LTYM STL Benefits Mo Eating Disorders Association

by Ellie on February 24, 2017



To date Listen To Your Mother shows have raised over $100,000 for local nonprofit causes, and a percentage of ticket sales from this year’s St Louis production will benefit Missouri Eating Disorders Association (MOEDA), the only organization in Missouri providing critical and targeted information through curriculums designed to address this serious and deadly health epidemic. MOEDA invites you to take a stand against the stigma of eating disorders and join us at TWO exciting events coming up– MARCH 1st is a one-time private screening of the movie EMBRACE at Landmark Theatre in Frontenac. This wonderful film promotes positive body image and self love. Click HERE and go to their FB page for more details and to buy your tickets online. (Tickets will not be sold at the door). 
St Louis, MO NEDA Walk 2017 Flyer

The other event not to miss is March 25 when MOEDA is joining the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to sponsor #NEDAWalk at Tilles Park. Help us bring awareness to this deadliest of all mental illnesses. Go HERE for more info and to register for the walk.

MOEDA walks is to inspire others and to walk away from stigma. MOEDA also walks to send the message that eating disorders are dangerous illnesses, not lifestyle choices. “We’re in this fight together and we’re walking to win,” said MOEDA Executive Director Lisa Sokolik.


Eating disorders flourish in secrecy and shame. MOEDA is committed to breaking the silence around eating disorders, which effects women and men, girls and boys, of all ages and their families who often feel helpless. Their education program “Feed The Facts” is free to middle school and high schools, both private and public, and provides the facts about eating disorders and corrects the myths. Participants learn the signs and symptoms, how to help someone and how to help yourself. The workshop is presented by therapists, parents and/or someone in recovery so that students can learn the devastating nature of this illness. Through education, students are empowered to take an active role in their own health and advocate for anyone struggling. This program sparks a change in thinking and behaviors. MOEDA believes it is important to drive early interventions which are proven result in early diagnose and recovery. Research proves early intervention and prevention education is effective and even saves lives.

“Our complimentary “Feed The Facts” workshop reached over 3,000 students during the 2015-2016 school year in over 25 schools.  This school year, we are on track to increase that number by at least 20 percent,” said Sokolik. “We target middle school and high school students, usually in their health classes (6th-12th grade).  We just began a new program, on body image that targets 3rd-5th graders.”

The education programs also extend to college students and provide resource and support to students on campus, as well as adults and parents. Sharing their stories is part of the recovery process, and LTYM is proud to give people a platform to share their experiences, inspire others, and give them hope.


“On a personal level, it’s a very empowering part of the recovery process to share your story and bring hope to others that might also be suffering, it’s important that people know recovery is possible.  But, overall it is extremely important because this mental illness thrives in secrecy and shame.  There are so many myths that surround eating disorders, when people share their stories they are sharing the truth about this deadly disease and breaking down the barriers and stigmas associated with it,” said Sokolik.

MOEDA brings hope, compassion and education to the fight against eating disorders. Their goal is to help raise awareness, educate, and inform and LTYM STL is honored to help bring their mission to center stage.

For more info on MOEDA, go to Tickets to the show, May 13, are on sale SOON–so stay tuned!



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