2016 Season Kickoff

by carisa on November 3, 2015

Happy November, Listen to Your Mother lovers!

Portland is delighted to be coming at you for a third year, among this year’s mind-blowing 41 city LTYM show line up. If you haven’t seen it yet, have a gander at the spectacular 2016 national launch video.

We will be bringing our local version of Listen To Your Mother to the stage next May with a fresh cast, brand new stories and a half new production team.

*record scratch*

Our dear producer, Kelli Martinelli is moving on to her next great adventure. She leaves with all of our love and support and a pool of my tears. Luckily for me, the awesome Susan Domagalski Fleming has agreed to join in the production fun. Susan, who read her heart-string-tugging story, “Beautiful Things”, as part of our 2015 cast, is a charming woman, exquisite writer, screenwriter, and blogger. I had a hunch she’d be a great new partner and when I asked her if she was interested in joining me, it turned out not only that she was, but had actual production experience. Get out!

Please join me in wishing the best of everything to Kelli, and offering the heartiest of soup season warm welcomes to Susan.

Yippee! Susan (whose full face and bio can be found here), Kelli, & Carisa


Stay tuned: We’ll be making 2016 Portland show and audition announcements in early January.

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Watch! The 2015 Videos are Up!

by Kelli on July 10, 2015

Post image for Watch! The 2015 Videos are Up!

For those who didn’t make it to our sold out 2015 Portland Listen To Your Mother Show, fear not. The videos have arrived. You can see the entire Portland show right here, right now. And you’ll want to check out the 450+ stories from the 38 other cities’ shows! You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to call your mom. And you won’t want to stop watching.

Or visit each story one at a time, like nibbling bites from the leftover birthday cake that’s in your fridge. You’ll find they’re simply delicious, and completely calorie-free (we know, we checked).

Christi Krug reading “How To Sweep”

Gypsy Martin reading “Please Don’t Feed The Baby”

Mary Mandeville reading “Zex”

Carisa Miller reading “Push and Pull”

Noelle Guest reading “42/60”

Nicole Rardin reading “The Secret Balance”

Susan Domagalski Fleming reading “Beautiful Things”

Kelli Martinelli reading “Stay”

Michelle Borum reading “Growing Up, Looking In”

Kathryn Leehane reading “Motherhood Is Disgusting”

Susan Vaughan Moshofsky reading “Bringing Him Home”

Kylie Menagh-Johnson reading “One Afternoon in December”

Michelle Porter reading “The High Cost of Sleeping In”

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The Photos Are Here!

May 21, 2015

Listen To Your Mother, Portland sold out the house at The Alberta Rose Theatre! Here’s a re-cap of that juicy, magical night, through the artful and talented lens of our photographer, Johann Leiter. Our venue, two years now. We love it here. Also it smells of freshly baked savory pies.   In the green room with storyteller, Christi Krug and storyteller/director, Carisa Miller.   Notes.   For the audience.   Kelli bought her copy of LTYM the book from our on-site booksellers.   THESE GUYS! Our local sponsors: Women’s Healthcare Associates, Crafty Wonderland, Radio Room, Folly, Paleo Sweet Cheeks, and Johann Leiter.   In the green room with Michelle Borum, laughing out the butterflies.   Storyteller, Michelle Porter, getting lip-prepped.   Kelli’s giddy over sweets from  Paleo Sweet Cheeks.     Mothers are pretty great at sitting and listening.     Mic check. Dance like oompa loompas. Just for a sec.   Ellen made us do it. […]

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Listen To Your Mother:Portland Overcomes Presidential Motorcade

May 8, 2015

  The night before our show, the cast exchanged messages, posted news links on traffic alerts, made plans to leave for the theatre hours ahead of schedule if necessary and joked about how cool it would be for President Obama to swing by. We knew he wouldn’t, couldn’t come and grumbled about the potential gridlocking effects of his visiting Portland on our big day. But secretly, we were happy to have traffic to worry about. Instead of getting our nerves up about being on stage, we focused on getting there. And we did. Get there. Because the 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother:Portland is a fierce group of  determined storytellers, and also a force of traffic-analyzing best-bridge-choosing, long-way-around warriors. Portland, you’re beautiful. Thank you, THANK YOU for last night.  For your warm reception and loving embrace. Family, friends, strangers (no more), we adore you. We shared, we listened, we grew. Together. Kelli […]

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It’s Showtime, Portland!

May 4, 2015

Three, two, one….the second annual Listen To Your Mother:Portland show is THIS Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! (<–To be read in the voice of a monster truck show announcer.) Tickets were going fast, now they’re going faster-get them here. Haven’t yet made up your mind to join us? We’re happy to help you decide… 1) If you think it would be cool to experience every possible human emotion within a 90 minute time frame, our show is the place for you. 2) If you are a mother, have a mother, want to be a mother, know a mother or have never even heard of a mother, our show is the place for you. 3) If you go over to the LTYM homepage and see the gorgeous photos and commentary on all the shows around the country that have already taken their turns on stage these last two weeks,  and you think to yourself, ‘That’s INCREDIBLE,’ our […]

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