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by chelleymartinka on January 21, 2015

Our charity partner for Providence’s Listen to Your Mother Show is Foster Forward! The charity partner for LTYM means so much because it is chosen by each city individually. This year, we in Providence chose Foster Forward, which has more than 20 years of history in our state of Rhode Island, doing, believing and empowering the foster care system.

Foter Forward Charity Partner

Our story begins more than 20 years ago, with a gathering of foster parents in a local foster parent’s kitchen, where they shared ideas and resources to better support the children in their care. It made sense, then, that we called ourselves a foster parents association.

But, today, we are so much more than that. We’re a foster parent’s confidante. We’re a foster child’s mentor. We’re also an advocate and a teacher and a friend.

Above all, we’re a team of highly trained professionals, recognized leaders in our field, who promote the best practices for our clients and participate in far reaching child welfare initiatives. Through our work, we’re empowering lives. We’re guiding reform. We’re fostering futures.

Foster Forward (formerly the Rhode Island Foster Parents Association) are a team of highly trained professionals who believe in the power of permanency and the resilience of families.  They are researchers and thought leaders who pilot innovative programs as we work tirelessly toward improving the child welfare system. The Foster Forward team are concerned citizens who believe that every child deserves a chance to succeed, and who understand the societal implications if they do not. Foster Forward is empowering lives and fostering futures.

We are so excited to have them a part of our LTYM family this season! Please keep them in mind as we move forward! Auditions and show date to be announced next week!

Lauren, Kirsten, Brianne and Chelley


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Are You Feeling?

by chelleymartinka on January 11, 2015

So, there’s more to writing a piece for Listen to Your Mother… there is feeling.

We’re working hard day and night contacting venues, looking for sponsorship, coordinating with our local cause that we’re supporting this season (to be revealed soon) and even planning a little cast gift… and we’re excited to announce our auditions will be held next month!

So, are you a mother, have a mother, have met a mother? Please, come share your journey, a snippet of the amazing life you’ve led, with us. As a guide, your piece should read in about 5 minutes, but if you’re a bit over, we will, of course work with you to trim it! And please, all forms of writing are welcome- including poetry!

Stay tuned for audition announcements and sign-ups!

~Lauren, Brianne, Kirsten and Chelley

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