM Wilmington would cast some local blogger and we’re so excited to introduce Jeannette Bezinque and Kelly Brown whose blogs are well known in our area. Kelly writes about about motherhood, weight loss, a pug mix that leaves her gifts in the laundry piles, her husband’s beard and her daughter’s toddler-isms. Jeanette focuses on sensible eco solutions to fit the suburban lifestyle around Philadelphia. Two different angles, two great local writers.

Kelly Brown is a lifelong Delawarean, born and raised in New Castle County. Kelly works as a graphic designer and in her spare time she dabbles in social media and her artwork. She as been married for six years to to the weirdest guy she could find on And she is also the mother to a spirited and beautiful little girl, Isabella.

  1. I wanted to be part of LTYM Wilmington because I’m an attention whore. Me, on a stage by myself, with a microphone, and an audience full of people that paid for a ticket so they’ll be damned if they’ll walk out and waste that money? Perfection. Seriously though, I’ve admired the show since I first saw it at BlogHer in 2011. I respect the women that found the guts to get up on a stage and let their voice and story be heard. I love the community that a project like this creates. Knowing that no matter how different we all are, despite the variety of perspectives, it’s the common yet unique experience of motherhood that ultimately brings us all together. And it’s the sharing of our stories that help us understand and accept one another.”
  2. I blog at, I tweet at @KellyBrownSays, and you can find all the other places I prattle on at
  3. I’ve met a few musicians who are more famous in my head than they are in the actual world; my favorite meeting being Kate Miller-Heidke. And if you don’t know her, you should. Take yourself on over to YouTube and look up either The Facebook Song or her cover of Psycho Killer. Last summer I went to a blogging conference and met Kate Gosseling – and she is exactly everything you think she is. I can still feel the icy cold winds of her blowing me off as I complimented her outfit. I also had the pleasure (yes, it was actually a pleasure) to meet Jill Zarrin of the Real Housewives of NY. She was very personable. I thought for sure that she would blow me off too. She delightfully proved me wrong by chatting with me for about a half hour. I think she lives on another planet but that alone made her interesting to talk to. I admire lots of people for lots of little reasons. But I think Tim Burton, Rob Zombie, and Helena Bonham Carter are at the top of my list. However, I would like them to not all be in the same room at once. Besides the fact that it would ratchet the weird, creepy, and quirky levels up to a point of being unbearable, I’d probably be a hot mess of crying and there’d be a disgusting level of fawning and rainbows shooting out of my eyeballs.”
  4. What food would I never eat? Anything that comes from the sea and anything that used to be testicles or stomach…or really any vital organ.
  5. Can I pick two? Favorite word? Prudence is the first one. I wear the word on a charm necklace. I’ve had a lot of personal accomplishments in the past two years that all came about by practicing prudence. I feel it keeps me grounded and focused on what is important and helps me make good decisions. Second, poop. I don’t want to see it, smell it, or really talk about it at length. It’s just fun to say. Go ahead, say it to the person next to you. We won’t judge you.”
  6. Least favorite word? Oh god, I have so many. I’ll go with a personal one: Ancillary. I’d like to thank my husband, Christian, for making that word cringe-worthy. Love you, Schmoop.
  7. I love the sound of my husband’s and my daughter’s laugh. My husband has an amazing, show-stopping laugh. He gets beet red, cries, stops breathing, and probably comes dangerously close to losing consciousness. My daughter just has the sweetest and most perfect little kid giggle. When she laughs it is so pure. She’s young enough that she never feels the need to laugh politely at a lame joke. Which means I don’t make her laugh a whole lot.
  8. I hate the sound of trilling. What’s trilling? It’s pretty much any song that Christina Aguilera  has ever sung. It’s all that crazy warbling that pop singers think makes a song sound better. It doesn’t, so stop it. And if you do it during the Star Spangled Banner, given the opportunity, I will punch you in the face for it. Right in the FACE.
  9. I would like to try being a zookeeper – but only if I get to be like Jack Hannah. I don’t want to be the low man on the totem pole cleaning up elephant poop and feeding the vampire bats.
  10. I would not want to work in any professions that that involves sanitation.
  11. Do I have any special talents? I have fantastic comedic timing. But that isn’t the talent. The talent is using it whenever it is most inappropriate. I am very talented at making myself look like an asshole.
  12. My autobiography: “Cursing is Like Jewelry for Sentences: Tales of a Chronic Over-Accessorizer”
  13. Faced with the choice of flying or being invisible, I would pick invisible. If I could fly, people would be bugging me for rides, saving cats in trees, rescuing old people from rooftops. I just don’t have that kind of time. Invisibility would be better for the simple fact that it would be easier to hide from the needy losers that are always needing a ride, getting their cat stuck up in a tree, or letting their old people hang out on rooftops.


Jeannette Bezinque entered the realm of Motherhood in June 2011, five weeks before the anticipated due date. Life has moved at a very fast pace ever since then, especially since baby #2 arrived a short 14 months later. She is a loving mom to Audrey and Hannah and wife to Zac.

  1. What made me want to be part of LTYM Wilmington? I love any opportunity to be on stage. I’m thrilled that this one fit my schedule and lets me play my favorite role to date, Mom.
  2. You can find me online at my website, Eco Incognito, on Facebook, on Twitter as @EcoIncognito, on Pinterest, and on YouTube!
  3. Right now, I have a serious Mom-crush on Alicia Silverstone. I’d love to hang out with her and our kids for a day.
  4. Food I would never eat: Cheese (with some exceptions).
  5. Favorite word: Mama.
  6. Least favorite word: Trash.
  7. Sound I love: Giggles.
  8. Sound I hate: Queefs
  9. If I were to attempt any profession, it would be librarian.
  10. I would not want to be a banker
  11. My special talent? I can wear two babies at once.
  12. Title of my book: Pregnant Paradise.
  13. Flying versus invisibility? I’d rather be able to fly.

Have YOU bought your tickets yet? If not, you can get the right now, right here!

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