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Meet the cast!

San Francisco Has A Cast!

by Tarja on March 13, 2017

After three days of auditions all over the Bay Area, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER San Francisco 2017 has a cast! We listened to people share a piece of themselves in San Francisco…

The San Francisco Public Library: Day 1

The San Francisco Public Library: Day 1

In Oakland, with space provided by our sponsor, DanSpace…

DanSpace Oakland: Day 2

DanSpace Oakland: Day 2

and wrapping it up at space provided by our sponsor, The Hivery, in Mill Valley…

With Grace, Founder of The Hivery: Day 3

With Grace, Founder of The Hivery: Day 3

I don’t know what it was about the 2017 auditions, but they were magical. My entire team felt it – can you tell in the photos? We loved every single second of the funny, the heart-breaking, the relatable. Mary, Janine and I were touched to the core by each story and the courage of our readers to stand before us and find their voice.

Of course, when the auditions ended, the true work began. With a showtime of only 90 minutes and 11 cast spots available, the only thing that got us through the selection process was caffeine, in every available form.


Our talented cast hails from all over the Bay Area and you will be blown away when you hear them on May 13th! Without further ado…

The cast of the 6th Annual San Francisco LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER 2017 show:









(members of the directorial team will be reading too)

Tickets to our 7:00pm performance on Saturday, May 13th at the JCC-SF will go on sale April 1st! Stay tuned for that announcement as well as cast bios. 

A big welcome to our new cast!

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