Announcing AUDITIONS for Listen to Your Mother: Southwest Michigan!!

by kimjorgensengane on January 27, 2015

Southwest Michigan! Please Tell Us Your Story!

We want to hear YOUR voice!  Yes, YOU!!

Afraid you have nothing to say?  We don’t believe you!!

Worried that no one cares?   We do!!

Nervous to get on stage?  We’ll help you!!

If you’ve had a mother, are a mother, or know a mother (yup, that’s EVERYBODY!), we want to hear your story!! Yes, yours!

From 2013 season: LTYM featured on NBC Nightly news!

From 2013’s 24 city season: LTYM featured on NBC Nightly news! Celebrating Mother’s Day in 39 cities in 2015!

Even if someone shares a similar experience, no one can tell your story like you can. Are you a natural storyteller? Is there a story that defines motherhood for you? Maybe everyone you meet, you end up telling him or her about your mother, or your neighbor, or yourself. Maybe you don’t have any kids of your own, but you’re a substitute mother to many. Or maybe you’ve never done anything like this in your entire life, but something about this opportunity calls to you, and you think…maybe?

If you’re a maybe, you’re a YES! Audition. Even if you’ve never written a thing before, write your story down and practice in front of the dog, the cat, or the mirror.  Time yourself. Read aloud, your story should take approximately five minutes or less.

You do not have to be a woman or a mom to have something to say about motherhood.

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3 Minutes with Founder/National Director, Ann Imig

Funny, sad, heartwarming, gut wrenching, triumphant, or a little of all of it, your story has a chance to be heard. Here are the nuts and bolts regarding auditions:

  1. Auditions will be held by appointment only on the following dates: Monday, February 23, 6-8 PM, at the #Write2TheEnd Offices (420 Main Street, St. Joseph); Saturday, February 28, 2-6 PM, upstairs in the balcony at The Livery Microbrewery (190 5th Street, Benton Harbor [Arts District], Michigan); and Sunday, March 1, 2-6 PM, in The Orchards Mall Community Center (1800 Pipestone Rd., Benton Harbor; the Community Center is nearest the Carson’s entrance).  You must register here for an audition time. If you need assistance, you may email us at or call 269.281.3636 to setup your appointment. Please enter AUDITION in the subject line of your email.
  2. Prepare an original piece that is approximately 5 minutes in length (please time yourself). NOTE: Irreverent is welcome. Explicit is not. Think PG13.
    • Things previously published are permissible as long as author retains full rights and has express permission to read the work for the event.
    • Your story must express the topic of motherhood at its core – a topic that looks different to everyone. We want our show to reflect a variety of the voices of motherhood. We can’t achieve that goal if you don’t audition.
    • Bring four (4) extra printed copies of the piece you plan to read with you to your audition (these will not be returned).
  3. Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete an audition form.
  4. You must commit to:
    • Attending two mandatory FULL cast rehearsals, the afternoons of 3/21/15 and 4/25/15, at a location to be determined in Southwest Michigan.
    • Staying in contact with the LTYM Production team via phone, email and/or Facebook.
    • Making no unapproved changes to your story once you are cast and your story is finalized for the show (selected stories may be subject to minimal editing for understanding or length).
    • Attending, participating, and being video taped in the 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show: Southwest Michigan, which will be held on Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 3pm, in the St. Joseph High School John & Dede Howard Auditorium (your presence will be required from 12:00p-6:00p, followed by an optional cast party we hope you and your entourage will gleefully attend).

Don’t believe you can do it?  I wasn’t sure I could do it either, but click here to watch my video from the 2014 LTYM: NWIndiana show, and click here to view Meagan’s from the 2011 LTYM: NWIndiana show.  Meagan and I are teaming up with Beth Haire-Lewis to bring this show right here to the community we all share and LOVE! You can view videos from other previous cities for a bit of inspiration right here.

We are so very excited to bring Listen to Your Mother to Southwest Michigan and we can’t wait to hear everything you have to say.  And don’t forget, if you’re not near Southwest Michigan, there are 38 other shows celebrating motherhood and Mother’s Day with ours across the U.S. Click here to find one closer to you.

We welcome you, and we can’t wait to hear your stories!

— Kim, Meagan & Beth


Special thanks to The Orchard’s Mall, The Livery Microbrewery, and #Write2TheEnd Writers Workshop™ for hosting our inaugural auditions! Southwest Michigan’s first season of Listen to Your Mother is a ride you don’t want to miss!

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