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LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER San Francisco 2016 is proud to announce Handcrafted Mindfulness as a local sponsor! In the words of Founder Lanny Mihardja James,

“I’d like to share the experience of practicing mindfulness through handcrafting as a way to celebrate mothers, as well as an opportunity for mothers and daughters to do activities together. Handcrafting is something everyone all ages can do and brings people together.”

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Founded in 2014, Handcrafted Mindfulness is a beautiful, transformative business that helps people achieve a state of calm, relieve anxiety and live in the present, through the simple act of textile handcrafting, such as knitting, crocheting or embroidery.

Knitting, actually, is what saved Lanny. After the wrenching death of her father, immediately followed by her beloved pet, Lanny was forced to take stock of her life: to evaluate what was important, how to honor and follow her heart, how to be closer to the people she loved. On the 14-hour flight from Amsterdam back to Kuala Lumpur, “the hardest, saddest, and loneliest time I had ever experienced in my entire life,” Lanny knitted a pair of socks, found her sanity, and Handcrafted Mindfulness was born.

Cowl_slip copy


Through knitting, crocheting, or embroidery – alone or in groups – Lanny and Handcrafted Mindfulness will teach you how to calm your mind and slow your life through an intellectual and sensory experience of creating something tangible and unique with your own hands.

You can do it together with your children (handcrafting is a great way to train and build fine motor skills, cognitive skills, perceptual and visual thinking in young children), your parents and your friends. You can even start your own mindful handcrafting groups – or you’re welcome to join one of Lanny’s!

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Life moves at the speed of light today. Everything has an app, everyone has multiple social media profiles, and everywhere you go people are in a hurry. While things seem to be connected, energetic, and invigorating from the outside, do we feel the same in the inside? Unfortunately, no. Stress and depression are on the rise and many people feel empty and disconnected.

Lanny emphatically believes that it does not have to be this way. Nothing stands between you and what is good in life, because all true lasting goodness come from the inside, from within YOU. If we rely on the outside to make us feel good, then we end up with worry and fear. We can control our ‘inside’, our mind, and train our mind through meditation and mindful living.

Life is a string of problems and there’s no shortages of new ones – once you fix a problem, two new ones are already at its heel. But, problems present priceless opportunities for you to flourish and grow. Every problem you face is there for a reason, and the reason is you. Each of them brings an important lesson that will make you become a better person – kinder, stronger, smarter, and wiser. So, actually a problem is a good thing. And handcrafting allows you to sit down and quite literally untangle them with your hands.

LifeIsAString copy


As a special gift to you on this Mother’s day, Lanny would like to invite you to join her for a live 60-minute virtual event on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at 2:00 pm PDT and she will show you some simple but effective mindfulness techniques that you can do in just 10 minutes a day to tap in to your quiet strength within. Bring your craft project, invite your friends and family!

For more information and to register to this event with a special LTYM 2016 discount code, please visit


Thank you again to Handcrafted Mindfulness for their incredible support of Listen To Your Mother San Francisco! We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to connect with Lanny on May 11th.


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Local Sponsor Spotlight: MV Code Club

by Tarja on April 24, 2016

Listen To Your Mother San Francisco 2016 is thrilled to welcome MV CODE CLUB as a local sponsor! If coding is the new literacy, then it’s time to teach your kids to read! Bay Area parents, we urge you to check out MV Code Club, an amazing resource that teaches your kids to code – and so much more! – with three convenient Bay Area locations (Mill Valley, Greenbrae, and San Francisco). Right now, spaces are available for their ever-popular summer camp offerings (see below)! We are so grateful to Doug Tarr, the Founder of MV Code Club, for his support of local writers and mothers and the LTYM mission.

Logo_update_9-15-15 (2)

What is MV Code Club?

MV Code Club an organization that teaches kids from 1st grade through 8th grade coding, robotics, web development and game development – and all with only a 4:1 Student/Teacher Ratio. In October of 2013, Mill Valley parent, Doug Tarr, started teaching his son and his son’s friends to code. Those first sessions were around Doug’s dining room table, but after 8 weeks, when everyone wanted to keep learning – and 12 kids turned into 40, Doug found a dedicated location in downtown Mill Valley.

