Listen to Your Mother #TwinCities: Meet More of Our Cast!

by Galit on February 26, 2015

Yesterday, we introduced you to Paula, Emily, Lindsey, and Elizabeth. Today, we’re so excited for you to meet Jeanne, Patsy, Marsha, and Sarah.

jeanneJeanne Gallaher, aka the Colorbitch®, is a color & design consultant ( who utilizes her color synesthesia for the benefit of her clients’ homes and businesses. Jeanne is also a writer working on her first novel. Her poem “We’re All Here” was published in Open to Interpretation in 2014.

Kahmann Patsy632

Patsy Kahmann, memoir writer and filmmaker, currently lives near her favorite spot in the state, Minnehaha Falls, but she has called many places home. She was born in Kansas City, the second of twelve children. By age thirteen she and her family were on the move, coming to the frozen plains of southwestern Minnesota in the back of a pickup truck. Her memoir, House of Kahmanns, is about tender family bonds, forged and fractured, through hardships and happenstance.

Patsy was first published last year in the 2014 Saint Paul Almanac and is deeply appreciative of the support from publisher Kimberly Nightingale, who gave Patsy’s byline its first home. As a filmmaker, Patsy and her crew twice won awards from the Minnesota History Center’s documentary film series. Recently retired from the University of Minnesota Women’s Basketball program, Patsy now haunts numerous coffeehouses, working on her memoir, hoping to fulfill her parents’ wish that she write what happened. Her birthstone is opal, like her mother’s.



Marsha Partington is a freelance writer who enjoys writing real life stories about her children. Meeting Ed, about her daughter’s recovery from a life-threatening eating disorder was published in the anthology, Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, in 2012. Susie’s Story, highlighting the service work she engaged in after the death of her infant daughter, was featured in Today’s Health and Wellness Magazine in 2007. Marsha’s piece, When a Baby Dies…How you can help, appeared in multiple bereavement newsletters. A frequent contributor to the Sun Sailor newspaper, she has also worked as a reporter for a sustainable community project in the Twin Cities. A memoir about her parenting years is currently a work in progress.

Cara, who inspired the piece for LTYM 2015 now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their loving, nurturing relationship continues flourishing despite the distance.

Marsha has been a scholarship recipient at Madeline Island School of the Arts Writers Retreat, and often takes classes at The Loft Literary Center. She works as an Addictions Counselor and enjoys time with her two dogs.


Sarah Pelinka is a devoted wife and mother of two spirited girls, Poppy and Holiday – they are her heart. Married to her high school sweetheart, she and Travis remain as tight as the Girbaud jeans that first caught his attention. As an infertility survivor, Sarah facilitates a local chapter of Resolve’s peer-led support group in Apple Valley. Supporting others in this role has helped heal wounds from the past. Each day is a gift and Sarah surely lives by this. So much so, it remains the only gift she hasn’t yet tried to return without a receipt. While Sarah finds great joy in teaching science to middle schoolers, her passion for the arts is immense. She seeks and appreciates the meaning, beauty and laughter within every situation.

The Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities show will take place on May 7th, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Riverview Theater. 

Tickets are now available and a portion of the proceeds go to the Jeremiah Program!

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