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A Rehearsal. A Family.

by chelleymartinka on March 16, 2015

Since its Providence debut in 2013, we’ve been shaping casts families into one live, powerful performance that offers so much more than just a story, but an experience.

Our first rehearsal was Friday night, and though we said until 9(ish), most of us didn’t get home until 11! There was too much good to say goodbye. Good food, good drinks, good laughter, and. best of all, good stories. We laughed and cried and talked. We opened up the rawest of wounds and reminisced about the years that had slipped by.

2015 PVD LTYM cast Photo

We had little notebooks as gifts for our cast members- we hope that whenever they need to make a list, even if it’s just groceries, they will think of us and their new extended family.

PVD 2015 cast rehearsal gift

Our first rehearsal made us want to have one every week- our little group is just too awesome to not be around! It really was a night of fun, colorfully painted with Kirsten spilling water. (A lot. She claims it was the ice in the pitcher.) And best of all, it’s not over yet! We have another meeting in just a few weeks- AT Lincoln School, where our show will be April 30th, and then we have the show!

This is one exciting adventure! Don’t forget to grab your tickets and experience it with us!


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It’s like Christmas Eve up in here!

by chelleymartinka on March 10, 2015

We feel like this is a process we’re totally learning as we go. Though all 4 of us have been a part of a Providence Listen to Your Mother production (some in more than one capacity), none of us knew the caliber of human it takes to get this show off the ground (our hats are off to our predecessors, Carla, for her amazing 2 years, and Laura!)

So… now we have a CAST and know that our ticket sales will benefit FOSTER FORWARD… but what about everything in between? Well, we anticipate each step like the unveiling of our lit Christmas tree in the wee hours of December 25th (Chelley even lights a menorah, and feels the Christmas-like spirit!).

As we send out cast emails, await bios and head shots, gather our folders, special trinkets for our crew and send late night emails to one another while sipping our wine and tea, there is so much ahead that we are excited for! This year is the first for us as a team, but also for (in a few ways) Listen to Your Mother, which is in its 6th season this year. There is a BOOK RELEASE!, for one thing, and for another, there are 11 individuals sharing their stories with you. Awaiting your patient ears and hearts. Ready to bestow heartfelt laughter, gut-wrenching tears, and lots of flutters in between. There are stories that will rock you, stories that will resonate with you, and stories that will bring light in places that once were dark.

We ask you to help us share about our show in Providence, as well about the other 38 CITIES this season, and help us give motherhood a microphone!

Our first rehearsal is this Friday… and waiting for it is like Christmas Eve up in here!!!! #LTYM #PVD representing #motherhood!

Bri, Chelley, Kirsten and Lauren!

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Listen to Your Mother Providence 2015 Cast

March 6, 2015

It is with the greatest of pleasures that we are announcing our 2015 cast! Each story works to weave a tale of motherhood that combined will leave you breathless. We, again, want to thank everyone who braved the elements and their emotions to audition for us this year! And so, without further delay, our 2015 cast members are: Sarah Bouvier Meri E. Brady Bri DeRosa Kirsten DiChiappari Angela Flynn Rebecca Ladd Jay Potter Allison Seed Deborah Stoloff Melissa Thompson Anne Wert TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! We are so excited for our show and hope to see you Thursday, April 30 at 7pm at The Lincoln School in Providence! Tickets are available for $15 (plus a small servicing fee) online or $20 (cash only!) at the door. 10% of sales proceeds will benefit Foster Forward. by

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March 1, 2015

We were all naive. It’s not that we didn’t know about Listen to Your Mother… we’ve all been in recent casts and loved every moment, but the tears, the joy, the ups and downs of an unscripted show is the best way to describe auditions. And we didn’t know that. As we sat, we listened to stories unfolding before us, some with a lifetime of ache, a year of bliss, a fresh wound, or a new perspective. Lives unraveled and found again spilled out of mouths and into our ears. Stories some women and men had never told before. Of motherhood. Even without an actual microphone, there was a voice. A stand. And we each saw ourselves, heard parts of our lives reflected back to us through these brave audition-ers who stood before us for these past two weekends. And then it began. Our show suddenly seemed to be appearing, as if by […]

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Auditions… day one.

February 22, 2015

Where does one begin after today? When the building was cleared, we sat and talked. At first, we just wanted to come down from it all, and we began sharing birth stories, toddler woes, special needs, unexpected pregnancies. We noshed on fun-sized chocolate bars and the same hard candies our grandmothers had hidden away in their over-sized bags when we were just kids. And then we looked at each other. We exploded with excitement, each digging deep, wondering how we would make any decisions. We’ve all auditioned before and been in a show. One of us was rejected the first year. Most of us have submitted writings, stories- and been given denial letters. We’ve all flunked a test, an interview, been dumped a time or two. But motherhood. Whatever that means. We all come together. Day one was amazing. Our hearts were tugged, our minds were whirled, and we learned that motherhood takes […]

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