Audition Tips

by KeAnne on February 2, 2017

It’s audition eve for Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham, and Marty and I are eagerly anticipating the stories we are going to hear Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  We understand that auditioning – even for an audience of two – can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned performer, so we have collected a few tips from last year’s cast.

I timed it! I read through it a few times to make sure it sounded good and that I felt comfortable reading it. I also printed out a copy. – Liz Hollar

Read thru it multiple times. Find the rhythm of the piece. Sometimes you find that while a piece reads beautifully it doesn’t translate into a performance. Don’t be afraid to kill your darlings to have a tighter performance. – Kati Gardner

I read it out loud in front of the bathroom mirror, alone. I timed myself. For some reason, I didn’t want to practice with any friends or family. – Beth O’Connell

Be you! Be genuine. Read it as if you are reading it to an audience of yourself. – NaShonda Cooke

Timing myself and definitely “finding my rhythm” were key. Although I was a nervous wreck at the audition, I tried to remember that I was reading to other women- moms who actually “got” what I was talking about. – Tandra Wilkerson

I read it out loud as I was writing it to figure out how much longer it needed to be. I also think reading it to a friend helped point out parts that made sense in my head but not on paper. – Caroline Maclaga

Focus on how you want the people who hear your story to feel. Because, ultimately, it is not about you. So just take a breath. It is going to be OK.- Katie Gailes

Bring a bottle of water into the audition room and use if you need it. Marty & KeAnne won’t kill you.- Martie Sirois

Great advice.  And Martie is right: Marty and I most definitely will not kill you! We can’t wait to hear your stories. But be warned:  you’re very likely to receive a hug.


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