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Meet Jen Foster!

by KeAnne on March 31, 2015

Jen is a new friend, but I discovered that we have lots of people in common thanks to her revelation that I went to high school with her husband. Maybe that should make me nervous, but Jen is so sweet and supportive that I know she won’t hold it against me. Hopefully.

Jen Foster

Jen Foster is rare in that she is not only a lifetime resident of North Carolina but also of Raleigh!  In fact, she now lives in the house she grew up in. She loves watching her kids climb the same trees she climbed as a young girl.  Jen has 3 Kids: Jay (7), Luke (5), and Meg (1) and 1 husband, Derek. She met Derek at NC State when housing mysteriously assigned one suite of boys to a formerly all-girls floor in Sullivan Hall. It was fate.

Jen is currently a stay at home mom but does not really like that title. She left her dream job in higher education to spend a season at home with her little ones while they are still little.

When not wrangling her three young children, Jen’s hobbies include photography, creating handmade cards, watching Wolfpack sports, and writing.  She hoards both craft supplies and crafty ideas on Pinterest, occasionally even putting the two together to actually make stuff!

We have Jen’s involvement in Listen to Your Mother thanks to not one but two prior cast members: “Two high school friends were prior cast members – Erin Lane and Sarah Schroeder.”

Jen has a lengthy list of favorite writers: Beth Woolsey, Anne Lamott, Glennon Doyle Melton, Brene Brown, Kristin Howerton, Rachel Held Evans, and Dave Barry

Jen says that while she has no formal speaking credits, she is “totally comfortable in front of a crowd.”  She has this to say about her participation in Listen to Your Mother:

I’m in LTYM! It’s a dream come true.


I can totally vouch for Jen’s comfort in front of an audience, at least an audience of 13 so far! Her story will move you, so buy your tickets NOW for May 7 or May 8.

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Meet Mary Davila!

by KeAnne on March 23, 2015

Mary is petite and quiet, but when she reads her story, so much intensity and feeling pour out that it hits you like a punch. Meet Mary!

Mary Davila and Family

Mary Davila is a relative newcomer to Raleigh, having lived in the area for less than 5 years, but she is actually a North Carolina native who grew up in Lexington. She confides that it was love that brought her back to the state in the sense that she was homesick for North Carolina, and she convinced her husband, a Virginian, that the Triangle is awesome and they would love it here. She notes that she was right on both counts!

In addition to her husband, her family includes two daughters, a horse named Marvin, and a dog:

I am married to Chris, a sweet second grade teacher. We have two spunky daughters, Arri (5) and Etta (2), and an older dog who retreated under the bed upon the arrival of our first child, and even farther under the bed when our second came along!

While Mary currently stays home with the couple’s two daughters, she is an Episcopal priest and worked at Christ Church, Raleigh until they brought their second daughter home in October 2014. She is still involved at Christ Church and preaches and teaches there on occasion.

Mary’s hobbies include reading, running, hiking, showing Morgan horses, UNC basketball, and traveling. Her favorite writers are CS Lewis, Ian McEwan, Jhumpa Lahiri, Madeline L’Engle, Brene Brown, and Anne Lamott.

Mary and a fellow priest friend, Sarah Gaventa, are in the process of having a children’s book published. The book is about dying, death, and heaven;  hopefully it will be on shelves in 2016!

Mary is another cast member who has moved from the audience to the stage. She attended the first Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham show on a whim after seeing a flyer and “loved, loved it!”

Mary’s profession provides many opportunities for speaking and writing:

I write and speak frequently in the form of sermons. I love to preach, and I love to hear good preaching. There is a reason why Jesus told stories about ordinary life when trying to make a point; stories have a transformative power to challenge, encourage, and comfort us. There is something sacred about storytelling, and I am grateful to share one story from my life as part of Listen to your Mother, and even more grateful for the stories shared by my fellow cast members!


Mary hit the nail on the head when she said there is something sacred about storytelling. Sacred is the right word to describe her story and the moment it captures. Buy your tickets now to hear her piece!

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Meet Kerri Hall!

March 22, 2015

Kerri may hate me for saying this, but the first time I met her and heard her read, my first impression and one that remains was how strongly she reminds me of Ally Sheedy, the actress possibly most notable for her role in The Breakfast Club. I consider that to be a compliment because Sheedy is smart, funny and sly, and I hope Kerri does as well! Meet Kerri! Kerri Hall has called Raleigh home for more than 10 years. While love brought her to the area, Kerri is now a single mom of a second grade daughter. Kerri works as a Youth Services Librarian at a branch of a local public library system. When she isn’t instilling a love of reading into her young patrons, she loves digging in the dirt to create an attractive edible garden landscape, reading picture books with her daughter, eavesdropping on second graders’ conversations, and volunteering with […]

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Meet Allison Barrett Carter!

March 20, 2015

In getting to know Allison through her piece, the read-throughs, and her bio, it is clear that she is a passionate woman who feels and loves deeply. Meet Allison! Allison Barrett Carter moved for love to NC and lives in Chapel Hill with her husband and two young sons. She describes her family: We are simply an undramatic family, and I am thankful for that. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and are still very much in love. We have 2 little boys, ages 5 and 3, who inspire me every day to be better and live life in a way I can be proud of. While Allison is technically a stay-at-home-mom, she is also a freelance writer, co-founder of the NC Blogger Network, and a blog consultant. Impressively, Allison is a former professional ballerina (the inspiration behind the name of her personal blog Go Dansker Mom)but now channels […]

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The Magic of the Second Read-Through

March 17, 2015

We had our second read-through last Sunday. Each read-through has its own vibe, and this one’s vibe was relaxed.  The cast has met already and heard each others’ pieces.  The nerves and shyness have departed, and the cast can sit back, chat, laugh and enjoy the read-through, knowing what to expect. The “forming” that had started at the end of the first read-through is in full effect. This cast is gelling. Each read-through has its own magic too.  The awe and raw emotion we felt as we heard each story at the first read-through was replaced with delight and wonder. I heard comments such as: “I’ve been thinking about each story since our first read-through.” “Just when I think I’ve decided which story is my favorite, I change my mind. It’s that one and then the next one and then the next one!” “Isn’t it funny what you notice when you hear the […]

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