2017 Listen to Your Mother Providence Auditions

by chelleymartinka on January 16, 2017

Your story must be told- now more than ever.

Let your voice be heard as an essential part of this year’s Listen To Your Mother celebration of mothering by giving a voice to motherhood — in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. If you have a story longing to be heard about your mother, your own view as a mother, or about a mother-figure in your life — write it down and share with us!

We will be hosting two auditions at the Providence College/Smith Hill Annex on Thursday, February 23 from 7 pm – 9 pm and Saturday, March 4th from 9 am – 11 am. These spots are by appointment only- please find your spot HERE!

What is your story?

It’s motherhood as you see it. Humor, painful, soulful… Whether you are a mother, know a mother, have a mother, want to be a mother- man or woman. We want you to breathe life into your story. In essay, in poetry. Please, come share your words. seeking a diverse collection of local writers to read their words about motherhood. People of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to submit their work.

Our 2016 show can be seen HERE– an amazing group, gathered to share what it means to them. Our stories will vary, but our love and cast family will not. It will be strong, whole, fulfilling. We grow as individuals into a unit.

LTYM PVD 2016, close the curtain

We’re not looking for your thoughts on Motherhood, the institution—we’re looking for the story of your Tuesday morning. We’re looking for the stories only you can tell. For some amazing writing advice and a place to start, check out THIS post from LTYM NYC!



* Thursday, February 23rd; 6:30-9:30pm Smith Hill Annex

* Saturday, Marth 4th; 8:30-11:30am Smith Hill Annex


* Monday, April 3rd

* Sunday, April 9th

Show Date:  Thursday, May 4th!


We can’t wait to hear your voice! Please SIGN UP to share!


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