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Cast Spotlight: Lauren Jordan

April 22, 2016

Mom, wife, fundraiser, aspiring writer and co-director of LTYM Providence, Lauren comes to Listen to Your Mother as a speaker again this year with a piece that is bound to resonate with us all. Come hear her LIVE on April 28th! by

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Cast Spotlight: Chelley Martinka

April 21, 2016

Philadelphia-native-turned New Englander, Chelley is mom to Adelaide Eileen and Camille Thea, and wife of almost 7 years to Dave. Her blog, A is For Adelaide, began as a place for parents of children with special needs, specifically dwarfism, to come and learn- and has evolved into so much more. As an advocate for dwarfism awareness, the disability community, women’s rights, race and gender equality, as well as birth education, pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering… and red wine, Chelley never runs out of things to write! Speaking of running… She loves to run and bike for charity, writes for love, and strives to share information relatable to many people on all walks of life. Finally feeling just where she’s supposed to be, come hear her share a bit about her story of motherhood next week! Tickets available HERE! by

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Cast Spotlight: Daphnee Rentfrow

April 20, 2016

Daphnee Rentfrow was raised in many far-flung places, including Italy, Spain, Idaho, France, Guam, and California. Before the age of 22 she had traveled to South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Estonia, Uzbekistan, and Russia (where she lived for 5 months as a student in St. Petersburg). She eventually  made her way to the Ocean State for graduate school at Brown University, met a guy, got a job, got more jobs, bought a house, got married, had three kids, and suddenly found herself a 20+ year resident of Rhode Island, with no plans to leave.  Thanks to her hard-working, supportive, and very patient husband, she was able to choose to stay home with their children, which makes her very happy. Formerly, Daphnee taught literature and media studies at several universities, wrote academic articles, and was also an academic library consultant, all jobs that she misses very much (especially on those days when her children […]

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Cast Spotlight: Leah DeCesare

April 19, 2016

Leah is a light! As alum from Providence’s inaugural cast, we actually took a fun post from her blog and wanted to share it here! So… 11 things you didn’t know about Leah! 1. I speak French, I loved it through school and continued in college. When I lived in Bordeaux one summer, I started dreaming in French and forgetting English words when I called home. French opened the door to amazing opportunities for friendship and learning in my life. Click to read about my French Friendships. 2. Since I didn’t want to give up studying French in college, I added it as a third major. I get teased about that every time someone learns I graduated with three majors. Typical over-achiever. 3. Continuing on that theme, my whole life, people have teased me. I learned to laugh at myself young. Still, whenever friends from different parts of my life get together, I […]

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Cast Spotlight: Jasmine Hopkins

April 18, 2016

Based in East Greenwich, RI, Jasmine lives with her husband, Rich, their five extraordinary kids under 11, and their not so tiny, Yorkie, Fenway.  A Florida Girl through and through, she considers 5 winters in RI a success!  After spending 12 years as a Recruiter, she left the hustle and bustle of Corporate America to become a Stay at Home mom.  She didn’t realize that life would get even busier than ever! A recent cancer survivor and MS Warrior, Jasmine is on a mission to get out of her comfort zone and live life to its fullest. Her newly created blog, A Dauntless Mama, documents this journey. Her most recent and proudest endeavors? Going back to school and auditioning for Listen to Your Mother. When Jasmine doesn’t have her nose in a book and isn’t drinking tea with friends, she can be found “encouraging” those she is closest to to join her on yet another […]

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