Welcome to #LTYM Southwest Michigan!

Meet the cast!

I can’t imagine what my life would look like right now if I had never been cast in the 2014 Northwest Indiana Listen to Your Mother show. If I had never stepped onto a stage and shared my first, tentative, breathless story. And I don’t want to. I’m certain a life in which Beth and I hadn’t brought this show to Southwest Michigan would pale in comparison to reality…to this spectacular reality!

2017 LTYM Final Bow

Pictured left to right: Loren Michaels Harris, Erin Hamilton, Laura McMullen, Beth Carroll, Deborah Leigh Norman, Michele Gazzolo, Beth Haire-Lewis, Kim Jorgensen Gane, Carolyn Graves, Sarah Fusté, Annie Brown, Scott Gane, Molly Deuberry (not pictured, Rich Perez).

Another flawless cast. Another magnificent show. Another standing ovation. And another opportunity to help a deserving charity, and in this case, to remember a great lady and why she’s no longer with us.

LTYM 17 Gift to Safe Shelter

Pictured, left to right: Beth Haire-Lewis (LTYM SWMichigan co-director), Kelly Nightingale (Child & Family Svcs), Rachel Downs (Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence program supervisor), Kim Jorgensen Gane (LTYM SWMichigan producer/co-director), Joe Geopfrich (Child & Family Services executive director).

On June 8th,  Beth Haire-Lewis and I, the Dynamic Divas of Listen to Your Mother Southwest Michigan, delivered on our promise to Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence with an outside donation of $500 from Horizon Bank, plus we matched that from our ticket sales, so another $500, PLUS between outside donations we solicited in advance of our show and lobby collections … drum roll … a total of $1287 in memory of local mom and radio personality, Denise Bohn, who, after surviving breast cancer (with a toddler) was shot and killed by her husband 10 days before our show last year. We remembered and honored all local victims of domestic violence.

Me & Beth. LOVE THIS LADY! Her friendship is one of the greatest blessings of my life!

Me & Beth. LOVE THIS LADY! Her friendship is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

2017 Cast Selfie

Crowd, schmowd. What fun we had! These people made me SO PROUD!!

As you can see, the weather was beautiful that day. (Curses! A light rain would have been ideal.) We didn’t have a very big audience (but mighty, responsive, great energy), our sound guy never hit the button to voice record our show 💔, but our cast was incredible and we started a conversation that our community has been very resistant about having. I expect to do more. But this was a pretty damn good start.

To 98.3 The Coast for sponsoring our show for the second year, to morning host Meagan Francis for introducing the show (and Stephani Williams last year), to Horizon Bank for their very generous donation, to Scott R Gane Photography for three years of head shots and documenting this incredible journey that has changed lives and benefited three incredibly deserving charities (Readiness Center, Inc. & Emergency Shelter Services, Inc. in our first two seasons), to Pete Jorgensen Real Estate for three years sponsoring our venue, to our families, to all our other sponsors, to those who auditioned, the three incredible casts who bravely stood on our stage and told their stories, and to those who bought tickets and listened to our stories, who laughed with us, cried with us, and took on the world with us, THANK YOU!!!

I can’t begin to express my personal thanks to Ann Imig for creating this incredible LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER movement and for trusting me, Meagan (co-director in our first season, 2015) and Beth with bringing the show to our community, and for changing my life in ways I can’t fully express because I know they haven’t even all been realized yet. This has truly been one of the greatest, most rewarding adventures. And lookout world, cause we are nowhere near done!!

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LTYM 17 Cast Grid

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Sarah Fusté, Michele Gazzolo, Carolyn Graves, (co-director & emcee) Beth Haire-Lewis, (producer/co-director) Kim Jorgensen Gane, Beth Carroll, Loren Michaels Harris, Annie Brown, Deborah Leigh Norman, Laure McMullen, Molly Deuberry, Richard Perez, Erin Hamilton, Scott Gane. (Photo credits: Scott R. Gane Photography, Michele Gazzolo’s head shot by Chuck Osgood, and Rich Perez’s head shot by Brian McConkey.)

