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by kimjorgensengane on February 27, 2017

It’s true! If you ever thought…maybe? This is your last chance to be a part of the incredible, bonding experience that is Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan! At least as it has existed thus far.

LTYM 2017 Gallery WRITE post

Here’s the short version: The Listen to Your Mother brand has been sold to a theater company. That’s actually amazing news! It WILL live on, just not with our esteemed founder and national director, Ann Imig at the helm, and not with the same national team, all of whom have been incredible to work with. I have no doubt that Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. will be amazing to work with, too. And the cool thing is that in the future Listen to Your Mother shows could pop up anytime of year, anywhere, featuring either local readers with original stories, as always, or actors reading from a provided script. You can learn more about the future of Listen to Your Mother here.

What this means for us locally is that Beth and I are going to put on the best, most community-focused and community-bonding show yet (and boy do we need it these days, huh?)! And that’s saying something, because we’ve had two incredible, powerful shows so far…thanks to YOU! Thanks to the brave souls who show up to audition. Thanks to those of you that make up our incredible casts. And thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, to those that come out and give us the best audiences around! We know you’ll do it again. And we can’t wait to go out with one heck of a bang!

To do that, we need you, once again, to bring us your amazing, hilarious, thoughtful, heartwarming and hard-hitting true, personal, in-the-moment stories about motherhood. Here are the deets (that’s details):

Auditions will take place at the Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan office (also home of Pete Jorgensen Real Estate, corner of Elm & Main, downtown St. Joe) at 420 Main Street, St. Joseph, at the following dates & times:

Saturday, March 18, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Sunday, March 19, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Wednesday, March 22, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

What you’ll need:

  • Your brave, always. My co-director, Beth Haire-Lewis and I are big believers in brave.
  • Two printed copies of your original story on the topic of motherhood, which you’ll leave with us.
  • Stories must be edited to the best of your ability (if you are cast in the show, they may be subject to further editing), 3-5 minutes read aloud (I can’t stress this enough), prepared, but not too prepared. Our shows are always live readings, no memorization is ever needed.
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, including direct motherhood experience. We all had mothers, or didn’t have a mother, or witnessed motherhood (or grandmotherhood, or stepmotherhood, etc…) at it’s funniest, best, worst…man, woman, child (13 or over), any shape, any color, any kind (fur babies, anyone?)…we want to hear it! If you have a story, bring it! I can’t stress that enough either. Let Beth and I decide whether or not it fits with the other stories we hear to build the quilt of our show. Yours might be just the one we need to bring all the other stories together.
  • I can’t stress this enough either: puhLEASE, bring us your funny, southwest Michigan! We can’t build a show with all sad or all remembrance or all anything. We need a variety. {Again, think quilt.}

Here’s how you get a tryout/audition appointment:

  • Preferred: Email ltymswmichigan(@)gmail(.)com, type AUDITION in the subject line with your preferred date in the body of the email, please include your phone number.
  • Call Kim at 269.487.6024
  • Written submissions (type SUBMISSION in the subject line) accepted via the same email as above through March 15, and we’ll get back with you to schedule your live, in-person audition time.
  • If you have a story, please don’t let technology or anything stand in your way. If you need assistance, please, please reach out. We will do our best to accommodate you. Including, least preferred, but just show up and we’ll fit you in.

Please note that we are not required to videotape stories this year. This is a huge relief from a production standpoint (holy, source of STRESS gone, yay!), and we feel in the long run that it makes the idea of auditioning and possibly reading for the show a friendlier one for many.

WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU, SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN! Bring it! As you always do!! <3 <3

Best & Warm,

–Kim Jorgensen Gane & Beth Haire-Lewis

Curious about our casting decisions? Read more about how LTYM puts our shows together here.

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