The Remedy: LISTENING. Our videos are now LIVE!

by monicagebell on July 18, 2016

There is no greater gift of the interwebs than bringing people together through the power to communicate: to listen and truly hear one another. We at Listen To Your Mother believe that through shared stories of Motherhood, we are all able to better understand each others’ cultures and realize how universal our struggles and joys can be. And so, we are happy to now be able to share our magnificently successful 2016 show videos with you. 

We have had some time now to reflect on the power of our 2015 and 2016 productions in Rochester: people are still talking to us about how valuable, meaningful, and cathartic the stories they have heard are. We’re still meeting people–total strangers, friends of readers–who tell us they were there, cried and laughed with us, and feel that our show is becoming a part of their annual Mother’s Day weekend. (Personally, I love when people ask me when auditions will be!)

Thank you, Rochester, for helping our local businesses thrive, for lending your ears, for helping our city’s women, children, and families.

You can hear our 2016 cast’s stories here, as well as those from 2015. If you’re inspired to keep listening, or hope to hear more stories that resonate with you, please visit our national YouTube site here:




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