How do you thank people for sharing their hearts? For, as the saying goes, cutting open a vein and first sharing on the page or at a keyboard?

These twelve souls are willing to stand before you at a podium on the St. Joseph High School stage, this SUNDAY, MAY 7th, at 4:00 PM, and bleed into a microphone–to make you laugh out loud and ugly cry, quite possibly in the same breath, and maybe even make you think for days, weeks, even months afterward.

Producing and co-directing the Southwest Michigan version of Listen to Your Mother for these three amazing (and yes, sometimes frustrating…exhausting…sleepless–much like motherhood) years has been one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life. Amplifying these voices and those that came before, giving our deserving cast members a platform on which to share their stories, has been a blessing beyond my and my co-director, Beth Haire-Lewis’ imagination. I don’t know what’s next for me, personally (other than running for St. Joseph City Commission), but I can tell you that Listen to Your Mother will be tough to beat. There will be tears on Sunday, just as there are when we send our kids off to summer camp or to college, but I am comforted that we’ve done a good and remarkable thing, not just for our storytellers, but for those who auditioned, for those who are lucky enough to sit in our audiences, for three amazing local charities, for motherhood and for a community we love.

In order of their photos, above, here’s a little something about each of our cast members:

SARAH FUSTÉ (sounds like ballet) grew up just north of Lake Ontario, the daughter of a true-blue Canadian and a Finn. She eventually married a dreamy Spaniard-American and they settled in Southwest Michigan. Her three babies, 2, 5, and 8, are a daily riot and together they speak English, French, and Spanish, and delight in the stories and poems of Sam Campbell and Shel Silverstein. Sarah wants to live a contemplative life, if that means praying away her mounds of laundry or just stopping to breathe (which she succeeds at doing about 5% of the time). She blogs at aCupOfGoodLife.com.

MICHELE GAZZOLO is a writer and entrepreneur living in Southwest Michigan. She and Ibrahim Parlak, who is scheduled for deportation, have a daughter. When not resisting deportation or selling Fruitbelt Tonic, she enjoys reading, writing, and hiking.

CAROLYN GRAVES hails from Fountain Hill, Arkansas, population: 169. She is the secretary (administrative assistant) at Union Memorial A.M.E. Church in Benton Harbor. She loves her church and her work ministering to others through her role there. She says emphatically that it’s the best job she’s ever had. She loves God, her children, her grands, and people in general. In April she was selected Lay Person of the Year 2017 at the Southern District A.M.E. Church Conference. She did a standup comedy act for Rotary a few years back and was featured in Lakeland’s Health Care Magazine with Lory’s Place for her involvement with the suicide survivors group.

BETH HAIRE-LEWIS (co-director & emcee), a tireless community advocate, wife, and mom to one woman-child, is passionate about two things: her family and everything she does. Though she spent several years in Long Beach, California, raising her daughter and co-managing a jazz club, Beth was born and grew up in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She resides happily there with her husband. Her many talents, besides putting everyone she meets at ease, are teaching water aerobics, singing, assistant choir directing, and Community Theater, including a role in Ragtime, as well as a recurring appearance in the Vagina Monologues. She emcees on occasion for The Livery’s Open Stage night, and is known to croon a silken tune there, as lead singer for the band, Sankofa, and in church. For twelve years, she has emceed and co-chaired the annual Gene Harris: Coming Home, Coming Together concert. Beth is employed as an Early Intervention Specialist at CARES (Community AIDS and Resource Education Services), where she enjoys her outreach duties, helping people infected and affected by the HIV virus. If you are ever in need of a condom or some lube, Beth is always carrying in that big purse of hers, which she somehow manages, usually on perilous heels.

KIM JORGENSEN GANE (producer/co-director) is every woman, every mom, every writer. After many Erica Kane worthy iterations, she is firmly rooted in her hometown, content with writing, selling real estate with Pete Jorgensen Real Estate, producing/co-directing Listen to Your Mother®, Southwest Michigan, and co-facilitating local #Write2TheEnd Writers Workshop™, with the first ever WriteAway spring retreat coming up after Mother’s Day in Lawrence, Michigan. Kim is an author, with an essay published in the book, 51%: Women and the Future of Politics. She is wife to a taco truck owning photographer (who you’ll meet below), aunt to a trombone, baseball, and video game playing live-in nephew, and mom/stepmom to a hers, a his (two grown, married daughters) and an ours: a middle grade, cello playing, dragon-obsessed boy. Find her at GANEPossible.com, follow her on Facebook, and on Twitter @KimGANEPossible.

