The Hivery Returns As A Sponsor (and Has A Special Offer For You!)

by Tarja on March 28, 2017

Janine and I are so excited to announce that The Hivery is returning as a 2017 sponsor of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER San Francisco!


Founded by Grace Kraaijvanger in early 2014, The Hivery is “an inspiration lab and coworking space” defined by human connection, specifically, the connection between women: “The Hivery is a unique place because first and foremost, we believe in the unstoppable power of women who support each other. More important than individual businesses, or personal journeys, The Hivery always seeks to foster the gift of inclusion, welcoming all who believe in support, kindness, and the creation of meaningful work.”

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For Grace, this definition of “work” is broad and tied to happiness and fulfillment. It can mean traditional or unconventional; corporate or entrepreneurial; it can mean big, crazy dreams or the small spark of an idea. Whatever your work is, whatever you want your work to be, whatever you are searching for, The Hivery is there for you.


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A Special Offer For You From Grace & The Hivery

Look at that! The Hivery just met you and it’s already there for you! Grace would like to offer our LTYM community in the Bay Area 15% off of her coveted and highly effective 2-week personal branding workshop, THE PRODUCT OF YOU! It starts this Thursday March 30th. In this two-part workshop series, you’ll explore the tools to establish a professional presence and personal brand identity and determine how your brand can convey your values, passion, strengths, and skills. You will learn how to define your personal brand and how that translates to social media, in-person, and more.

You will leave this workshop with a clear, well-crafted personal brand statement, practice on describing what you “do”, and a clear action map for how to communicate verbally, online, and offline.

This signature Hivery course has benefited over 100 women in our community! Don’t miss this opportunity to clarify and strengthen the Product of YOU!

Enter FB15 at checkout for this offer and sign up here:…/…/the-product-october

Women Supporting Women: LTYM and The Hivery

LTYM and The Hivery have such a beautiful shared history. The Hivery is home to multiple former cast members, including Grace herself in 2015, as well as former producer-director, Kim Thompson-Steele, and so many of our show sponsors. For the second year in a row, Grace offered us the use of The Hivery for our auditions and this year, we will also be holding all of our rehearsals here! We feel very spoiled indeed.

Tarja, Grace, Janine and Mary

Tarja, Grace, Janine and Mary

A huge thank you to The Hivery for sponsoring the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER San Francisco 2017 show and for helping to give motherhood a microphone on May 13th at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

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