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by chelleymartinka on January 30, 2016

We’re on the cusp of dates, times, locations all coming together… as well as the boxes of tissues to wipe away our tears of laughter, heartache, understanding and yearning for… for what was is motherhood.

Before we announce audition signups, we wanted to share THIS piece written by one of our alums, Lori Nassif, from Providence Cast 2014.

ltym2014 lori nassif

We urge you to find your voice, share your story and stay tuned for auditions for our upcoming season!

~Bri, Chelley, Kirsten and Lauren

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A Place for Motherhood

by chelleymartinka on December 7, 2015

Hello Providence! We have been emailing, messaging, posting, cross-posting, G-chating (even when some of our computers don’t work) and knee-deep in planning our 2016 show. Listen to Your Mother is more than sharing your stories, it’s about taking the journey of motherhood with you- whatever that means to you. So prepare your stories and stay tuned! We are excited to give [your] motherhood a mic- to give you a place for your motherhood to be heard!

We can’t wait to put together another amazing show this year, but there is a beautiful Winter approaching and we wish you all the love, warmth and joy this season brings. Happy holidays to you!

carry a thankful


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Listen to Your Mother: 2016 Providence!

November 16, 2015

Kirsten DiChiappari¬†, Chelley Martinka, Brianne DeRosa¬†and Lauren Jordan are baaaaack!!! This year we are prepping to bring more laughter and tears to Providence’s Listen to Your Mother 2016. With our 4th city season planning already underway, we are well into bringing you one heck of a show. We are honored to be part of LTYM’s biggest season, Providence is one of 41 cities in the US and Canada! Check out the #LYTM 2016 announcement below: We look forward to giving motherhood a microphone this Mother’s Day season- and to hearing and sharing all of your stories. Stay tuned for updates on location, auditions, and ticket sales! by

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If you missed LTYM PVD, don’t miss this!

July 13, 2015

Our amazing readers from the #LTYM Providence 2015 cast are up on YouTube NOW! You can see the full show below: We cannot thank you enough for supporting our city this year, and we look forward to bringing you more amazing stories and an ear-full of motherhood, if you would just listen, next year in PVD! Alison Seed “The Choice” Sarah Bouvier “I Want You to Know” Melissa Thompson “Our Normal” Kirsten DiChiappari “The End of Innocence” Anne Wert “I Didn’t Know” Rebecca Ladd “Can You See Me” Brianne DiRosa “Unintended” Jay Potter “I’m Not Jami” Meri E. Brady “Otherhood: A Poem in Three Acts” Deborah Stoloff “Mother-Daughter Lunch” lots of love, Bri, Chelley, Kirsten and Lauren by

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You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

May 7, 2015

When one door closes, sometimes we just place our hand upon it’s front and breathe in- we will open it again. But not right now. Right now it’s… The experience. The message. The culmination of 8 months of work into one night that left us feeling both full and empty at the same time. The words will still on our lips, the tears in our eyes, the laughter spilling from our lungs. Some pieces went to places others cannot bear to think of… Hearts spilling, a story of living as uniquely as one could… Others gave us the memories of our own mothers: Who gave up more than we knew to help us become the mothers we are. How keenly aware we all are of our places. As mothers and fathers, daughters, sons, friends… how unaware we once were. We have even brought future generations to the stage… ready to tell their own […]

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