BETH CARROLL is Pastor of Discipleship at Hope Church in Holland, Michigan. She is passionate about issues concerning social justice, mixing the perfect martini, her two teenaged children, her impending wedding to fellow Listen to Your Mother cast member Richard Perez, and sarcasm, all in no particular order. Beth also writes and blogs regularly for several publications, including In All Things and Perspectives Journal. Her fantasy is to “make it big” in writing so that she can someday open her own bar, combining all of her passions, calling it “Tequila Mockingbird.”

LOREN MICHAELS HARRIS is one of the Listen to Your Mother project’s greatest success stories. He first brought his story, Lost or Found, about surviving the foster care system–and 22 mothers–to the Listen To Your Mother: Southwest Michigan Stage one year ago. Since the YouTube version of Lost or Found was released, Loren’s career has catapulted to levels he says he could never have expected.

Loren’s LTYM reading was immediately published in both FOSTER FOCUS and ADOPTION TODAY magazines. Not long after, he began doing podcast interviews all over the country. In less than a year, Loren has built a successful Breakthrough Coaching business, mentoring program, launched an online digital program designed to assist others seeking to share their message through speaking, co-written his first Amazon #1 Best Selling book: How To Get Speaking Gigs Fast!, and has been hired to speak on 41 stages across the country. Loren writes a monthly motivational column for Money Inc. Magazine, and later this year he is slated to testify before U.S. Congress on behalf of foster care advocacy. Loren is launching his latest book: Fostering Your Message…Growing Your Message for the Masses on June 12017. Loren and his fiancé, Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, will be married on October 14th in Naperville, Illinois, where they reside. For more information on Loren’s incredible journey, visit www.lorenmichaelsharris.com.

ANNIE BROWN is stay-at-home mom and Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry to three kids. She and her husband own the Filbrandt Family Funeral Home in South Haven. Annie loves dogs, strong coffee, Washington, DC, re-runs of Law and Order, and she has strong opinions when it comes to breast feeding and politics. Her hometown is Hillman, Michigan, but she has lived in South Haven for more than 30 years. She ran for State Representative in 2014 and 2016 and lost both times. She’s a good loser and a happy warrior. And yes, she still keeps the letter from Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm in her underwear drawer.

DEBORAH LEIGH NORMAN is excited and grateful to be a part of LTYM for the second time, after first appearing in the Northwest Indiana show with Kim in 2014.  Originally from Delaware, Deb has lived in Virginia, Louisiana, and now Indiana. She is enjoying the journey of living in different regions of our country as well as the journey of her heart becoming a wife, mother, and then the mother of a child with a disability. Deb and her husband will celebrate their 25th anniversary this year, and they have two sons ages 16 and 13.  She enjoys running, volunteering, and advocacy work. Come share your journey with her at www.departingholland.com or follow @DebLeighNorman.

LAURA McMULLEN is mom to three fantastically unique children, the youngest of whom was born four months early (23 weeks gestation) and with two rare genetic conditions. That child’s tenacity for life and ability to thrive despite adversity has become a muse for her. She volunteers in the hospital that saved his life, is a parent advocate for a DeafBlind organization, writes, and speaks on topics related to prematurity and special needs. She has been published on Different Dream for My Child, The Banner, Catapult* Magazine, and she’s been a regular contributor to Preemie Babies 101. She blogs at momofa23weeker.blogspot.com.

