Meet our 2016 Cast: LTYM Providence

by chelleymartinka on March 11, 2016

This year, as in years before, our auditions are tough. Every woman and man at our auditions- those who stand before us sharing their story- are honoring us. We hear so many stories, what we’ve come to call squares, and while all are important, all recount motherhood in different ways that we love to hear- whether they bring laughter or tears- but there are always a few that sew themselves together, neatly crafting into a beautiful quilt. And here we are. All of our squares stitched together; out quilt, waiting to be presented.

Here we are to present you with our quilt for 2016!

The 2016 Listen to Your Mother Providence Cast:

Angela Koine Flynn

Chelley Martinka (co-producer)

Daphnee Rentfrow

Jasmine M. Hopkins

Jen Romanat

Lauren Jordan (co-director)

Leah DeCesare

Megan Pare

Tamar Paull

Valerie Carroll

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Our show is taking place at The Gordon School on April 28th at 7pm! You can get Early Bird tickets HERE! Thank you for your support.

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