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Meet the cast

Meet Sarah Cade!

March 1, 2017

Sarah walked into auditions and looked every bit the proper high school teacher (even on a chilly Saturday) until you noticed her tights: bright mustard-yellow.  While she says the pop of color makes her more relatable to her students and keeps them on their toes, those tights were a clue to us that she was full of surprises. Meet Sarah! Sarah lives in Durham, NC with her “amazing husband, Nick, and incredible baby boy Harvey”.  Having come to the area for college, she has called the Triangle home for several years. Sarah works as a social studies teacher at Leesville Road High School, but when not in the classroom, she has an extensive list of hobbies: Coaching soccer, playing guitar, reading, writing, hiking, drinking craft beer, traveling to new places, and listening to podcasts/music! We have a 2016 cast member to thank for Sarah’s participation in the show: My friend, Caroline Maclaga was […]

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Meet Sheila Arias!

February 27, 2017

Sheila may be one of our youngest cast members, but after we heard her piece, it was clear that she had experienced a lot in her young life, and these experiences had shaped her into the woman she is now.  Sheila is a fierce advocate for her family and her desire to create a better world for them, and her passion and conviction rang out with every word.  Meet Sheila! Sheila Arias lives in Durham with her two children and has called the Triangle home for more than 10 years. She notes that she is raising her two children with the “great guidance” of her parents. Sheila’s advocacy work is not something she does only in her spare time. She works as a campaign associate for Moms Rising’s North Carolina campagin and is also the owner of Jas Cleaning Services. Named after her daughter, Jas (Just Another Smile) Cleaning Services provides jobs to […]

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Meet the 2017 Cast!

February 14, 2017

Auditions are a wrap. KeAnne and I heard over 40 amazing stories and met over 40 amazing women. Each woman we met was someone I wanted to pour a cup of coffee for and invite her to stay and talk. That’s the joy of Listen to Your Mother for me – meeting so many people with whom I genuinely feel an instant connection. Among those auditions were these women. Their stories are the ones that will create our 5th and final Listen to Your Mother show in Raleigh-Durham. We are beyond excited to introduce them to you now. Anne Anthony is a mom to two grown daughters, a full-time writer and part-time photographer living in Chapel Hill. Her work can be found on her website. Sheila Arias is from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Inspired by her daughter, Jaslene (age 8), she is an advocate for parents with special needs. She also has a five […]

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Audition Tips

February 2, 2017

It’s audition eve for Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham, and Marty and I are eagerly anticipating the stories we are going to hear Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We understand that auditioning – even for an audience of two – can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned performer, so we have collected a few tips from last year’s cast. I timed it! I read through it a few times to make sure it sounded good and that I felt comfortable reading it. I also printed out a copy. – Liz Hollar Read thru it multiple times. Find the rhythm of the piece. Sometimes you find that while a piece reads beautifully it doesn’t translate into a performance. Don’t be afraid to kill your darlings to have a tighter performance. – Kati Gardner I read it out loud in front of the bathroom mirror, alone. I timed myself. For some reason, I didn’t want […]

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Audition Time!

January 9, 2017

Everything you need to know to audition for the 2017 Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham! Marty and I are excited to announce auditions for the 5th and final Listen to Your Mother:Raleigh-Durham show!  We know this grand finale show will be as amazing as the prior four have been, but we need YOU to help make it so! Auditions will be held February 4, 5 and 6, 2017.  You can sign up for a spot here. You will be doing a reading, so come prepared with one piece chosen ahead of time and bring two printed copies for us.  While we aren’t looking for perfect delivery, it will help (your nerves if nothing else!) if you practice reading it aloud ahead of time.  More tips: Stories should be no more than 5 minutes long (please time yourself before auditioning) We are looking for stories about mothers and/or motherhood: the highs, the lows, the hysterical, […]

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