Thank You Seattle!!

by joysteele on May 23, 2015

In the post-show clamor . .
With so many wrap-up tasks to be completed . . .
Getting a recap posted has been a most challenging undertaking.
Not for any negative reason . . . but rather, because . . .
Every adjective and acclamation pale in the face of the wondrous and humbling talent of each member of:
Listen To Your Mother – Seattle.

These writers bared their soul and shared their story in the presence more than a hundred audience members.
The brightness of a rare sunny day in Seattle could not compare to the radiance coming from every single story-teller on that Saturday afternoon. Every performance was simply brilliant.

For 90 minutes, these women held the rapt attention of every person present, including cast-mates, direction/production crew, and emcee. The collective ‘we’ shared uproarious laughter, and bittersweet tears as we followed along on a skillfully crafted journey through the multifaceted world of motherhood. From first-time parent worries, to the fears that come with facing cancer, imperfect mothers, as well as multiple generations of mothering – the totality of the narratives provided entertainment for the heart and nourishment to the soul.

Each observer that day was given the gift of a “me too” moment. The audience was equally generous in their appreciation, too.
By final curtain-call, the cast was treated to a well deserved standing ovation.

The love was, and is, completely mutual.

LTYM 2015 Seattle Cast

Back row: Katie Anthony, Allyson Brown, Wendy Staley Colbert, Judy Schwartz Haley, Ronit Feinglass Plank, Corbin Lewars
Front row: Jennifer Scharf, Lauren Ziemski, Jennifer Munro, Kelly McKenzie, Donna Miscolta, Jill Ginsberg, Joy Steele


Not to be forgotten is the 10% of ticket sales that were donated to the locally selected non-profit, Wellspring Family Services.
Wellspring is delighted to be a beneficiary of the LTYM Seattle performance.

wellspring check presentation

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