Listen To Your Mother From Your Couch*

by Kirsten on September 12, 2012

Last May, 13 Bay Area women and 1 man took the stage and shared a piece of themselves in front of an audience of 300. Each and every story is unique and now you can experience the show from the comfort of your couch.

Co-Producer and Director Kirsten Patel opens the show with by sharing the reason this show means so much to her.

Estelle Hayes reminds us that love truly is blind and we are all suckers for our kids.

Nichole Beaudry eloquently shares a pain so many women have felt.

Rhea St. Julien charms as she tell us of one her not so fine moments of parenthood.

Co-Producer and Director Kim Thompson-Steel reminds us that there is always tomorrow and even on our worst days, there is always ice cream.

Rhiana Maidenberg bravely highlights a side of motherhood we don’t hear much about.

You will fall in love with Margaret Elysia Garcia and her children just like we did.

Melissa Arca bares her soul and comes to peace with an issue so many mothers struggle with every day.

Sherri Kuhn shows us that even teenagers are babies in their mother’s eyes.

Joy Latimer skillfully took the audience inside her head and left us all feeling unglued.

Lorrie Goldin delighted us with her tale of her daughters first year away at college.

You will not only be enchanted by Esther Gulli‘s southern accent, but her story of honoring her mother now that she is a grown women.

Not many men are man enough to audition for a show called Listen To Your Mother. We were so fortunate to have Andre Salvage read at our show.

Finally, Robyn Roark is the perfect closer as she captivated the audience by sharing the secret to her success. 

Watch, listen and enjoy!!

*Title stolen borrowed from the lovely Joy Latimer.

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