Listen To Your Mother San Francisco – Watch the Videos!

by mariannelonsdale on July 14, 2015

For those of you who came and saw but need a little LTYM fix . . .

For those of you who hail from far away and want to hear your friend/daughter/son/sister/brother/mom/dad read . . .

For those who just loooooove to hear stories . . .

The videos from our May 2015 show are up!  Check out the playlist below.


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Thanks To All of You Who Filled The Seats! And Our Hearts!

Thanks so much for your support of Listen To Your Mother San Francisco! Cast and crew had a fabulous experience, and nearly lifted off the stage when you gave us a standing ovation. And in addition to all the fun, we are grateful to donate 10% of ticket sales to Elizabeth House. Elizabeth House ( is a transitional program for women with children who have experienced homelessness, violence, addiction, and/or poverty.



Here’s what Director Janine Kovac emailed to the cast the day after the show:

Every single one of you was FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!

I get the chills just thinking about it. Just a fraction of my favorite moments: Mary’s face just before we went on stage when the lights went down and the audience started clapping. Grace, so poised and teeing up the evening. People laughing their butts off during Vicki’s piece and all of us just sitting there, perfectly still because we knew what was going to happen next. The person who said “Woo!” when Thea recited “Tiny tiny turtles on a Tuttle-tuttle tree.” All the smatterings of audible “Ohhh!” during Tanya and KC’s and Julie’s pieces, like their hearts were breaking alongside yours.

I loved the way you all made time for the audience’s reactions. I could see it on your faces, Naomi, Mary, Doris (when I had moved enough chairs to side), grinning, pausing, milking each laugh. And I’m pretty sure several people wet their pants during Sheri’s piece. You could feel people on the edge of their seats during Regina’s piece and then you could feel them lulled back and reflective during Nicholas’.

I really felt like I was hearing the stories for the first time. And what a treat to be able sitting there next to all of you!

And this is what we heard from the cast:


What more can I say? I loved this experience and was deeply moved by each and every story you all shared. Would love to stay in touch with all you amazing people.   Naomi


Yes, what amazing night! A beautiful collection of inspiring stories. I feel so so lucky to have been part of this group. The energy and support from everyone was unbelievable, thank you.  Yes, lets all stay connected. Tanya


That was a bucket list type experience! I couldn’t have been more flattered to be among such a talented group of people. The energy both onstage and in the audience was INCREDIBLE! Frankly, I think we all gave our best performances and I was so proud of all of us!!!  Thank you to an amazing production team for making it all happen and for a magical experience. Grace


I don’t know what else to add–you’ve all already said it so well–except THANK YOU to everyone who made the thrill that was last night possible. I will always remember it, and I hope our paths will cross again!  Thea


An astonishing evening for everyone—all of us, but also for the entire audience. A standing ovation! And as we walked through the lobby afterward on the way out, so many people stopped me to say how extraordinary, unexpected, and wonderful EVERYONE was! I’m thrilled to be a part of this group. I’m already thinking of what I can submit next year. Let’s ALL do it again! Doris


I am still stunned by how last night went. I heard all your pieces anew; they were so brilliant.  To hear them uncorked and exposed to the air of a live theater, well, I still can’t absorb that magic.

Janine, your pre-stage speech to all of us during that quiet moment just made all the difference and brought us back to exactly why we were there.

To the LTYM team of women who worked so hard, for months, (and even harder on the final day) to make this feel like a grass-roots movement AND a polished machine all at the same time. Thank you for your kind interactions…I never once saw the LTYM team snap or snip with that last minute pressure that you must have felt on your shoulders.  You were professional and kind through every minute.

I can’t wait to see photos from our awesome photographer. My friends cannot stop talking about all of you. You made their awful commute end up at an event that surprised them and moved them.  They have thanked me for leading them to you. Sheri


Thank u all. Seriously, that was so fun and, dare I say, downright spiritual. Thanks to those who made it possible! Xoxoxo, Julie


I am so thrilled about how everything went last night. I couldn’t believe the readings. It was like everyone was on their game times 100. And what a great audience of people who loved us. Thank you so much to all of you for those stories. I was swept away. My friends and family discussed all the pieces all evening. They loved them.

And thank you so much Joanne, Mary, Marianne, Laurel, Janine, Teri, and Meghen for all you did to make it happen. So thankful for you all. Vicki 


That’s a wrap! We’ll let you know when the videos are up on YouTube.


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