Spotlight: Bobbi Gregory

by Nichole on May 9, 2014

There are some people who just radiate a sense of peacefulness and beauty. Today’s featured cast member, Bobbi Gregory, is one such person. When she walks into a room, she brings a sense of peace with her. We’re thinking she’s going to come in very handy on show day!

What was the best gift you ever received? Bobbi Gregory

My husband surprised me with a diamond double heart tag necklace from Tiffany’s after I gave birth to my second daughter. On each of the hearts are my two daughters’ initials. It was a perfect representation of the fact that they had my heart from the moment I knew they existed. More amazing than the gift, however, was the fact that my husband so thoughtfully chose this gift for me – reminding me of just how sentimental his heart is and how blessed I am to have him by my side on this journey. Besides, what girl doesn’t want the surprise of a little blue box after she’s just gone through labor and delivery?

What was the best compliment you ever received?

A boss of mine once told me that he admired my “quiet confidence.” It’s a phrase I’ll never forget because it gave me permission to be the observer that I am. I think I realized in that moment, that I didn’t have to be the life of the party or the loudest in the group to exude strength or self-assurance. I can just be me – and let my quiet light shine all around me.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?

Some Nights by F.U.N.

How are your children like you?

They’re stubborn, yet independent. Bold and also kind. They are silly and sometimes bashful and always love with their whole heart. They are emotional and curious and ask a lot of questions. They love simple and honest and crave attention from those they love most. They are connected and deep and creative and LOUD. But mostly, they are unapologetically, “what-you-see-is-what-you-get.”

What would you most like to be known for?

Giving people hope…helping them step into their own significance and goodness by holding space for them to give voice and life to their dreams.

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