Without Whom It Would Not Shine: Ultra-Megaphone Sponsor Sharon Stiller, Esq.

by monicagebell on May 13, 2017

This is Sharon Stiller’s third year with Listen To Your Mother: she has been our singularly stalwart support as we have navigated producing this show–and we couldn’t ask for a more committed individual. Sharon is a known supporter of women and the arts (specifically, women in the arts) in Rochester, and has been for her entire professional life.
This weekend is special for several reasons: not only will Sharon’s vital part in Rochester’s Listen To Your Mother come to fruition tonight, but she will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her own mother, who is still vivacious at 92 years young, and witness her beautiful daughter, Sierra, receive her Masters of Education degree. Thus, it is a weekend of family and celebration! Congratulations to Sharon and her family–and thank you!

We asked Sierra to speak about her amazing mom for us. Here’s what she said:

What words best describe your mom?
Advocate, driven, activism, supportive, superwoman. 
Tell us about your favorite memory with your mom.
My favorite memory of my mom and me would have to be take your daughter to work day. It was a proud moment for me being able to learn what she does at work and just how hard she works everyday.
What qualities do you find to be her best, among the many she has?
My mom’s best attributes would have to be her willingness to help others, and her go-getter attitude!
Tell us about how your view of your mom has changed over time.
My view of my mom as a child was that she was a busy and hardworking woman who spent time with me when she could but wasn’t always present. My views have changed as an adult. We have grown closer and spend more quality time together amidst our busy lives.
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your mother?
The most important lesson I have learned from my mom is perseverance. She has never once told me I can not do something or to give up on my dreams. As she always says, “Sierra if you want it bad enough you have to work hard. For you, sometimes you have to work even harder than others and that’s okay”.
Finally, what’s your Mother’s Day wish for Sharon?
My wish for my mom this Mother’s Day is to be proud of my accomplishments as I cross the stage as an MSEd candidate.
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