Final Cast Spotlight: Allison & Julie!

by Tarja on May 2, 2017

Next weekend is our big show! I’m practically bouncing in my chair as I type this. The excitement is building and I can’t wait for you to hear the words of our 2017 grand finale cast! We had a wonderful second rehearsal (stay tuned!) and the cast continues to click. It was evident to me and Janine that the magic was working – and we are so ready to share it with you. The early-bird ticket pricing ends next Monday, May 8th, so take advantage and get your tickets right HERE.


And now onward to meet the last two members of our talented group of readers. While Allison is part of our East Bay cast contingent and Julie hails from the city, both are from #AwesomelyTalented, with roots going back to #StorytellingStar.



Allison Stockman

Allison Stockman is a writer with a peripatetic streak—she has lived and worked in New York City, Utah, Alaska, India, South Africa, and London, before settling in the Bay Area in 2011.  Since leaving the Mormon church, Allison believes in coffee, The New Yorker, and the undeniable healing powers of gin and tonic. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her camping, swimming in the ocean, killing possums, or trying to get her kids off the garage roof to come inside for dinner.



JArcaro copy

Julie woke up in San Francisco after a decade’s worth of wondering whether or not she’d stay with a collection of stories that she couldn’t make up if she tried. A former Catholic school teacher turned “typical startup millennial,” she recently left her work from home pjs behind and joined Oracle, where she sells software. When Julie’s not riding her bike in the Headlands, she can be found talking someone’s ear off with a story about life in the city, as told from the perspective of a queer, corporate woman on a bicycle cruising about the town.


That concludes our Cast Spotlight series, briefly introducing you to this amazing group of women. I hope you’ll join us on May 13th at 7:00pm at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, where we will celebrate stories of motherhood in grand finale fashion!


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