Meet Erica Kosal!

by KeAnne on March 13, 2017

We love it when prior auditioners return, and that most definitely includes Erica. We are honored she returned to audition and thrilled with the piece she shared with us. It is witty, wise, introspective and sweet. Meet Erica!

Erica Kosal

Erica has lived in Raleigh for two decades. She came for graduate school and stayed for work. She describes her family:

I have been a widow for about 2.5 years after being married for 15 years. I have a 10 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. We are planning on adding a dog to the family in the next several months.

Erica is a biologist and currently teaches at North Carolina Wesleyan College but has many hobbies:

Travelling/exploring, hiking, good wine, hanging out with friends and my kids on a warm sunny afternoon and laughing (comedies are a plus in my mind!)

We are thankful for word of mouth for connecting us with Erica: “my neighbor and friend who saw a show told me I needed to find out more about you guys.”

While her favorite writers include Malcolm Gladwell, Pema Chodron, Mitch Albom, Stephen Jay Gould, Erica herself has written a few books of her own: Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight against a Modern Medical Goliath and When Miracles Aren’t Enough: The Lessons Tragedy Taught Me.

Erica also blogs at “Traveling Troubled Timesand has a website Bounce to Resilience.

Erica has a lot of experience with the media:

I give a lot of interviews on resilience (I am considered a resilience expert) and on Lyme disease. I have been interviewed on Fox News (that would be my biggest one) and I have also given a TED talk at TEDxLizardCreek, NC

Erica is also an advocate for chronic lyme due to her late husband.


Erica and her story are sweet and funny.  Buy tickets now to hear her on May 5, 2017.


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