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by KeAnne on February 12, 2016

We held auditions last weekend. Marty and I had the privilege of hearing almost 50 auditioners share their stories with us. This year we decided to forego having submissions first, instead going straight to auditions because we wanted to emphasize the story aspect. It worked well. It was fun not having any idea what was coming when the auditioner began – would we be laughing or crying? I think it helped us focus on the story being told.

But, auditions are hard, too, because we know that we can cast only a fraction of the wonderful stories we heard. We tell everyone the process and that it is like creating a playlist and hope, hope, hope they believe us.

We have sent our “yes” and “no” emails. We are excited about the cast we have built and sad about those we had to decline. This part of the process is always the most difficult part. To all of the storytellers we heard last week, Marty and I truly say thank you. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your stories with us.

Preparing for the first night of auditions

Preparing for the first night of auditions

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Our 2016 Cause: Women’s Center of Wake County

by KeAnne on February 4, 2016

Women's Center of Wake County logo

Storytelling reveals pieces of us that were hidden. Maybe it’s a feeling you had when you brought your baby home for the first time. Maybe it is the emptiness of packing your mother’s room and leaving the nursing home for the last time. Maybe it’s just an event, small or large, that you are sharing.

So many times, I’ve told people that what matters to me about Listen to Your Mother is the community it connects. The “me too” moments that happen with people with whom you never knew you could share a bond.

KeAnne and I are beyond excited to introduce our charity partner for 2016. Women’s Center of Wake County is tucked quietly behind Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, just off Hillsborough Street. They provide basic needs like food, clothing, personal hygiene needs. They provide a place for women to be safe and store their belongings when they don’t have a home. They have services to help women get into a home. They have services to help women get the treatment they need, be it basic treatment, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment.

Basic needs. The Women’s Center of Wake County provides basic needs, gift wrapped in individual case by case care, and packaged with gracious amounts of dignity.

What is it that you need that you don’t talk about? What lies beneath what people see every day? Is it too cliché to say that we all have needs?

I don’t think it is. Imagine this. Imagine the biggest hurdle you have to get past that day being finding a pad or a tampon. Can you leave the shelter and get to that class or that AA meeting or that job interview if you don’t have that pad when you need it? Let’s get real. All the services in the world won’t matter if a woman doesn’t have a bra, some clean panties, and a pad when she needs one. Things we take for granted every day.

We look forward to introducing you to the many things that Women’s Center of Wake County provides for its clients. And we thank them for partnering with us this year for the Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham show. You are going to be amazed at the work they are doing.

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Time for Auditions!!!!

January 11, 2016

Big news!  First of all, we have a show date AND new location: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at Jones Auditorium at Meredith College. I’m very excited on a personal level because Meredith College is my alma mater, and I have great memories of time spent on stage at Jones as an undergraduate.  It will be a great venue for the 2016 show of Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham. I also like spreading the LTYM love around to different venues. But before we can have a show, we must have a cast!  It is audition time!!!!  Marty and I decided to move straight to auditions this year (told you we were doing things a little differently this year!), so the links below contain times for you to sign up for auditions. The particulars stay the same about what we are looking for: Stories should be no more than 5 minutes long (please time yourself […]

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Listen to Your Mother is Back in Raleigh-Durham in 2016!

November 16, 2015

Marty and I have had three wonderful years producing the Raleigh-Durham show and are excited for our 4th season to get underway! This year, Raleigh-Durham is one of 41 shows in the United States AND Canada. Start prepping your stories now – we know you have them!  Audition information will be coming soon as will information on the venue and date. Stay tuned by connecting online. This way you won’t miss a single update about auditions, ticket sales, causes and alumni news. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. In the meantime, please enjoy 1500 videos from past seasons on our LTYMShow YouTube channel. Let’s do this! by

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July 20, 2015

The 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show Videos Are Live! Just a couple months ago Listen To Your Mother gave motherhood a microphone in 39 cities… over 450 stories shared in 2015.  Watch LTYM: Raleigh-Durham 2015 below! WATCH AND LISTEN to LTYM 2015 on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel or click on a playlist below: Albuquerque • Anderson • Atlanta • Austin • Baltimore • Bangor • Baton Rouge • Boston • Boulder • Charleston • Chicago • DC • Evansville • Indianapolis • Lehigh Valley • Little Rock • Madison • Metro Detroit • Milwaukee • Nashville • North Jersey •Northern Utah • NW Indiana • Oklahoma City • Orange County • Pittsburgh• Plumas County • Portland • Providence • Raleigh-Durham • Rochester • San Francisco • Seattle •Southeast Texas • Southwest Michigan • Spokane • St. Louis • Twin Cities SO MANY THANKS go out to all our many, many amazing Local Sponsors and to our National Sponsors Luvs, and SheKnows Media #BlogHer15!! by

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