We’re ready to listen. Again!

by Kelli on November 13, 2014

Hello! And welcome back. How was your summer? Good. Good to hear. Carisa and I just want to set the record straight about a few choice clichés, and then we’ll let you go back to frolicking through the seasons.

Ahem. *straightens tie, adjusts microphone, imagines audience naked*

All the world’s a stage. - Shakespeare

NOT TRUE. The Alberta Rose Theatre is the stage.

A picture’s worth a thousand words. – Chinese proverb 

Picture this instead: thousands of words, live, onstage.

Mama always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  - Thumper from Bambi

Mama always said what you needed to hear most.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. - Maya Angelou

This is 100% accurate.

Which is why once again we are proud to announce: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER IS COMING TO PORTLAND!

LTYM Portland

click here to see the 2015 National Show Announcement (it’s so good! like red Starburst good.)

Carisa and I are ecstatic to have the honor of directing and producing the sophomore Portland show.  And also — eep! — a hearty congratulations to our sisters up north in Seattle for joining the LTYM ranks! Listen To Your Mother has now grown to be 39 cities tall. Can you believe it? Phew. So many stories. So many hearts warmed. So many lives changed. Just imagine, 39 cities in 2015, and after that? …

To infinity, and beyond. - Buzz Lightyear




Hear news about auditions, news and ticket information:

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The Videos Are Live!

by Kelli on July 13, 2014

With each audition and rehearsal and blog post and anxiety dream we shook up the proverbial soda bottle of Listen To Your Mother, Portland. The energy rose to the surface. Then on Mother’s Day we unscrewed the cap and stories came bubbling out in front of a live audience. It was delicious. Now, please join us as we continually enjoy sip after sip of these wonderful stories on YouTube!

You can watch the whole Portland playlist here, and then peruse the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel to watch shows from the other 31 cities, and those from past years. A huge thank you to to the incredible national LTYM team for getting 32 cities’ worth of videos up for public viewing! And thank you to LTYM video sponsor CollegeSavingsChillout.com by T. Rowe Price!  

We give to you … Listen To Your Mother, Portland.


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Portland’s Gratitude

May 13, 2014

  We were compelled to the stage by the human connection that storytelling facilitates. Craving a sense of unity, seeking humanity. Through the eyes of motherhood, our storytellers shared their lives. They made us feel the experience of finding ourselves pregnant and single, putting ourselves together after a brutal divorce, cheering on gay rights progress in order that our own beloved children might live as equals, battling infertility while recovering from anorexia, fighting and winning a battle against postpartum anxiety, being given up for adoption and reconnecting with our biological family, navigating a foster child’s discovery of sexuality, finding a connection with our own mother through an unusual baring of souls and strengthening our resolve by refusing to suffer under the demands of motherhood.  With laughter, we invented a new word, to name the awkward transition to first-time motherhood, threw our arms up and cried ‘Uncle!’ when we realized our children outnumbered us, […]

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It’s Showtime, Portland!

May 8, 2014

Three, two, one….Listen To Your Mother:Portland is THIS Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (<–To be read in the voice of a monster truck show announcer.)  Haven’t yet made up your mind to join us at the Alberta Rose Theatre? We’re happy to help you decide… 1) If you’ve always wanted the experience of feeling every possible human emotion within a 90 minute time frame, our show is the place for you. 2) If you are a mother, have a mother, want to be a mother, know a mother or have never even heard of a mother, our show is the place for you. 3) If you go over to the LTYM homepage and see the gorgeous photos and commentary on all the shows around the country that have already taken their turns on stage these last two weeks,  and you think to yourself, ‘That’s incredible,’ our show is the place for you. 4) If you click […]

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Local Sponsor Spotlight: Crafty Wonderland

May 2, 2014

Do you remember when Alice fell down the rabbit hole? Scary, right? And then she entered this “wonderland” that was filled with confusion and a queen who wanted her head! I’m sorry, but if you ask me, that’s no wonderland. A wonderland to me is much more like this: But short of eating a candy daffodil and drinking from a chocolate river, I would much prefer my wonderland come with over 200 vendors showcasing and sharing their handmade arts, crafts and whimsical tidings of happiness. That, my friends, is a real wonderland. And it’s happening HERE in Portland. It’s so close you can practically reach out and feel the felted goodness. Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Spring Sale is happening on Saturday, May 10th, at the Oregon Convention Center. It’s going to be amazing. And if you’re among the first 200 through the doors, you’re getting a goodie bag. Oh yeah. Crafty Wonderland started […]

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