Where Will the #SanFrancisco Show Be? The Big Reveal!

by Tarja on February 15, 2017

Janine and I are so excited to reveal the venue of the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER San Francisco 2017 show!

For this grand finale season, we needed to grow. We needed a theater that could accommodate all of our alumnae from the past five years, our enthusiastic sponsors, and most importantly, our friends, family and communities. We searched high and low, for the first time looking outside the city of San Francisco itself. After looking at virtually every option, we have truly come full circle.

Back to the city, the center of the Bay Area.

Back to the very venue in which I, myself, performed as a Listen To Your Mother 2013 cast member.


Photo courtesy of Zemya Photography

Back to the spectacular Kanbar Hall at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco!

kanbarHall copy

This theater brings back such good memories and holds such a special place in LTYM San Francisco history. It’s easily accessible by public transportation, has good parking, and is such a strong supporter of the performing arts and education. The JCCSF is a true community space, aligning perfectly with what ┬áListen To Your Mother creates: an emotional community space.

Photo courtesy of Ian Tuttle, Porcupine Photography

Photo courtesy of Ian Tuttle, Porcupine Photography

In other news, Janine and I – along with Mary Hill, who is assisting us with submissions and auditions – are stunned by the power and beauty and hilarity of the essays we’ve read. More to come as we approach auditions and start selling tickets!

Remember to mark your calendars for May 13th at 7pm at the JCCSF!**


Tarja and Janine


**Please note: Listen To Your Mother San Francisco 2017 is not a program of the JCCSF. The JCCSF is not sponsoring or hosting this event. The views expressed are those of Listen To Your Mother San Francisco.

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