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Second Read-Through

by KeAnne on April 15, 2014

We had our second read-through on Saturday, and hearing these amazing women read never gets old.  Last year we had only one read-through and while that was sufficient, the three of us decided that this year we wanted to have two read-throughs to help the cast bond, work on delivery, etc.  It was a great decision because it allowed all of us to get over the initial jitters of reading and worrying about how our pieces compared to the others and focus on the words.

Some reactions from our cast:

I enjoyed how much more I heard. In having remembered the basics, I could enjoy it all more. Like hearing a song for the second time, when you loved the beat the first time and now you get more nuance

- Betsy Martin

I was struck by the sustained power. Each piece is distinct. But heard as a whole they combined to create a huge emotionally charged experience. Thank you all. I am so honored to have a voice in this chorus.

- Agnes Stevens

This is really happening. And it’s huge and scary and thrilling. I’m humbled to be part of something that is … bigger that the lot of us.

- Rebecca Lanning

I feel like I hear them better each time, and notice thematic threads running through multiple pieces that I hadn’t before. Not only is every piece excellent, all together it is an amazing show. I feel lucky to be part of it.

- Joy Salyers

I enjoyed hearing all the pieces again – I heard parts I hadn’t heard the last time – and it made it so much deeper.

- Alicia Altmueller

Next time we read, it will be the show week!


Meet Elizabeth “Betsy” Martin

by KeAnne on April 12, 2014

One of the many surprises at our first read-through was discovering that we had several lawyers in the cast, and Betsy Martin is one of them. Betsy is strong and unafraid to speak up when she feels someone has been wronged and an unapologetic defender of others.


Betsy Martin

Rebecca Ferguson Photography,

Betsy Martin moved to the area to attend law school several years ago and never left, settling in Durham. She is mother to two very active boys, ages 4 and 6 and met her husband in high school. Since they have known each other for 21 years and all that entails, Betsy believes they have found the secret to every long marriage: dogged determination.

Betsy spends her days doing the following:

I am a mom by day, lawyer by nights and weekends. During the day, I’m all mom – the taxi, chef, housekeeper (poorly), reading coach, and exercise nut (for them and me). In the evenings and some weekends, I go to other mom’s houses, sit down over a cup of tea or glass of wine and help them pull together their legal documents for simple estate planning purposes. It makes me happy to take care of my fellow moms, who do so much for so many.

As if that wasn’t enough, Betsy also teaches indoor cycling classes, enjoys encouraging fitness within my community and participates in local running and triathlon events. She also enjoys cooking, especially with her crockpot, which makes her hectic life possible.

Betsy comes to our show after attending it last year in support of her friend and last year’s cast member Ronnie Bower.  Says Betsy:

I fell in love with the format and honesty of the participants and the response of the crowd.

Betsy’s favorite writers include Brene Brown, Anne Lamott, Anna Quinlan but notes that most of her writing experience has been drafting opinions at the Court of Appeals and appellate briefs. Reading in the show will also be a first for Betsy, who mused that the closest she had come to performing had been arguing a case at the Court of Appeals – for which she was complimented by her panel!


On May 6 and May 8, you can hear how Betsy stood up for herself and her health as she reads her piece.


Meet Local Sponsor Premium Imports

April 12, 2014

I spend a lot of time in my car as I’m sure most of you do. We live in an area in which it is downright impossible to go anywhere without a car.  As a result, when my car breaks down or needs a repair, it impacts everything: finances, logistics, children, work and time.  And don’t forget the stress of figuring out where to take your car to be fixed. Thankfully, local sponsor Premium Imports is here to help. Not one but two of our cast members have experience with Premium Imports! Co-producer Liisa Ogburn: If you are like me, it’s intimidating, as a woman, to find a mechanic you can trust, especially during the lean days of parenthood, when money is tight and mileage is often high. That’s why it was a relief to find Premium Imports, the only female-run garage in the Inner Beltway, if not all of Wake County. Cathy […]

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Meet Local Sponsor Peter Rumsey

April 11, 2014

Buying a house, especially in a an area as large as the Triangle, can be nerve-wracking. Where to move? What are the pros and cons of a certain area? What areas are up-and-coming? Help us make sense of the variety of school options!  That’s why we are pleased to introduce you local sponsor, realtor Peter Rumsey. Co-producer Liisa Obgurn has direct experience with Peter’s work: When you’re looking for the perfect house to make into your home, Peter Rumsey is the one to work with. As a realtor in the area for over forty years, he intimately knows the Triangle – its schools, parks, museums, cafes, used book stores, downtowns and small towns. In fact, he has even worked behind the scenes to save parts of some of the Triangle’s most historic neighborhoods, as well as develop some of its newer ones. With patience and old-fashioned service, Peter helps families, partners and individuals […]

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Meet Katy Schafer

April 8, 2014

Katy Schafer and her family moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to Raleigh a few years ago.  She and her husband have 4 children as well as 2 big fluffy Maine Coon cats and a one year old yellow lab who has added “a new level of loving chaos” to their home. Says Katy, We are thankful to be back in the land of leafy trees and squirrels after 6 years in the desert. Katy works as the Interim director of confirmation at White Memorial Presbyterian Church and has a passion for “church stuff” and researching meaningful ways the church can thrive in the 21st century. When not working, she loves being in the sunshine and riding bikes with her family as well as hunting for shark teeth on the beach. Katy describes herself as a “live music concert junkie” and can often be found perusing the website. Katy also volunteers at her children’s […]

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