The Photos Are Here!

by Kelli on May 21, 2015

Listen To Your Mother, Portland sold out the house at The Alberta Rose Theatre! Here’s a re-cap of that juicy, magical night, through the artful and talented lens of our photographer, Johann Leiter.

Our venue, two years now. We love it here. Also it smells of freshly baked savory pies.


In the green room with storyteller, Christi Krug and storyteller/director, Carisa Miller.




For the audience.


Kelli bought her copy of LTYM the book from our on-site booksellers.


THESE GUYS! Our local sponsors: Women’s Healthcare Associates, Crafty Wonderland, Radio Room, Folly, Paleo Sweet Cheeks, and Johann Leiter.


In the green room with Michelle Borum, laughing out the butterflies.


Storyteller, Michelle Porter, getting lip-prepped.


Kelli’s giddy over sweets from  Paleo Sweet Cheeks.



Mothers are pretty great at sitting and listening.



Mic check. Dance like oompa loompas. Just for a sec.


Ellen made us do it. Again.


Lurking in front of someone’s beautiful driveway. Thank you neighbor!


The 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother, Portland!


Leanne Goolsby, LTYM Portland 2014 storyteller joined the audience!


Deb Stone of the 2014 cast came, too! Storytellers are like snowballs. We just gather and gather. Unstoppable.



The midwives of Women’s Healthcare Associates came!


And then we began.


Christi Krug shares her story about nobody in particular.


Gypsy Martin squeezing an imaginary breast.


Mary Mandeville shares a game we wish wasn’t real.


Carisa pushes out her story and pulls at every mama heart.


Noelle Guest compromises. And wins.


Nicole Rardin wows the crowd with her bravery.


Susan Domagalski Fleming says, “Redddddddd.”


Kelli tries to breathe, even when it smells of yoga farts.


Michelle Borum advocates for her mother, and women and children everywhere, with her gut-wrenching honesty of domestic violence.


In case you hadn’t yet discovered, Kathryn Leehane reminds us that motherhood is disgusting.


Susan Moshovsky brings him home.


Kylie Menagh-Johnson advocates for our children, because little white lies aren’t helping anyone.


Michelle Porter relives a morning you’ll be grateful wasn’t yours.



Thank you for another amazing show, Portland! See you in 2016!


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Post show cast love amidst applause. (photo courtesy of Samantha Angoletta)


The night before our show, the cast exchanged messages, posted news links on traffic alerts, made plans to leave for the theatre hours ahead of schedule if necessary and joked about how cool it would be for President Obama to swing by. We knew he wouldn’t, couldn’t come and grumbled about the potential gridlocking effects of his visiting Portland on our big day. But secretly, we were happy to have traffic to worry about. Instead of getting our nerves up about being on stage, we focused on getting there. And we did. Get there. Because the 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother:Portland is a fierce group of  determined storytellers, and also a force of traffic-analyzing best-bridge-choosing, long-way-around warriors.

Portland, you’re beautiful. Thank you, THANK YOU for last night.  For your warm reception and loving embrace. Family, friends, strangers (no more), we adore you. We shared, we listened, we grew. Together.

Kelli and I are jam-packed with gratitude for the support that brought us to the stage for our second Listen To Your Mother: Portland production.

The National Team

Ann Imig, creator, leader, red patent-leather platform wearing goddess and her team of amazings: Stephanie Precourt, Melisa Wells, Taya Dunn Johnson and Deb Rox (who rocks the videos).

The Storytellers

photo 1 (4)

These people got up on a stage and cracked open their lives and exposed themselves so we could better know ourselves. They shared hard, scary truths, awkward human stuff, and hilariousness, too. A damn fine thing to do. Christi Krug, Gypsy Martin, Mary Mandeville, Noelle Guest, Nicole Rardin, Susan Domagalski Fleming, Michelle Borum, Kathryn Leehane, Susan Vaughan Moshofsky, Kylie Menagh-Johnson and Michelle Porter, you were, are AMAZING.

The Sponsors

Listen to Your Mother shows are made possible by the support of national and local sponsors. You hear that so often, the effect has probably worn off.  (Yeah, yeah, sponsors, whatever.) Duuuuuude. Without this support there would be no Listen To Your Mother. But here’s the deal, not only are these folks awesome in their support of us, they’re just plain awesome. And you know ought to us well enough by now to know we don’t do lip service.

Blogher has supported, championed, and partnered with LTYM nationally since the beginning in 2010.

Women’s Healthcare Associates, Crafty Wonderland, Radio Room, Folly, and Paleo Sweet Cheeks are our local sponsors and we ADORE them.

Gratitude to our wonderful photographer Johann Leiter and Jonathon Wiggins our videographer. You make us look so good.

Thank you to  the ever helpful Adam and Joe at the fabulous Alberta Rose Theatre, for hosting us again.

Our Cause

Thanks to Portland’s Women’s Crisis Line for partnering with us again this year to help raise funds and awareness to support the incredible work you do helping women facing domestic violence and abuse.

What’s next? 

The 500+ videos of the 2015 season will released en masse, sometime in July. You’ll know when it happens. In the meantime, I’m going to go fall over now.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and gratitude,

Kelli  & Carisa

photo 2 (5)

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