Meet Sheila Arias!

by KeAnne on February 27, 2017

Sheila may be one of our youngest cast members, but after we heard her piece, it was clear that she had experienced a lot in her young life, and these experiences had shaped her into the woman she is now.  Sheila is a fierce advocate for her family and her desire to create a better world for them, and her passion and conviction rang out with every word.  Meet Sheila!

Sheila Arias

Sheila Arias lives in Durham with her two children and has called the Triangle home for more than 10 years. She notes that she is raising her two children with the “great guidance” of her parents.

Sheila’s advocacy work is not something she does only in her spare time. She works as a campaign associate for Moms Rising’s North Carolina campagin and is also the owner of Jas Cleaning Services. Named after her daughter, Jas (Just Another Smile) Cleaning Services provides jobs to other mothers in need. In addition, Sheila works as a translator and parent leader educator for the NC Department of Health and Human Services Best Practices Unit, Children and Youth Branch – Division of Public Health.

Sheila lists her hobbies as the following:

Dancing, couponing, the gym, empowering people to use their voices, hiking, beach time and playing and creating memories with my kids!

We have Sheila’s circle of friends to thank for her participation in Listen to Your Mother.  Her NC MomsRising director and another friend were cast members of prior shows.

Sheila’s favorite writers include Jaime Bayly and Dr. Caroline Leaf, and she has an impressive list of legislative speaking credits, including Congress (yes, the U.S. Congress!), a press conference on the national mall and a Smart Start conference.

Sheila is extremely proud of her culture and family:

My parents and I were born in Mexico. My family culture and morals are what defines us. We are very unique in our traditions and beliefs. I was raised believing in the Three Kings and not Santa as many kids do. Growing up my sister and I were not raised to have a voice, but I am changing that for my kids.

She is frank about the sacrifices her parents made:

My parents left behind their lives, dreams and family years ago for us to come to this country for a better life and education.

Sheila wants us to know this about her:

I’m just a Mexican immigrant with no college degree yet who has accomplished so much because I have been blessed to have been given an amazing opportunity and to have people see me for who I am not for my race or background!


I can assure you that there is nothing “just” about Sheila. We are honored to have her and her amazing story as part of the 2017 show, and we know you will be as blown away by it as we were.  Buy tickets now to hear Sheila’s inspiring piece on May 5, 2017.

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