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Meet Beth Messersmith!

by KeAnne on April 20, 2015

Beth is open, engaging and appears to have never met a stranger. Her story is incredibly powerful and makes me want to cry, do a cheer and do cartwheels (no one wants that) every time I hear it. She is a powerful woman. Meet Beth!

Beth Messersmith

Beth Messersmith came to Durham over 10 years ago thanks to love and now makes her home there:

I’m lucky to be married to my best friend and be the mama of two incredible kids-a son and a daughter.

Beth works as the NC Campaign Director for When she isn’t working, her hobbies include living room dance parties, activism, and hanging out with her family.

We have members of the prior Listen to Your Mother casts to thank for Beth’s participation:

Two friends-Ronnie Bower and Stephanie Lormand – who guaranteed it was a life changing experience.

Beth describes her reading tastes as eclectic:

I like civil rights histories, biographies of activists and leaders, and mindless fiction. The book that made the biggest impression on me was Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.

Beth reveals that one of her proudest moments was winning the Defenders of Justice award last year from the NC Justice Center along with her “fellow mama warriors from NC MomsRising.”

As a self-described “non-athlete”, Beth never dreamed in a million years that she would spend most of her spare time at the baseball field. But as a mama to two ballplayers (and partner to a softball player), she now fully embraces the role of baseball mom and is grateful for their extended “baseball family”.


Beth’s piece hits every note but ends with you out of your seat applauding. For real. Buy your tickets now.

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Meet Erin Stewart Lindquist!

by KeAnne on April 17, 2015

Erin is brave. She probably hates being called that but I am in awe of her and her story. She is intelligent and accomplished (and professes at my alma mater Meredith!), but also so down-to-earth and nice. Meet Erin!

Erin Stewart Lindquist

Erin Stewart Lindquist came to Raleigh several years ago for work. She is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Environmental Sustainability at Meredith College. She lives in the area with her husband and children:

My husband, Marcelo, and I met in graduate school fourteen years ago. He is from Costa Rica and we try to get down there as often as our calendar allows. Our daughter, Amaya Grey, is five and her middle name comes from a glacier in Chile where she was conceived. Amaya likes to move her body all day long – dancing, swinging, running, and any other movement she can invent along the way. Our son, Jaxson Antonio, is two. He likes to bake bread, and play with his lawn mower and leaf blower. Our cat Ella Bella keeps our beds warm at home.

Erin has a long and interesting list of hobbies:

Tropical and urban forest ecology research; environmental sustainability education; playing, biking, hiking outdoors with my two children and husband; Zumba and latin dancing; re-learning how to play my cello to accompany my daughter in her violin lessons; and all things meditative (yoga, Tai Chi, massage, healing touch, and mindfulness meditation).

Erin heard about Listen to Your Mother through several friends:

Stephanie Lormand was in the LTYM 2014 cast and I went to see the 2014 show. At the time I thought I would never have the guts to write and share my personal story. But here I am. I was also encouraged to submit an essay from my college roommate at Cornell who is now a creative writing professor at NYU, and a Durham friend who knew Ann Imig in high school in Madison, WI.

Erin’s favorite writers include Maya Angelou, David Sedaris, Barbara Kingsolver, Khaled Hosseini, Aldo Leopold, Wangari Maathai, Jane Goodall, Nicholas Kristof, “really anyone who either writes a good story, makes me laugh, or documents a sustainability issue with passion and intelligence,” she comments.

Not surprisingly for a professor, Erin has many publications to her credit, including scientific articles in various journals including Nature, Biological Reviews, Oecologia, Southeastern Naturalist, and The Canadian Field Naturalist; Co-author of a bilingual (Spanish/English) illustrated field guide to the trees of Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, Costa Rica; Author or co-author of several research and education grant proposals totaling nearly a million dollars in support.

Her speaking credits involve invited scientific seminars at academic institutions including Duke University, Elon University, East Carolina University, UNC Asheville, Warren Wilson College, and UC Boulder; and numerous peer-reviewed oral papers at regional, national, and international scientific conferences.

Despite her many academic publications, creative writing is a new identity for Erin:

I never saw myself as a writer, or at least as a creative writer, until recently. I kept a secret diary when I was little, and logged various travel journals in Africa and Central America in my twenties. But it wasn’t until I shared my cancer story with friends and family through CaringBridge journals, that I found the true value of writing. I gain an emotional release from my writing which I can’t always find elsewhere. And all the love and support I receive in response continue to fuel my commitment to fight the cancer to its or my end.

Erin’s story is heavy with dashes of humor and makes you feel all the things. I encourage you to buy your tickets now to hear her story.

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Meet Alice Jones Webb!

April 16, 2015

Alice is quiet and able to slip into a room without notice.  Her writing, though, speaks loudly. Her piece slays you with its humor, poignancy and the cold reality of time marching on. Meet Alice! Alice Jones Webb lives in Tarboro with her husband and four children: My husband is Keith. Our four children are Daniel (19), Hannah (16), Silas (13), and Emma (11). All of us hold advanced ranks in karate, so keep that in mind if you’re considering breaking into our house.  We have two dogs and an epileptic cat who randomly falls off furniture and likes to hide in the refrigerator. I spend my days homeschooling Silas and Emma and folding a LOT of laundry. Impressively, Alice is a black belt in Isshinryu karate and is a competitive archer. We have Facebook to thank (has that ever been uttered?) for Alice’s participation in Listen to Your Mother as she saw […]

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Meet Ann Conlon-Smith!

April 15, 2015

Ann Conlon-Smith has presence the moment she walks in the room, and I have no doubt that presence will carry over to the stage.  She is a force of nature, and once you get to know her, you discover that she is also intuitive, strong and a passionate advocate for women and children. Meet Ann! Ann and her family moved to the Triangle years ago, for a sensible reason: How long could one stay in “The Hamptons” with a family? Having not become a celebrity quickly enough, the answer is “no longer than the 12 years we stayed!” In addition to her “dear, darling husband”, Shep, husband of 37 years, Ann has six tender hearted, brilliant sons (five living) ranging in age from 16 to 33. Ann works as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, Triangle Lactation in Cary, NC. She has many hobbies and interests and notes that they are […]

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Meet Glenna Wolfe Hurlbert!

April 12, 2015

Glenna dubbed herself the grandmother in the group at our first read-through, but this elegant, aristocratic lady shocked us when she informed us she had a “gang of poets” she runs around with. Meet Glenna Wolfe Hurlbert! Glenna has been a resident of the Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina area for more than 40 years but hails from Missouri originally: I am so proud to have grown up in a wholesome world in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri way back when. Family and friends and a long warm day on a clear river were everything. Glenna is retired but her hobbies keep her very busy: Writing poetry and memoirs, sailing, traveling, gardening, SCUBA, sipping excellent wine with good friends while discussing the human condition. I love learning – I want to know everything! I take classes constantly; I read widely. I play duplicate bridge when I have time. I love two little housemates, Italian […]

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