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Auditions are 2/13/16
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LTYM Spokane 2016 Audition Date Announcement

by Elise on December 31, 2015

Spokane Auditions are February 13th!  

Email listentoyourmotherspokane@gmail.com to reserve your space!LTYM Logo

Today is December 31 – the cusp of a new year.  Minds and hearts turn towards the next spin around the sun and hope for all the ways it will be different, better, brighter, and all the ways it will stay exactly as it is.

As we at LTYM Spokane look forward to 2016 we hope that you (yes YOU – not your friend who is a “real writer” or that person who has an “amazing story”, or the one with the stage experience, the perfect life, the amazing eyelashes, etc. etc. etc.) (What?  You don’t covet amazing eyelashes?) will consider auditioning for Listen To Your Mother Spokane.  We want to hear your story be it humorous, poignant, soulful, or something in between.  We want to hear from you about being a mom, having a mom, not having a mom, wanting to be a mom – any and every variation as long as Motherhood is the central theme.

You don’t have to be a mom to participate.

You do have to email us at listentoyourmotherspokane@gmail.com to request an audition slot.  You can also email us with questions, concerns, or if you are in need of encouragement to sign up.

If you want to learn more about the LTYM project or get an idea of what we are looking for we encourage you to check out the LTYM YouTube channel or watch last year’s Spokane show.

The nitty gritty: No previous stage experience is necessary.  Please ensure that your piece is no longer than 5 minutes when read aloud.  If you are cast it will be to read the work auditioned.  Commitment from cast members includes two group read throughs and a 4pm call time on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016.

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LTYM Spokane 2016!

by Elise on November 17, 2015

 HOW is that possible?

HOW can we already be ramping up for LTYM Spokane 2016?



Time flies and we are thrilled to announce lights UP for LTYM Spokane  – this year will mark our SIXTH production!  We will once again be at The Bing Crosby Theater on Mother’s Day, May 8th, at 7 p.m.  We owe so many thanks to our amazing local community for allowing us to come this far and to the national LTYM production team who has just announced this year’s line up of 41 host cities across the US and Canada.

biteAre you ready to take a bite out of the show?  (Sorry Stacey, couldn’t resist!)

Have you been working up the nerve to audition for years?  Did you just hear about the show and you are so excited to find out that it is in Spokane  and that you can be a part of it?  We will be announcing auditions for early February soon so stay tuned!  You can join LTYM Spokane’s email list to be notified about auditions and other show information by sending us a quick note to: listentoyourmotherspokane@gmail.com

You can also keep up to date with LTYM happenings nationwide by following LTYM on Facebook and Twitter!

We can’t wait to hear your stories, Spokane!


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July 20, 2015

The 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show Videos Are Live! Just a couple months ago Listen To Your Mother gave motherhood a microphone in 39 cities… over 450 stories shared in 2015.  Watch LTYM: Spokane 2015 below! WATCH AND LISTEN to LTYM 2015 on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel or click on a playlist below: Albuquerque • Anderson • Atlanta • Austin • Baltimore • Bangor • Baton Rouge • Boston • Boulder • Charleston • Chicago • DC • Evansville • Indianapolis • Lehigh Valley • Little Rock • Madison • Metro Detroit • Milwaukee • Nashville • North Jersey •Northern Utah • NW Indiana • Oklahoma City • Orange County • Pittsburgh• Plumas County • Portland • Providence • Raleigh-Durham • Rochester • San Francisco • Seattle •Southeast Texas • Southwest Michigan • Spokane • St. Louis • Twin Cities SO MANY THANKS go out to all our many, many amazing Local Sponsors and to our National Sponsors Luvs, and SheKnows Media #BlogHer15!! by

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Another year gone – LTYM Spokane 2015

May 21, 2015

There’s a lot of preparation.   *Thank you Briana Loveall for the beautiful show photography.  All photos are Briana’s unless stated otherwise! A little stress. A few TV appearances and a radio appearance! There’s bonding. And laughing. And nerves. And support. A lot of fun. A TON of help from friends.  Thank you SO much Erin, Erin, Deena, Becky, Amy, Lisa, Jessica, Sarah! The audience of our dreams – warm, supportive, wonderful and in record numbers. It’s time to walk out, way before we think we’re ready. There’s love, connection, too many “me too” moments to count. And then suddenly, it’s over. Until next year, Spokane.  We love you. by

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Spokane Sponsor Spotlight: Rockwood Health System

May 6, 2015

LTYM Spokane is so grateful to have Rockwood Health System as a local sponsor this year.  Rockwood Health System is a partnership of Deaconess Hospital, Rockwood Clinic, and Valley Hospital, working together to serve and care for patients across the Inland Northwest.  With over 4000 employees and physicians, two hospitals, and 12 primary clinical locations providing concentrated medical and urgent care services, Rockwood Health Systems is uniquely able to offer exceptional health care and medical services to their patients. We are thrilled to be working closely with Nurse Zibby, one of Deaconess Hospital’s labor and delivery nurses, a LTYM Spokane alumni, and an educator on all things childbirth and babies.  Zibby teaches many of the childbirth and newborn support classes offered at Deaconess, often at no cost to the community, including free breastfeeding classes, Daddy 101, childbirth classes, and classes on newborn care. You can find more about classes with Nurse Zibby at Deaconess on their […]

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