Cast Spotlight: Laurin and Nina!

by Tarja on April 5, 2017

We are approaching one month from our grand finale show date of Saturday, May 13th! Janine and I are busy printing postcards, designing programs, and gearing up for our second rehearsal.

rehearsal photo

Did you miss our last post? Tickets are finally on sale! Woo-hoo! Please click HERE to go to our ticket sales link. We do expect to sell out again this year, so don’t wait. Need another reason to buy your tickets now? The price goes up one week before the show, so take advantage of early bird pricing.

Without further ado, let’s get going with our first Cast Spotlight post! Please meet Laurin Mayeno and Nina Vincent.



Laurin headshot-2 copy

Laurin Mayeno is a consultant, educator, and author of One of a Kind, Like Me/Único como yo. Her son Danny, who loved dressing up as a princess, helped her see the importance of supporting young people who aren’t limited by gender boxes. She has worked with agencies, schools, and community groups to create supportive environments for young people across the gender spectrum and their families.



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Nina Vincent‘s articles on trans-racial adoption have been published in  Adoption Today, Adoption Mosaic, Adoptive Families Magazine, and Adoption Voices Magazine. Nina is mother to step, and birth sons, and to her transgender, Mayan son born in Guatemala. Nina’s work in Oaxaca Mexico with street children, and in the USA in a group home setting also inform her writing and experience with adolescent children. Nina is currently working on a Middle Grade fiction series that follows several children searching for answers to their racial, and cultural identities.


Look for the second in our Cast Spotlight series next week!

Happy Spring,

Tarja and Janine

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