Oh, What a Night!

by Elise on May 27, 2016

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The only downside to being the last in a 41-city line up of Listen To Your Mother Shows is that by the time you are ready to write your wrap-up post everything has already been said.  Essays have been gushed over, speakers and sponsors and causes have been thanked, and rave reviews have poured in from all over the country.  As I sit at the keyboard trying to come up with an original way to write about the amazing night that was the 6th LTYM Spokane show it strikes me that the beauty of this project lies in the realization that although everything has already been said it held, it holds, equally true for our show in Spokane.

And what a show it was:

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As the cast primped and prepped in the Green Room the lobby filled with adoring fans: some coming for their first LTYM show and some for their sixth. Our UHmazing volunteers were hard at work sweating it out in the tiny box office, greeting people, handing out programs and making sure everyone had everything they needed.

The theater filled, the slide show played, and we gathered the cast and headed up to the stage.  As we waited for the lights to dim cast members squeezed each other’s hands, smiled and whispered words of encouragement, and before we know it our stage manger extraordinaire and tireless LTYM supporter Erin Houy was pulling the curtain aside and ushering us on stage.

Cue the magic.

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Post-show hugs and congratulations

Each of our cast members was astounding. The stories poured out of them with love and angst and anguish and tenderness and humor and the audience responded to them with laughter, gasps, and tears of their own.  People shared stories that they had spoken aloud to few if any others before show night.  It was a truly special feeling in the theater that night – one that will stay with us for years to come.

Thank you for everyone who helped make it happen, and a huge and specific thank you to:

to the amazing 2016 LTYM Spokane cast,

to Amy Schmidt, Mery Smith, Becky Ammerman, Lindsey Dewey, Kerry Racht, Jessica Vaughn, Sarah Werkman, Amy Dawley, Weena Joshi and Jenniferand Brittany Morgan for taking care of everything in the front of the house

to Erin Houy for stage managing,

to Brianna Loveall for being on her feet and taking amazing pictures all night even though she is about to have a baby any second,

and to our sponsors, Rockwood Health Systems, Hatch, Little Nutmeg Productions, Spokane Community Colleges, and Spark.

See you next year!IMG_0750

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