The 2014 Listen To Your Mother Videos Are Here!

by Stephanie P. on August 6, 2014

Watch the 2014 LTYM: Southeast Texas show on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to LTYM’s video sponsor by T. Rowe Price, we have added 400 new videos from the 2014 shows!! Check out EVERYBODY FREAKS OUT– their funny children’s-style book for parents–only five bucks and 100% proceeds benefit Junior Achievement USA.

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by elaine on May 29, 2014

Please welcome Kelley Nettles, one of the cast members of LTYM, Southeast TX 2014 and her guest post about her experience with the show.  You can also find Kelley at her blog, Kelley’s Breakroom!


There are many reasons that I am so grateful to Jennifer Williams and Elaine Alguire, the two women behind the production of the Listen To Your Mother Show in Southeast Texas.  However, the primary reason  I am grateful is because they allowed me to connect with people across many different walks of life over one unifying, beautiful thing- motherhood.


Motherhood was something that I thought I may never know personally. Both of my boys were not easy to come by. There were many years I thought that I would never, ever have children. There were many years that my heart hurt over never having a baby of my own. I went through many peaks and valleys throughout that time. This is why Candy Mickels Mejia’s story about the miracle of her babies was even more touching to me than it would be had I not had those experiences.


This is Candy primping in the mirror with Sean Wilson and Jill Patir checking themselves out, too. Okay, well, Sean may have been texting but I bet she checked her lipstick when she got done. Also, I asked Candy to pose. She was a good sport.


Every story touched my heart for a different reason. I can still hear the voices of Howard and the women clearly in my mind. I can still feel the spring of the chair in the front row of the nostalgic Jefferson Theater in Beaumont, Texas. I can still remember Monica on my right and Dolores on my left as we nervously waited for our turn to climb the steep steps onto the stage. I can still feel the lights as I faced an audience mostly filled with faces I had never seen before. I can see the microphone looming from the podium.


I can still see the smiles in the audience.
I can see the kind eyes.
I can feel the presence of my family.
And I am grateful.
All of the stories were unique. Some were sweet. Some were serious. Some were sad. Some were inspirational. Some were funny. Some had a little bit of everything.
(Some even used funny voices.)
If we were all standing together at a party right now, I’d happily introduce you to each person and tell you what part of their story will always be with me. I wish I had the privilege of introducing you to everyone so I could do just that.
The first people I’d introduce you to would undoubtedly be Elaine and Jennifer that I am standing beside in the picture below.
They worked SO, SO, SO hard to put this event together. SO HARD. They smiled through it all, though. (Well, they smiled when we were watching!) They were encouraging and fun. They were supportive and great leaders.
(They provided good snacks and food, too.)
(Elaine also provided deodorant and hairspray and band-aids.)
(I had to use the deodorant and a Band-Aid.)
(Who forgets deodorant on such a big day, right? I know. It’s terrible. It was a spray deodorant and that deodorant is the subject of a whole other blog post. I will definitely tell that story soon.)

(Have you guessed by now that the story that I told for LTYM was not serious?)


I am in the white pants, Elaine is in the middle and Jennifer is on the right. This picture would be before the show but after I had sprayed the deodorant.


In all seriousness, THANK YOU, Elaine and Jennifer, for choosing all of us to be a part of the first LTYM show in Southeast Texas, especially at such a classic and historic venue! I know that we all feel privileged and grateful. It was truly a fun and uplifting experience that we will never forget.

You have given us all a gift.



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