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We Have A Show!-Portland’s 2015 Cast

by carisa on February 26, 2015

    Voices of motherhood rang true and proud on audition day in Portland. We are better for having heard every word and will carry them with us, always. With heaps upon buckets of gratitude, thank you to everyone, for everything you put into bringing us your stories and your beautiful selves.

    We are thrilled to introduce to you those who will be taking the stage at the Alberta Rose Theatre on Thursday, May 7th.

ltymcastgraphic15Michelle Borum

Susan Fleming

Noelle Guest

Kylie Menagh-Johnson

Christi Krug

Kathryn Leehane

Mary Mandeville

Gypsy Martin

Kelli Martinelli

Carisa Miller

Susan Moshofsky

Michelle Porter

Nicole Rardin


Please join us in welcoming this year’s cast!

Their stories will cry you apart and laugh you back together.

(In the most pleasant way possible.)

Read about the cast on Portland’s bio page.


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Impressions of Listen To Your Mother

by carisa on February 20, 2015

Each May, from Listen To Your Mother stages across the country, voices reach out in celebration of motherhood and wrap community audiences in a collective storytelling embrace. The impressions last well beyond the shows. Some audience members will be moved to audition for the next season. Former cast members will lovingly nudge their friends to take a turn at the podium. People watching LTYM videos online will fall in love with the show and apply to produce one in their own cities. Strangers will encounter fliers at community centers, coffee shops, and college campuses and be swept up in the movement.

No matter how it finds you, or the nature of its impact, the effects of Listen To Your Mother are significant and enduring…

“I expected that sharing my story at Listen To Your Mother would be powerful and healing. But I had no idea how my heart would be broken open and put back together again by the stories that this incredible tribe of storytellers shared. In the course of just a few rehearsals and a performance, I fell in love with these women. I have been transformed by their wisdom and grace.” -Sage Cohen , 2014 Portland Cast Member,  “Finding My Gold”


“Having heard about Listen To Your Mother from friends in California, I was hoping there was a show somewhere in the region that I would be able to see. Enter Portland. The Rose City did not disappoint. All I wanted for Mother’s Day 2014 was to see Listen To Your Mother, no brunch, no corsages, just a place where I could reconnect with everything I had associated with motherhood. Again, Portland delivered…and then some. Assembled with love and honor, the stories were interwoven with laughter, tears, and breathless wonder. While each cast member had their own unique message, in every one I was able to find a moment of, “Me too.” Once the show concluded, I experienced gratitude for the joy it delivered, and small sorrow for only being a spectator. The power of the message and the sisterhood who delivered it, inspired me to become part of the production posse and bring this incredible undertaking to my home city of Seattle.” -Joy Steele, 2014 Portland Audience Member turned 2015 LTYM: Seattle Producer.


“LTYM gave me a chance to be brave, to speak about something I had kept a secret a long time and to cast my wish and prayer to become a mother into the universe. It was about finding my authentic voice, and becoming the writer-storyteller I kept sensing was in me. And it ultimately was about finding my “tribe,” a daring group of people who welcomed me and continue to inspire me, as mothers, writers, and as strong women.” -Jessica Peyton-Roberts, 2014 Cast Member, “Wait for Me”


“As a fan of LTYM I was thrilled to see the show coming to Boston in 2014. I worked up the courage to audition and that experience alone was life changing. With a recent move across the country, I am now co-producing/directing Seattle 2015. Everybody has a story and Listen To Your Mother is your opportunity to be heard!” 
-Jennifer Scharf, 2014 Auditionee turned 2015 LTYM: Seattle Producer


“My LTYM experience was beyond my wildest dreams satisfying! Remarkable and delightfully quirky women, never ending support, laughter … oh, the laughter, even a precious new baby! It’s a bond that continues to this day. How fortunate I feel for the entire experience!” 
-Tracey Barnes Priestly, 2014 Cast Member, “A Matter of Choice”


“My wife, Joy, and I attended the Portland edition of “Listen to Your Mother” last May, and were so moved by the production that our entire conversation heading home to Seattle that afternoon was how to bring the show northward.  We were inspired by the heart-warming stories shared, and the knowledge that the show was helping a local charity.  I was so inspired by the Portland show, that I’m proudly providing production support for the upcoming “Listen to Your Mother” show in Seattle this May.” -Dan Steele, 2014 Audience Member turned LTYM:Seattle production support.


