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by KeAnne on April 28, 2017

My boys ask for two things after a fall – a bandaid and to go see Dr. Davis. They know how much better they feel after a visit to Davis Family Chiropractic.

People talk a lot about wellness these days. For Davis Family Chiropractic though, wellness isn’t a new trend. Alisha Davis has followed in her father’s footsteps of providing amazing care to the whole family. From pregnant mamas, to newborn babies, to little boys who tumble off their scooters on a regular basis, Dr. Davis works to keep bodies in alignment and at the peak of their health.

I met Dr. Davis when I was a pregnant mama. She helped prepare me for a natural birth. Then she helped my newborn be in alignment for breastfeeding success. Then, when I thought she couldn’t endear herself to me more? She explained the mechanics of ear infections, started adjusting my two year old who was on the brink of getting tubes, and he never got another ear infection ever again. It’s not magic. It’s Dr. Davis.
When you arrive, Susan will greet you. Your children are welcome to be children, and there is a large play area to the right. You check in on the iPad, and once you head to the exam room, there are toys and books to help your children feel comfortable and at home. Davis Family Chiropractic makes keeping your family healthy and easy and pleasant experience.DavisCrew

Don’t take my word for it though. Hop on over to Dr. Davis’s website and check out the video that former LTYM:RDU sponsor Jess Rotenberg did for her this past year. And then? Make your own appointment. I promise you will be happy you did.

Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham is proud to have Davis Family Chiropractic as a fifth-year Podium Sponsor for the show.

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