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Megaphone Sponsor Spotlight: Lularoe Melendy Johnson

by chelleymartinka on May 1, 2017

 PVD LTYM Sponsor

Melendy Johnson is a Rhode Island native with a heart of solid gold and a love for all things creative! She is wife to Stephen and mama to 3 amazing young men- Caleb, Logan and Aaron. Her business passion was inspired when she learned about Lularoe because it allowed her to do so much more than work to live- it gave her an opportunity to change lives, including her own.

 PVD LTYM Sponsor

Combining her passion for fashion, desire to help others feel good, and need to give back to her family, Melendy has opened the doors of her home to other people looking for style, family solutions, and community fundraising- every opportunity she gets! She truly enjoys the community and participating in multi-vendor events, online parties, and in-home experiences which gives her the opportunity to connect with our local community, as well as expand her network, while building more chances to do more every day! Monthly, she hosts or supports at least one local cause, from high school uniforms to cancer research.

In her personal time, Melendy enjoys singing- especially in her church’s choir, photography, reading, and running. She is a track coach, a preschool music and art teacher, and a lover of fine wines- well rounded to say the least!

 PVD LTYM Sponsor

She is incredibly grateful for the opportunities Lularoe has given her, like the means to support Listen to Your Mother Providence’s finale. Being a part of LTYM and giving back to the wonderful men and women participating has been a true point of pride, as Melendy has been both an audience member and auditioner over the years.

Being a “Mama-roe” drives what she does every single day, and hearing others’ stories is a part of what helps her develop friendships, grow in herself, and help other achieve their dreams. Please visit her at the sponsor table on May 4th at PVD’s LTYM Show and online!

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Cast Spotlight: Liana Cassar

by chelleymartinka on April 18, 2017

Liana Cassar has lived in New England for most of her life, despite the fact that she was born in New York. Liana and her husband, Larson, are former Peace Corps Volunteers. They live with their two teenagers and their dog, in Barrington, RI.  lianna

Liana has worked in the health care field in Providence and the Boston area for many years and currently works in health care technology when she’s not with her family, writing or spending time outdoors (preferably on her bike, which is named Viva).

She has been an advocate for women’s equality and women’s health for as long as she can remember, including serving on the board of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island for 10 years and participating in the Women’s March on Washington in January.

She decided to join the cast of LTYM because she has started to have fun with storytelling, realizing it is an important part of our lives, and a particularly good way to better understand how we see ourselves and our health. Spending time listening to the stories of the cast of LTYM has been excellent affirmation of that idea and it is an honor for Liana to be able to share the stage with such a powerful and hilarious group of women- where you can see her May 4th! Get your ticket HERE!


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Cast spotlight: Elizabeth DaRosa

April 14, 2017

Elizabeth DaRosa, 31 a single mother of 2, became a mother in college. She has shared her spoken word on several stages over the years and most recently was the color Blue in “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuff” by Ntozake Shange in March 2016. This is her first time being a part of LYTM and she feels blessed to be part of the experience. Learning to use her voice to compensate for her stature has been a task, but she loves to make others laugh & speak encouragement into the souls of those longing for hope. As women we mask the burdens, pains and high demands of our lives with smiling faces and grace but beneath it all we all have a story of sacrifice, tragedy and triumph that makes us who we are, powerful. Powerful indeed. Thank you to all who have taken part in this […]

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Cast Spotlight: Karen C.L. Anderson

April 12, 2017

Karen is a writer, master-certified life coach, and author of the author of the best-selling book, The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother. When she’s not writing, she’s helping women establish, articulate, and maintain Impeccable Boundaries so they can rock on with their amazing lives.  She is dedicated to the concept that the truth never creates suffering and that all stories can be told through the lens of truth. Karen lives in New London, CT, with her husband Tim (they’re celebrating 20 years this year). She’s also a stepmom and now gets to be Booboo to her step daughter’s children. by

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Cast Spotlight: Alexandra Vaillancourt

April 10, 2017

Alexandra Vaillancourt is a transplanted New Yorker who has made Boston her home for the past 25 years. She is a stepmom, preschool teacher, former nanny, photographer, and proud cat lady. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and asking someone else to do her arithmetic. She enjoys improv theater and getting tattooed- her ink is absolutely beautiful. Commuting by foot and public transportation, she often encounters the unexpected. You can view her photos at snobbyblog.com. Yes, you want to hear her moving story of motherhood on May 4th and you can! Grab your ticket HERE! by

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