2012 Shows

Cover of Listen To Your Mother:2012 commemorative photobook sponsored by Snapfish by HP


Inspired by the national expansion of 2011, bloggers sent email after email with the hope of giving Mother’s Day a microphone in their home town in 2012. Bounding and leaping to build its infrastructure and catch up with demand, 2012 found Listen To Your Mother shows in 10 cities nationwide–filling houses, hearing over 140 new readers, raising over $6000 for our local non-profit causes, and garnering acclaim on The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post. After our smash-success season, we added 140 new videos to our YouTube channel, making 200 videos and reaching a global audience of LTYM fans.

National sponsors BlogHer, FreshDirect, and premier national sponsor Snapfish by HP enabled LTYM’s tremendous growth, as did dozens of local sponsors in each of our cities.

Of course, LTYM: National could not exist without the leadership and incredible vision of our local directors and producers.

Acclaimed humor blogger and writer Wendi Aarons gave Austin, Texas a 2nd annual LTYM show with the help of uber-talented writer/photographer Liz McGuire.


photo by viviansmuse.com


The LTYM: Austin cast featured:Catherine Berry, Jill Bingamon, Carla Birnberg, Maria Escamilla, Linda Glass, Mary K. Moore, Catherine Avril Morris, Mary Jo Pehl, Susan Schorn, Shanteka Sigers. Carlotta Stankiewicz, Missy Stevens, Leigh Ann Torres as well as local producers Wendi Aarons and Liz McGuire.

To learn more about Austin’s production visit their website and to find links to the Austin videos click here.


photo by Rob Krueger Photography


Thanks to the incredible enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of author/blogger Melisa Wells and blogger Tracey Becker, Chicago welcomed it’s first annual LTYM show. The cast featured: Vanessa Druckman, Melissa Haak, Jen Hajer, Katy Jacob, Karen King, Stephanie Kush, Brandie Langer, Lou Lohman, Alisha Sommer, Megan Stielstra, Nancy Syburg, Judy VanHoose, Stacey Weckstein, and Hyacynth Worth

To learn more about Chicago’s production visit their website and to find links to the Chicago videos click here.


photo by CaptureDC.com


The collaboration of incredible catalysts– blogger/writer Kate Coveny Hood and actress/blogger Stephanie Stearns Dulli –gave Mother’s Day a Microphone in Washington DC in 2012. The cast featured: Chrissy Boylan, Sarah Braesch, Nicole Crowley, Anna Whiston-Donaldson, Stephanie Stearns Dulli, Lindsay Felix, Lis Fogt, Devra Gordon, Cindy Green, Kate Coveny Hood, Monica Sakala, Elena Sonnino, Sue Wagner, and Jean Winegardner

To learn more about DC’s production visit their website and to find links to the DC’s videos click here.


photo by 2ndStreetPhotography.com


With the help of stage manager extraordinaire Darcy Dederich, LTYM founder and National Director Ann Imig gave LTYM’s birthplace, Madison, Wisconsin, its 4th annual show. The 2012 cast included: Amelia Williams, Annetta Wright, Asmeret Yosef, Brian Lavendel, Fabu Phyllis Carter, Hannah Nies, Jane Jones, Lily Bragge, Linda Hedenblad, Liz Simpson, Marlena Deutsch , Rebecca Anderson-Brown and director/producer Ann Imig.

To learn more about Madison’s production visit their website and to find links to the Madison videos click here.


photo by Megan Clemence Photography


Author/blogger/publisher/speaker phenom Lela Davidson brought LTYM to Northwest Arkansas thank to the help of blogger/social media guru Stephanie McCratic. The cast featured: Jasmine Brown, Kerri Case, Shannon Magsam, Heather Davis, Jocelyn Morelli, Jill Van Trease, Lela Davidson, Angie Albright, Kyran Pittman, Gwen Rockwood, Stephanie McCratic, Misti Pryor, Shannon Hahn, and Kelly Zega.

To learn more about Northwest Arkansas’ production visit their website and to find links to the NWA videos click here.


photo by Beth Fletcher Photography


Writer and extraordinary online storyteller Stephanie Precourtdirected and produced Northwest Indiana’s 2nd annual LTYM show. The cast featured: Liz Chatwell, Brenda Magnetti Erickson, Beth Fletcher, Alice Harrington, Stephanie Hauser, Katy Hoagland, Julia Huisman, Judy Miller, Jen Mitchell, Heather Curlee Novak, June Saavedra, Liz Self, Carrie Steinweg, Megan Summers

To learn more about Northwest Indiana’s production visit their website and to find links to the NWI videos click here.


photo courtesy of Jennifer Lee Photography


Listen To Your Mother only dared foray onto the New York City theater scene in 2012 because of the combined genius of actress/author Amy Wilson, blogger/director/producer Varda Steinhardt, editor/marketing consultant Holly Rosen Fink and writer/entrepreneur Betsy Cadel. The premier NYC cast included: Alysia Reiner, Abby Sher, Cynthia Bastidas, Deborah Goldstein, Eve Lederman, Estelle Sobel Erasmus, Howard Margulies, Ilana Wiles, Jonny Schremmer, Kate Mayer, Kathy Curto, Kirsten Piccini, Patty Chang Anker, and Una LaMarche. Director Amy Wilson and Producer Varda Steinhardt also read their writing in the show, and author/breast cancer activist/TV personality René Syler hosted and emceed.

To learn more about New York City’s production visit their website and to find links to the NWI videos click here.


photo by Sherry Aikens


Thanks to the collaboration of blogging and social media gurus Cecily Kellogg, Dresden Shumaker, and Jo-Ann Rogan, Philadelphia got its first LTYM show. The cast featured Jennifer Weiner, Andi Buchanan, Liz Henry, Angela Canales, Molly Connors, Charlie O’Hay, Brandi Jeter, Sandra Telep, Amanda Domergue, Kathy Snead, Shoshana Martyniak, Cecily Kellogg, Helen Reese, Dresden Shumaker, and Jo-Ann Rogan.

To learn more about Philadelphia’s production visit their website and to find links to the Philadelphia videos click here.


photo by Damian Steel


The combined creative ingenuity of blogger Kirsten Patel and blogger/photographer Kim Thompson-Steel made it possible for Listen To Your Mother to make its way to San Francisco in 2012. The cast featured: Melissa Arca, Nichole Beaudry, Margaret Garcia, Lorrie Goldin, Esther Gulli, Estelle Hayes, Sherri Kuhn, Joy Latimer, Rhiana Maidenberg, Robyn Roark, Andre Salvage, Rhea St. Julien and director/producers Kirsten Patel and Kim Thompson-Steel.

To learn more about San Francisco’s production visit their website and to find links to the San Francisco videos click here.


photo by Kristina Mattson


Incredible bloggers-writers-in real life best friends Stacey Conner and Elise Raimi brought LTYM back home to Spokane for their 2nd annual production. Their cast featured: Lynn Caruso.Stacey Conner, Katie Scanlon-Gehn, Linda Hunt, Phaedra Jarrett, Zibby Merritt, Shelley Prosise, Elise Raimi, Tammy Santana, Carole Smith, Nicole Sheets, and Annie Tegen.

To learn more about Spokane’s production visit their website and to find links to the Spokane videos click here.