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by chelleymartinka on June 19, 2017

That’s a wrap Providence!

LTYM PVD 2017 Cast

We wanted to give you a little recap after Father’s Day this year.

Why? Because while we must listen to the mothers, we also pay homage to the fathers in our lives. The men who lead, follow, partner, and pledge their lives to raising strong generations to carry the voices most important in our lives: our own.

Our Providence show was an amazing, intimate adventure, celebrating our fifth and final year. We ended right where we began at the Providence Public library, with the incredible support of Lularoe Fashionista, Melendy Johnson, surrounded by friends, family, and community.

lularoe melendy johnson

As with each year prior, this year was so different from previous ones, and holds a special place in our hearts. Our love, passion and gratefulness for the Listen to Your Mother experience will forever be a part of our memories and greatest loves.

cake ltymshow pvd BJs bakery

Thank you for these past 5 years, LTYM.
Bri + Chelley + Kirsten

LTYMP PVD 2017 Producers

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