MOLLY DEUBERRY is a native of Northwest Indiana, and lives in Indianapolis where her professional days are spent navigating the world of government and communications. Active in the community, Molly is a member of the Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network and Common Ground Church’s Multi-Ethnic Team. She serves on the boards of Dance Kaleidoscope and the Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series. In 2014, she was recognized as a finalist for “Indy’s Best and Brightest” by Junior Achievement. In 2014, Molly married Tim Craft and became a stepmom to his two adorable, internationally adopted kids: Ana, age 9, and Yoseph, age 7. Molly blogs about her adventures as a new stepmom at StepMolly.com and facebook.com/StepMolly and was recently invited to join the writing team at Indy Moms Blog. Molly is a (very) amateur cycling enthusiast and is passionate about clean closets, Academy Award-nominated movies, and celebrating Christmas.

RICHARD PEREZ is an award-winning actor, director and educator.  He is the recipient of the Theatre Communications Group’s New Generations/Future Leaders Fellowship, which took him to Chicago Dramatists as its first Associate Artistic Director in 2009. Prior to that, he was the Producing Artistic Director of the Bloomington Playwrights Project in Indiana for seven seasons.  In that time he oversaw the production of over thirty new plays, with at least sixteen of those being world premieres. His directing credits include: RoustaboutMiss JulieUrinetownAll My Sons, True West, Hurly Burly, The Mercy Swing (New York Fringe Festival) and Nocturnal (part of the Kennedy Center’s New Visions/New Voices Festival). Chicago credits include: Fucking A for Urban Theatre and Invasion of Skokie for Chicago Dramatists.

As an actor he has appeared as Councilman Ortiz on Boss, with Kelsey Grammer as well as roles on Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. He studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and with Uta Hagen at HB Studios in New York City.  He has an MFA in Performance from Arizona State University and is proud to serve on the Theatre Faculty of Hope College in Michigan. Learn more at Rich-Perez.com.

ERIN HAMILTON grew up in St. Joseph, MI with her loving family including a brother, Mike and sister, Kelly who are all fortunate to remain extremely close. She enjoys spending time with her family and with the family she gained when she married her love, Brad. Erin enjoys being a mother and an aunt, weekend trips north, beach days, music, laughing so hard her face hurts and being a part of the best family of friends on Earth. Erin loves channeling her inner hippie by using essential oils and making soap she sells through her business, EllasSoapBox.com, which is committed to using safe, natural ingredients and to helping understand the causes of Anencephaly and Neural Tube Defects. 5% of profits are donated to Anencephaly Research, with another 5% going to other favorite rotating causes. Together, Brad and Erin love their dog, Harley Quinn and cat, Lilly, their brilliant and charming 16-month-old son, Lennox, daughter, Ella, who spent three and a half love-filled days in this world, and they are already madly in love with soon-to-come Rainbow Baby, Iris.

SCOTT GANE is a Michigan farm boy who studied health science, criminal justice and fire science at Grand Valley State College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. He has some fantastic stories from his years corralling college students and delivering 17 babies as a Firefighter/Paramedic/Police Officer. He is a very busy guy owning and operating three businesses as well as running a company on the east side of the state. Scott is laid back (tired) but, contrary to commonly held belief, is not all business all the time. He has a creative side silently screaming to get a word in edgewise, which, until he decided to surprise his bride, producer and co-director, Kim Jorgensen Gane, with a story for Listen to Your Mother, it only did in the kitchen (usually the one on his taco truck), and when he got the chance to take pictures at weddings and of high school seniors, pregnant ladies, and newborns (not necessarily in that order) for his business, Scott R. Gane Photography. Less creative perhaps, but just as fun and inspiring, he was also responsible for taking official head shots, photos at rehearsals, and at the #LTYM #SWMichigan shows as photography sponsor and reluctant timekeeper for Beth and Kim. Who knew he could write too? As usual, he’ll be doing double duty taking photos and reading a story in this year’s show. Scott also volunteers as a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.


You don’t want to miss our grand finale Southwest Michigan show on Sunday, May 7th, at 4:00 PM, at St. Joseph High School’s John & Dede Howard AuditoriumEarly bird, student, senior and group discounted TICKETS available online only until midnight 5/7/17, at https://ltymswmi17.eventbrite.com. Admission at the door is $20 per person.

All seating is general for this PG-13 show. A portion of this year’s gross ticket sales will benefit Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence in memory of Denise Bohn, and in honor and memory of all local victims of domestic violence. Doors open at 3:30 PM.


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