LTYM Spokane 2017!

by Elise on October 6, 2016

How we track the passing of our days and years says a lot about what one holds important at a given point in time. What grade you were in, which dumpy apartment you called home in college or early work life, the number of years in a profession, the age of your children or, if you are lucky enough to live in a city with a Listen To Your Mother Show, number of show years.  We in Spokane are STILL amazed that we get to count our years using the last marker and are thrilled to announce the beginning of the 2017 season – our SEVENTH in Spokane!  Check out our snazzy video to get excited about auditioning and to feel all the feels from last year’s amazing shows.2017videopromoltym

We will be holding auditions for the Spokane show in mid to late February.  Email us at to make sure you are the first to get the date announcement.  To stay current on everything LTYM sign up for our National Newsletter and follow us on Twitter @LTYMShow and Facebook.



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