LTYM Spokane is FIVE!

by Elise on November 20, 2014

Welcome to LTYM Spokane 2015!

With this post we are officially kicking off our fifth year, and it is going to be BIG!  We are reaching out for MORE auditioners, MORE sponsors, MORE audience, MORE stories than ever before, and we are so excited! Stay tuned for information about auditions and please send us an email if you are interested in getting involved.

As LTYM Spokane turns five LTYM turns six, and is kicking off its season by announcing the addition of TEN new cities to the national line-up.  Add to that TWENTY NINE returning cities and that brings the national movement to a total of 39.  THIRTY NINE!

Check out the announcement, see if there is a show near you and become a part of the movement!

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The 2014 Listen To Your Mother Videos Are Here!

by Stephanie P. on August 5, 2014

Watch the LTYM: Spokane show on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to LTYM’s video sponsor by T. Rowe Price, we have added 400 new videos from the 2014 shows!! Check out EVERYBODY FREAKS OUT– their funny children’s-style book for parents–only five bucks and 100% proceeds benefit Junior Achievement USA.

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Time of our lives

May 14, 2014

You aren’t supposed to start at the end, but it’s hard not to start there when the end looks like this. A standing ovation for Spokane’s incredible 2014 Listen To Your Mother cast.  I wanted to kiss every single person in the audience in that moment and grab their cheeks and give them big sloppy, crying hugs, because it felt like Elise and I had said: “Look at them, aren’t they beautiful?  Aren’t their stories unique and universal and important?  Don’t you feel changed?  Will you be able to look at any one tomorrow and not wonder about their story? Their struggles? Their triumphs?” And they stood up and replied – yes, they are … and no, we won’t. Producing LTYM is a privilege start to finish, from audition day, through all the headaches and details and planning, to show day, but the real privilege is watching that arc of electric connection form […]

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April 10, 2014

Farmgirlfit is a fantastic gym which provides daily group workouts designed specifically for women. Workouts are run and attended by amazing women who support each other’s goals,  push you to exceed what you thought were your limits and strive for personal excellence without comparing yourself to anyone else.  Each of these traits is shared with Listen To Your Mother – we are a perfect pair!  So when FGF came on board as a LTYM sponsor this year I was over the moon. When I had gastric bypass surgery in November of 2012 I was more than 100 pounds overweight.  After recovering I knew I needed to exercise, and I knew that exercise needed to include strength training.  I started running and, after recommendations from several people I finally, trepidatiously, decided to try a class at Farmgirlfit. And… It was awesome in the most literal sense of the word.  I am stronger, leaner, and feel better […]

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Bella Cova

March 28, 2014

I kept on hearing about this “new place for families with young children” which seemed to have everything – an amazing store showcasing local and regional baby goods, a place to grab a snack during the morning or a drink and a snack as the day wore on, a coffee bar,  yoga, cloth diapering and lactation classes and more!  All that AND you could – ney, you were encouraged-  to come hang out with your children, chat with other parents and escape the confines of your house which, as we in Spokane know, can start to feel pretty darn confining come March. When I finally stepped in to Bella Cova I was thrilled to see that it lives up to it’s hype.  The space is lovely – large, open, calm and welcoming, even to sticky little hands. As if having a locally owned and operated shop like Bella Cova isn’t great enough, they have been […]

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