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Take a bow, 2016

by chelleymartinka on May 16, 2016

And then it was over…

LTYM PVD 2016, close the curtain

Coming in like a lamb and out like a lion, our beautiful Listen to Your Mother 2016 Providence cast blew the house down! Realizing perfection can save your life, MS mamas are strong, adoption has many faces, kids say the damndest things, mother-in-laws pull at our heart strings, strength comes from within, no one dictates our children but them… those babies, who also are the experts on our best parenting, all gave us stories, a voice, a mic to our motherhood.

LTYM PVD 2016, close the curtain

Not only do we want to thank our warrior cast for their stories, but for the audience who shared them with us. Soon the videos will be live (and we will, of course, share them with you!), and after we basked in the limelight and consumed some cake, we went back to those stories of motherhood and wrote new chapters, kissed away new tears, laughed new joys, and made new memories. We learned together, and are bonded forever.

LTYM PVD 2016, close the curtain

To the close of our season, we take a bow, close the curtain, and are thankful for another beautiful year of stories.

LTYM PVD 2016, close the curtain

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