Waves of joy

by Nichole on July 9, 2014

Listen to your Mother Sacramento cast

One of the most wonderful parts of being in the cast of Listen to your Mother is the way the joy washes over you in waves.

There’s elation over being cast in the show, validation when you read your words on the stage, gratitude for the true connections you make with your cast mates that last long after the curtain closes and then there’s the awe you feel when the videos are released and you see what you and so many other men and women across the country gifted to others with your words.

Today, our cast will experience that joy. They stood and read to their local audience. They had their “me too moments” when members of the audience thanked them for speaking the words that they couldn’t.

They felt strong and proud and accomplished when they went to bed after the show.

But now, the size of their audience explodes and their words will travel across the country and the world.

They will finally be able to share their courage with friends and family who couldn’t make it to the show.

And they will be forever changed.

You can find the Listen to your Mother, Sacramento 2014 videos here and once you’ve spent some time savoring the words of our cast, please check out the amazing videos from the other cities. You’ll be richer for having experienced it!

*Photo courtesy of Madeloni Photography.


We Did It! – First Impressions

by Margaret on May 14, 2014

Two shows, two amazing audiences – thank you, Sacramento!

ltymsac 2014 collage

Yes, that’s a standing ovation up there – woo hoo!

Fourteen stories were read on stage at the Guild Theater on Saturday – once at 2pm and a repeat performance at 6pm. Some stories were funny, others required tissue. There were stories from mothers, daughters…even a son! So many different types of stories, but all honored motherhood in some form or another.

Here are some of the things people have said about the show so far:

From an audience member…

That evening inspired me, comforted me, sparked laughter and tears and allowed me to connect with you in a different way… Thank you for opening your heart to all of us in this way.

From a local blogger…

I enjoyed it much more than anticipated and I was pretty excited! I never went from crying to laughing back and forth so quickly! It was very touching and inspiring.

From a cast member…

It was an experience that I will carry with me like a badge of honor.


THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned, to our fourteen readers, and to our alumni in the audience. Special thanks to Amber McCamey and LTYM alum Bridgette White for their time in helping our show be a success. Thank you to LTYM alum Sherri Kuhn for being our “stage mom”. Thank you to the wonderful folks at The Guild Theater for providing such a beautiful venue!

And huge HUGE thanks to national sponsors Chevrolet and BlogHer for enabling LTYM to give Motherhood A Microphone for another season, and to our amazing local sponsors who make the Sacramento show possible: UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Thinkhouse Collective and Madeloni Photography.

Thank you, Sacramento, for celebrating Mother’s Day with LTYM once again! It’s an honor and a privilege to see our community come together to celebrate all these wonderful ME TOO moments of mothering, not mothering, our moms, and ourselves. And it’s because of you that we were able to raise money for our cause, WEAVE, Inc.

We’ll be back soon with more photos and fun. And don’t worry if you missed the show, because video from all 32 shows will be released on our LTYMShow YouTube channel this summer!!

And now, may we leave you with our “first impressions” video of the day that shows a brief glimpse of what’s to come:


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