Cast Spotlight: Claire and Emma!

by Tarja on April 24, 2017

Our big show is in 19 days! I am both counting down (why isn’t there an advent calendar for Listen To Your Mother?!) and in complete denial that the grand finale is almost here. We had our second rehearsal yesterday and I can’t wait to tell you all about it – stay tuned for an upcoming blog post.

Here is our next Cast Spotlight post introducing Claire Hennessy and Emma Carlson!




Claire Hennessy moved from the UK to live in California in 2008, the shock of which propelled her to start writing as a form of cheap therapy. She is currently editing her humorous memoir about how she and her husband reunited after not seeing each other for 30 years. She is a founding member of the Write On Mamas, has been published in two anthologies, Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit and Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God – Transitions, and has performed at Lit Quake and Lit Crawl for the last 4 years. She also occasionally blogs at Crazy California Claire about random nonsense. She writes in inappropriate detail about her personal and sexual life, which has the desired effect of keeping her kids from reading her published work or from heckling her when reading aloud at events such as LTYM!



Emma Carlson

Emma Carlson is a displaced east coaster, not-quite-fitting-in San Franciscan, writer, and mother. She has written award-winning plays as well as non-fiction, and published for nearly a decade at before taking a break to raise her daughter. She has worked in magazine publishing, as an executive editor for a web site for teen girls, and as a strategic e-commerce consultant with a focus on producing and managing content for the web.


This week, we had a fabulous fundraiser for our LTYM 2017 charitable cause, The Homeless Prenatal Program, at Patxi’s Pizza in Greenbrae. It allowed us to hang with new cast members, reconnect with cast from previous seasons, and celebrate the six years of motherhood storytelling in the Bay Area. And all for an important cause – 10% of proceeds from the entire day went HPP. Thank you to friends, fans and community for stopping by, and to Patxi’s for their generosity!

Tarja & Janine at Patxi's

Tarja & Janine at Patxi’s

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