“Listen To Your Mother gave me the unique opportunity to share a story from my heart with a fantastic audience. But even better, it introduced me to 13 of the most wonderful, intelligent, and loving women I’ve ever met in my life. We shared something beautiful and sacred in our rehearsals and on that stage and I’ll be forever grateful for the experience and the lasting friendships I gained from LTYM.” -Leanne Goolsby, 2014 Cast Member, “Unexpectedly Expecting”


“Fourteen brave souls shared the Alberta Rose stage last May to present Portland’s first Listen to Your Mother show, a live-audience reading of stories celebrating the universal themes of being, or having, a mother. Whether you’re one of the select few who will stand on stage for the 2015 show or will be found in a plush velvet seat as an audience member, you’re in for a treat. Motherhood has been forever. Last May, our stories lit up the stage for one fine day, and we were changed for the better. You will be too!”
-Deb Stone, 2014 Cast Member, “Mr. Potato Head’s Secret Life”




Our hearts are overflowing with fond memories from our first year and fluttering in anticipation for the new stories we are about to hear. We’re heading into auditions this weekend, and will emerge with the 2015 cast.  Stay tuned!

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The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Listen To Your Mother-Now in Podcast Form

January 13, 2015

Listen up! No, really.  A lot of the time, we write the word listen when what when are really asking you to do is read. We  know you can’t actually hear our typed words. But today, we do indeed-y have something for you to listen to. It’s a podcast interview, that feeds what Listen To Your Mother is all about and how it works, directly to your ears. Blogger, Susan Macarelli runs the brilliant online writers’ resource,  Beyond Your Blog, where she creates podcasts from interviews she conducts with editors of sought after publications. These  podcasts provide an in depth look at the specific submission processes for each venue, and provide answers to the questions that writers have about getting published. This week, she turned her focus towards opportunities for bloggers to read their stories aloud, and featured Listen To Your Mother In the first half of the podcast,  Listen To Your Mother: Milwaukie […]

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2015 Portland Auditions-You’re Invited!

January 5, 2015

Listen To Your Mother celebrates motherhood in all forms and welcomes ANYONE to audition for the show with their own personal story. We aim to share stories that sound familiar as well as those that offer a glimpse into worlds strikingly different from our own, with the intention of fostering community and expanding our view. In order to be considered for the cast of the Listen To Your Mother:Portland  show, you will need… …to read aloud, in person, an original, personal story with some aspect of motherhood at its heart. This same story, if you are cast, will be read at the show. Reading time may not exceed 5 minutes, but may be under. Previously published work is accepted if you retain the rights/have express permission to use the piece. …to be able to commit to two rehearsals, Saturdays, March 28th and April 25th from 9am-12pm, and the day of the show, Thursday, […]

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November 13, 2014

Hello! And welcome back. How was your summer? Good. Good to hear. Carisa and I just want to set the record straight about a few choice clichés, and then we’ll let you go back to frolicking through the seasons. Ahem. *straightens tie, adjusts microphone, imagines audience naked* All the world’s a stage. – Shakespeare NOT TRUE. The Alberta Rose Theatre is the stage. A picture’s worth a thousand words. – Chinese proverb  Picture this instead: thousands of words, live, onstage. Mama always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  – Thumper from Bambi Mama always said what you needed to hear most. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou This is 100% accurate. Which is why once again we are proud to announce: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER IS COMING TO PORTLAND! Carisa and I are ecstatic to have the honor of directing and […]

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