Listen to Your Mother #TwinCities Welcomes An Emcee To Remember!

by Galit on April 20, 2017

Oh Twin Cities friends, you are in for SUCH a treat!

We are thrilled to announce that the emcee for this year’s show is none other than Sally Koering Zimney, who read the show-stopping closing act in our 2016 show, “I’m Thankful for Tacos.”

Join us on May 4th at the beautiful and historic Riverview Theatre and you, too, can hug Sally like this after the show.

Just kidding about that—but this beautiful moment of Sally after the show captures the heart and essence of what it feels like to be at a Listen to Your Mother show. It’s hard to explain, but this image comes pretty close!

Sally at LTYM

Sally’s short bio reads:

Sally is an award-winning speaker, presentation coach and consultant, and host of This Moved Me, a podcast about the art of public speaking. She believes a good talk can move the world – even a 5-minute one! Her first paying acting gig was as host on a low-budget cable TV show many years ago – thankfully there was no YouTube cause she’s learned a lot since then. She’s spoken in front of thousands of people, coached hundreds of talks with the mantra that the imperfect, human selves we are trying to hide are the very thing we need to share. You can listen to the show and find out more about Sally at

And her LTYM piece, I’m Grateful for Tacos is so beloved and close to our hearts.

And not just because we love tacos, but because she grabbed onto such a relatable part of motherhood with heart, humor, and transparency.

Click the video below to watch Sally’s story.

Sally Zimney LTYM

A bit more info about Sally to get you super ready to meet her at the Riverview on May 4th …

Sally ZimneySally Koering Zimney is an award-winning speaker, presentation coach and host of This Moved Me, a podcast about the art of public speaking. After learning the craft of persuasive speaking from some of the best coaches in the country, Sally spent over a decade at a nationally recog- nized organization where she spoke in front of thousands of people and coached 100+ talks each year. Now Sally lives out her mission to create talks that move the world by sharing her weekly podcast, This Moved Me (highlighted in iTunes’ New & Noteworthy), and interviewing some of the foremost and moving speakers in the world – sharing insights and inspiration so that we, too, can move our audiences.

Through her work as a presentation coach and consultant, Sally provides group and organiza- tional training, and personalized presentation and speaker development/coaching. She has had the privilege of working with a wonderful array of clients – from corporations like Nickelodeon – to entrepreneurs and artists – to small and large nonprofits – to CEO’s, pastors and leaders who all aim to make an indelible impact with the precious connection between audience and speaker. For more information and expert speaking advice, go to

We are so thrilled to welcome Sally back to the LTYM stage! 

Will we see you there? Click here to join us for the 5th annual Listen to Your Mother Show in the Twin Cities!

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