Just a Little Love Letter

by KeAnne on May 5, 2017

This post is going to say that KeAnne wrote it because I don’t even know my login for our website here. She does all of that. She writes the posts, gets them web ready, adds the photos, goes after all the press and media – all of the things that people just see happening? Don’t happen magically. They happen because of KeAnne. By the way, it’s actually me, Marty, writing here.


Five years ago, I put on this show with a woman I barely knew. We had come together, both determined that Raleigh was in need of a show like Listen to Your Mother. It’s probably true that we became partners because neither of us backed down when the other said, “I want to do this.” We are both capable and determined women. We would have jumped in alone. Instead, we said, “What the hell,” and jumped in together.

Five years later, I am putting on this show with one of my best friends. A woman I could call in the middle of the night and know that she would probably ignore me but get back to me as soon as she got to work the next day. Kidding. She would totally be that friend who would show up at 2:00 AM if I needed her. The hold your hair back and wait to mock you until later friend. The best kind. And she always brings the water bottles. Which means she’s the better person in this partnership. Because let’s be serious, who wants to carry those cases of water anywhere? Not me. But KeAnne does it every single time.

Of course we didn’t do this alone. We did this with dozens of women across the entire state of North Carolina. We did this with their family members both here and gone.

With Eliza, Hudson, Gregory, and Emma.

With our mothers.

With our children.

With Mamaw Bonnie who got her last perm and then left this world on Tuesday this week. I never see a gumball without thinking of you.

This Mother’s Day, with our very last Listen to Your Mother show behind us, I will┬ácelebrate every last one of you who told me your story – whether it made it onto the stage or not. It has been the greatest honor to hear every word.

And I will celebrate KeAnne who has put up with my quirks, my inability to accurately read a calendar and record dates, my need for approval, my sometimes constant bitching, and my SHOWDAYFACE which is apparently incredibly serious and kind of scary. She gets me, and I’m grateful.

So thank you, KeAnne, and thank all of you for this amazing ride. It’s not over yet, we are just changing stations.

Ann Conlon-Smith May 5, 2017 at 7:37 am

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

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