Thank you, Twin Cities!

by Galit on May 15, 2014


Last Thursday over 500 people joined us at The Riverview Theatre for the second annual Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother show!

Our gorgeous, super-engaged audience was filled with family, friends, and strangers open to something Tracy, Vikki, and I value with every fiber of our being: storytelling. And apparently, singing in rounds thanks to our ridiculously talented emcee Lorna Landvik!

Our amazing audience laughed together, we passed each other tissues, and we looked at each other with the kind of eyes that say, I see you.

Each of our storytellers took the stage like she owned it. And our audience loved her like an old friend.


While each story was as unique as the woman who penned it, they wove together to tell the collective tale of motherhood.

Here’s a taste from each chapter.

I never wanted children.

I don’t want to have my baby in any of these places, in any of the ways that these women I am beginning to know and love have.

I will not see you again.

But there was trouble brewing behind the veneer of our active little family.

When I got to the door fear and shame grabbed my feet and stopped me in my tracks.

Every decision I make either helps them fit in or sets them further apart.

I attack the curious girl with words too shameful to repeat.

What followed was a debacle that included an ambulance, a pot smoking EMT, a family of strangers taking my son putt putt golfing, and a drive to a strange hospital in a strange town, not in an ambulance but in my car, driven by me, with my left foot.

I know the exact time of her birth and the exact time of her death.

Not wanting to let on I was afraid, I handed him a dollar and held my breath.

I recoiled from her touch and said, “You don’t know me!”

The last thing I wanted was the barest hint that I was different from other mothers.

She and others mothered without a manual, and I hope without a worry of whether they were doing it right, without comparison, without guilt, and without regret.


THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned, our readers, our alumni in the audience, Lorna Landvik for weaving the stories together seamlessly and with heart and humor, and the gorgeous Riverview Theatre for hosting our show for the second year in a row.

THANK YOU to national founder Ann Imig for coming to the show, for celebrating your birthday with us, for smiling graciously as 500 people sang Happy Birthday to you, and for trusting us with your baby.

THANK YOU to our national team Stephanie Precourt, Deb Rox, and Melissa Wells, and our LTYM sisters directing and producing shows in 32 cities this year. Knowing we’re all in this together, shoulder to shoulder, across the country is breath taking, beautiful, and inspiring.

THANK YOU to our national sponsors Chevrolet and BlogHer for supporting giving motherhood a stage and to our local sponsors without whom we truly wouldn’t be able to host a show in The Cities. Dr. Jennifer Orthodontics, Glimpses of Soul Photography, Hwa Rang Do Academy, Mary’s Marketplace, Minnesota Lice Lady, Poppy Togs & Clogs, Rider Academy, TWVS, and Your Lucky Day — we so are so very grateful to (and smitten with) each and every one of you.

AND THANK YOU Twin Cities for being the kind of place that gives motherhood a microphone. We’ll be back with more photos, a final donation amount to the Jeremiah Program, and our readers’ stories live on YouTube later this summer!post-2

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The Show is THIS WEEK!

by Tracy on May 4, 2014

We had our final rehearsal for our 2014 show. It’s been a week since our rehearsal, and yet I’ve had a hard time putting the magic of those few hours into words that make sense. Which is ironic as our show and our rehearsal are all about the words.


The beauty of their stories overwhelm me – so I will let the photos from this rehearsal tell their own tale.


The stories of motherhood that are hilarious. The stories that are heartbreaking. The stories that we can all relate to.


Our rehearsal was not only spent listening again to their words – but discussing a bit of business and logistics about the night of the show – when to arrive, what to wear, where to meet, and how to relax and enjoy the moment.


Because for many – getting up a stage is something they’ve done many times, yet for some it’s their first time ever.  But the message is the same for all of us – the beauty of Listen To Your Mother is that EVERYONE in the audience is cheering you on to SUCCEED. They are there for YOU – whether you deliver a flawless performance, whether you stumble up the steps, or maybe need to take an extra pause to remember your place.


Whether you need a moment to catch your breath, wipe your eyes, or to get your giggles back under control.


Everyone is there cheering for you, celebrating motherhood, and is a safety net that we all can lean into as our cast takes the stage this Thursday night.


I hope you can join us – our stories this year are magical, real, and will take you on a journey of love as we give motherhood a microphone.


And if our rehearsal is an indication of success – well these amazing women are already rock-stars in our eyes and hearts.


We on honored to be on this journey with them. And you.


Your LTYM- Twin Cities Production team -


Tracy, Vikki and Galit


The Listen To Your Mother-Twin Cities show is THIS Thursday, May 8th at 7pm at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Full show information here.


Find out the amazing details about our cast here!


Buy tickets HERE - and they are going quickly! $18 in advance and $20 at the door.  10% of all ticket proceeds go directly to our local cause The Jeremiah Program AND as a special promotion to support them even more -  20% all proceeds from tickets sold this Tuesday(May 6th) will go directly to them!


See you soon!

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Two Weeks Until Listen To Your Mother #TwinCities

April 23, 2014

It’s hard to believe that the LTYM Twin Cities show is just about two weeks away. It’s interesting as our second annual show approaches. The nerves and unknowns were so big for us last year – with our first baby – but now we, as seasoned show-producer-mothers, are a bit more relaxed and taking more time to enjoy this part of the process before the big show. We are enjoying meeting with sponsors, sharing our charity, working with media, and of course getting to know our cast. The second baby always feels a little easier because you’ve done it before and can take whatever comes your way and know that in the end it will all be okay. Now if that toddler would just give you five minutes to yourself. In fact last week one of our sponsors hosted an incredible gathering for both of our casts. Our inaugural LTYM show cast have […]

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More Than A Rehearsal

April 11, 2014

It’s a strange yet beautiful feeling for many of us – this first rehearsal, the first coming together of our cast, this first meeting of strangers.   Strangers bound together by the common thread of having a story to share. It’s interesting watching the cast enter the room – looking for a familiar face, a story they share, common cities they live in, friends in common. Small, simple talk that starts the rehearsal. They come in not knowing stories or people or how this will all come together. But we do. We know. We’ve read, listened, hugged and talked for hours already about how we know these people, this cast will make a night to remember. A night to celebrate motherhood. A night of stories – some heartfelt, some tragic, some hilarious – that will all be woven together to create a show that we will all celebrate. Because of these 12 strangers’ […]

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One Last LTYM Twin Cities Introduction for 2014

April 4, 2014

Its been such a wonderful week introducing you to our cast! Our last introduction is Lorna Landvik — an alumni from last year’s show, a bestselling author, an absolutely hilarious lady, and this year’s show emcee! Lorna Landvik is the author of nine novels, including the best-selling PATTY JANE’S HOUSE OF CURL, ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BON BONS, OH MY STARS and the recently self-published MAYOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Landvik’s checkered (but legal) past includes working as a chambermaid in Bavaria, winning a trip to Tahiti as a contestant on ‘$25,000 Pyramid’ (MacGyver was her partner), temping at the Playboy Mansion (it was strictly a clerical position) and walking across the country as a member of The Great Peace March. She has acted in many theatrical productions, including a half dozen shows she conveniently wrote for herself. Her all-improvised show, PARTY IN THE REC ROOM is a local legend, due in no small part […]

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