Coding and Community

What I love about MV Code Club is that it humanizes technology. Doug feels that kids who love technology, games and robotics shouldn’t have to prescribe to the stereotypical picture of working at home alone with headphones on: “We wanted to create a physical space for those kids.” This community stems from the belief that “coding is social and you can learn better with friends…they can collaborate and share together.”

boys-robotics-2 copy

Coding: Not Just For Boys

MV Code Club believes that girls needs to be part of the coding community too. Doug says, “It’s really important for girls to see coding and technology as part of their identity at a young age.” Offering girls-only sessions, MV Code Club hope that as these female coders grow up, “they will continue to pursue a passion for technology, and serve as role models for younger girls entering the tech field.”

Middle-School-Girls-Coding-2 copy


With three Bay Area locations in Mill Valley, Greebrae and San Francisco, MV Code Club offers amazing summer camp options for your 1st-8th grader! They teach coding, robotics, web development and game development, and your camper can also learn Mine Craft, Arduino, Javascript, HTML, Unity, Robotics and more! With a focus on the whole body, MV Code Club Summer Camps also include 90 minutes of daily outdoor play. How cool is that?

1a6c4738-9b7e-45cb-9fbe-eceea4e4c6ec copy


I had coffee the other week with Doug and the first thing that struck me during our conversation is that this guy loves his community and that he wants to support the parents in his community. He immediately understood what we are trying to achieve with our Listen To Your Mother San Francisco show – and the power of storytelling. Words, of course, are the original code.

Thank you again to our very special local sponsor, MV Code Club!

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Our Final Cast Spotlight – and Hey, We’ve Got An Emcee!

April 18, 2016

Next weekend, our cast will gather for our second – and final rehearsal. I can’t wait to see these women again and listen to their stories anew. Janine, Mary and I are busying ourselves with everything that goes into putting on the show, but at the rehearsal, I look forward to forgetting about the details and focusing on the big picture: these storytellers and their stories. EXCITING NEWS! We are thrilled to announce that Nancy Davis Kho, an alumna of the 2013 Listen To Your Mother show like myself, will be emceeing this year’s show! As our emcee, Nancy will bring her trademark humor, warmth and energy to the stage, guiding us as performers and you, as our audience, through an amazing and diverse journey of motherhood stories. Nancy is a writer whose work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, US Magazine, and anthologies including 2015’s Listen To Your Mother: What She […]

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Cast Spotlight: Meet Virginia and Minna

April 11, 2016

Can you believe it? The fifth annual Listen To Your Mother San Francisco show is less than a month away. We have one more cast rehearsal and then we take to the stage! And now, our Cast Spotlight Series continues. This week, please meet Virginia and Minna. VIRGINIA DUAN Virginia Duan is a Taiwanese American lifestyle blogger at She focuses on identity, social justice, religion, homeschooling, Chinese/English bilingual education, parenting, and raising multi-ethnic kids. She is known for her unflinching honesty, fury-tinged humor, and using ten words when one would do. MINNA DUBIN Minna Dubin is a writer, public artist, and teaching artist in the Bay Area. She writes essays, monologues, and lists about motherhood and identity, and she facilitates creative writing and performance workshops for teens and adults. Minna is currently hard at work on #MomLists, a literary guerrilla public art project about her early motherhood experiences. You can follow the […]

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Cast Spotlight: Meet Harriet and Nancy

April 4, 2016

Let’s continue introductions to our talented cast. This week, please meet Harriet Heydemann and Nancy Fawson. HARRIET HEYDEMANN Harriet Heydemann is working on a memoir about a mother and daughter, one struggling with a body that didn’t work, the other struggling with building a full life for a child whose life was limited. Harriet’s work has been published in A Cup of Comfort for Children with Special Needs, The Huffington Post, and The Big Roundtable. She attended Aspen Words Workshop and Squaw Valley Writers Workshop. You can read more of Harriet’s work at her blog, Tell Me This. She lives with her husband, Gary, and her incorrigible dog, Rico, near San Francisco, California.   NANCY FAWSON Nancy Fawson is a writer and former attorney living in Marin with her husband, son and daughter. Nancy is a contributor to the anthology, Shivering in a Paper Gown: Breast Cancer and its Aftermath.  Her writing has appeared […]

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