Audition Day

by Stacey on February 25, 2013

Spokane auditions are done.  Saturday, Elise and Stacey spent a long, wonderful, emotionally exhausting day hearing almost thirty women read their stories.  We borrowed the tiny house where our children attend preschool, nestled in a quiet city neighborhood.  There was nothing to mark the courage going on inside those walls besides the bright purple bike stand that we told everyone to look for in the front yard and the little sign on the front door with a megaphone logo at the top.

The furnace refused to light and so we manically plugged in space heaters and called the heating fuel company, hoping to halt the plummeting inside temperature at 50 degrees.  For the first half of the day, we had to warm the women arriving to share their stories with our smiles alone.  I think we managed.

LTYM doesn’t require a flashy venue to work magic.  It’s all in the people who show up and show up they did.  It’s a rare gift to see an experience like audition day through another set of eyes.  But with so many gifted writers in one place, Elise and I are lucky enough to get to do just that through an email from auditioner Karlene in which she described her experience to a friend.

“The audition took place in a small house off Grand, that functions as a preschool. You were instructed to enter the back sliding door and sit and wait to be called. The auditions were taking place, one right after another in another room. A hobbit sized seat awaited you next to a table that held water and chocolate chip cookies. They looked homemade and tempting but with my luck they’d stick in my teeth and that would just be embarrassing. The furnace had broken so the house was freezing. Hung around the room were various pictures and little mittens hanging on a line.  I was ushered into the room with a smile and despite the chill in the air the two women, Stacey and Elise, were all kindness and warmth. We talked briefly and then I launched into reading. I had a music stand to put my story on. You could tell I’m not the musical one in the family as I didn’t want to shuffle papers on the stand, so threw the read pages on the floor, instead.  Very classy. I know what your thinking. It went so fast it seemed a bit of a blur. I had a moment to chat with them, but the furnace guy showed up to save the day so I ended up moving out for the next women to read. I was told they had 30 stories to read. 30 hearts to hold in their hands. Still, it was all done with ease and grace. So, I appreciated that.”

Thirty hearts to hold in our hands.  Exactly.  It can’t be said any better than that. We are in awe of the experiences, thoughts, griefs, and joys carried inside of us all.  We are in awe of the talent in Spokane. And now, after such a fun day, we will somehow negotiate the excruciating process of selecting a cast.  We are both grateful and crushed that you make it so hard for us. We are holding all of your hearts very carefully in our hands.

Ann February 26, 2013 at 4:46 pm

I couldn’t love this more. And with Spokane’s trademark feet photo!

Deb Nies February 26, 2013 at 5:04 pm

“Thirty hearts to hold in our hands. Exactly. ”
Gorgeous…and accurate.

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