Listen to Your Mother San Antonio Call for 2017 Auditions

by jillr on January 9, 2017

On behalf of your 2017 Listen to Your Mother San Antonio production team, I am excited to announce auditions for our 2017 show!

Auditions. Are. Open.


Do you have a story of motherhood? The answer is yes, you do. You don’t have to be a mother to have a story about motherhood. If you’re a mom, then of course you have stories about motherhood. You have stories about how much you love being a mother or stories about your journey to motherhood. You also have stories about poop, sleep deprivation, and that day you convinced yourself you were the WORST MOM EVER because you lost your kid at Fiesta.

But we all have stories about our mothers or the women who raised us. Sad stories, happy stories, funny stories. Maybe you have stories about not wanting to be a mom or trying to be a mom.


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But, you have a story. We want to hear it. All you have to do is write it down and come and read it for us.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or speaker (although all levels of experience are welcome.) You don’t have to be a mother or even a woman. You don’t have to have a blog or a published book.

Who, me?

Yes, you. You have a story.

Here are the details:

Auditions are in-person, by appointment only.

Auditions will take place on Friday, February 17, Saturday, February 18 and Saturday February 25 at Perch Coworking at 5231 Broadway in Alamo Heights. To reserve an audition slot, email and indicate what day you would like to audition and you’ll receive a response with availability. Do not contact Perch directly about auditions.

If you don’t receive an audition confirmation within three business days, please reach out again. Once our audition slots are filled, they are filled.

Your story of motherhood should be around five minutes when read aloud. For most people, this is 2-3 pages dependent on content and speaking style.

Do not memorize your piece. If you’re selected to read in our show, you’ll read directly from a page on show day.

This story should be your personal story. If your story is published on a personal blog or elsewhere online or in print, that’s totally fine with us as long as you have the rights to the story. To get an idea of what stories have worked well in the past you can check out the videos of our 2016 Show or our entire LTYMShow YouTube channel. But remember…only you can tell your story.

Other stuff to know:

If selected, your piece may be subject to light editing for time or other reasons.

Our show is advertised as PG-13 due to some mature topics. Anything with strong language may be edited for a wider audience, although 4-letter words are not taboo.

Our show is on Saturday, May 13 at 5:00 p.m. Consider yourself booked from about 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on show day.

There will be two mandatory group rehearsals: March 4th from 1:00-4:00 and May 3rd from 12:00-3:00. We (and you) need to hear how your story fits with the other stories to tell a collective story of motherhood. If you’re wondering how your story fits with the story of 11 or 12 other people you’ve never met, it just does. It’s kind of magic.

Plan to attend a show. Listen to Your Mother can’t exist without a live audience to bear witness to our stories and give energy to our readers (many who have never done anything like this.) Plus attending a show with friends and loved ones can generate new connections. The stories shared from the stage aren’t the only stories shared on show day. There are the stories that are told in the lobby after the show, in the ladies room or during the car ride home. Participating in Listen to Your Mother in any form makes you feel good and builds community.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but keep watching this website for purchase information. Tickets to our show will cost about the same as a movie ticket. This is the perfect way to celebrate Motherhood on the eve of Mother’s Day.

We are also excited to announce our 2017 charity partner – Clarity Child Guidance Center. A portion of our ticket sales will be donated to Clarity and we’re excited to work with them.

We’re excited to hear your stories. Email Jill at to reserve your audition slot today or if you have any questions about this process.

Excited to be back with you in 2017, friends!

Your Listen to Your Mother: San Antonio Production Team

Jill, Celina and Patricia

Clarity Child Guidance Center exists to transform the lives of children and families. We are the only nonprofit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas. Our inpatient and outpatient programs include a range of services including crisis stabilization, psychiatric evaluations, and ongoing therapy. To learn more about Clarity Child Guidance Center or how to help a child in need go to

Listen to Your Mother will be held on May 13th at the Carver Community Cultural Center. This production is not a presentation of the Carver Community Cultural Center or the Carver Development Board. Tickets on sale soon.

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