Join Us at the Alberta Rose Theatre, Thursday May 7th at 7:30 PM!


Listen To Your Mother is a labor of love. Truly. Born of Ann Imig in 2010, and then nursed and nurtured by hundreds of storytellers across 39 states in 2015, LTYM shows have been compared to giving birth time and time again. We push these stories out of our … hearts, we leak them through our … tear ducts, we exhale them through our … laughter. For those who have endured enjoyed the birthing process as well as pulled together a local Listen To Your Mother show, the comparison is plain as day. They’ll both leave you breathless.

It seems perfectly fitting then to welcome back Women’s Healthcare Associates as a WHAlocal sponsor for Listen To Your Mother, Portland! I visited the team of midwives and nurses and doctors at WHA well before birth and well beyond. They let me ask questions until I started repeating myself. I knew the phone extension of my advice nurse by heart. They delighted with me in the details of a tiny heartbeat and successful latch on, and they comforted me when I was scared and unexpectedly bleeding. They were the shoulder I relied on for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. I still visit them for all my feminine wellness, and I haven’t given birth in 7 years! Bless their tender and educated hearts.

Come see the Portland show of Listen To Your Mother this May 7th. Celebrate the richness of motherhood and the legacy of the incredible midwives, nurses and other healthcare providers who help us bring our children into this world. Because when we’re breathless, they’re the ones who remind us to breathe.


These were my 2 midwives, Helen Welch and Kate Pelosi. But the wonderful thing about WHA is that I had the chance to meet ALL of their midwife team, so that when the day came for my babies to be born, there was nothing left to mystery except the details of my children’s own birth stories.


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LTYM Portland supports the Portland Women’s Crisis Line

Did you know that even the sturdiest sequoia tree requires an interlaced Portland Women's Crisis Lineroot system in order to stay upright? A grove of these giant wonders exists only because their roots weave a broad mat beneath them. So as one individual tree can support a whole micro eco-system, it would come crashing down without the support of its neighbors. For over the last 40 years, Portland Women’s Crisis Line has been that sturdy tree, a strong and unyielding advocate for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. And like that grand sequoia, PWCL needs a support system of its own.

Listen To Your Mother Portland is honored to partner with the Portland Women’s Crisis Line for a second year. 10% of ticket sales from our 2015 show at The Alberta Rose Theatre this May 7th will go to help provide PWCL with the critical resources they require to continue helping violence survivors regain their footing and begin to thrive. Get your tickets here.

This Thursday, April 9th, PWCL will be hosting their annual fundraiser, Unite! a night of empowerment. Only 200 tickets are being sold, and grant you access to a night of entertainment and celebration of the inspired work of PWCL. Plus! There’s a raffle. And these prizes rock.

Want to help support PWCL and the families that they endeavor to empower? Check out their wish list. These small requests make a world of difference.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, please contact PWCL at 888-235-5333 or Join the discussion and follow their advocacy initiatives on facebook.




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Cast Together

April 1, 2015

Say you meet a bunch of incredible storytellers, individually, invite them to form a group and then let them sit for over a month without meeting each other. During this time, you chatter at them on Facebook and tell them how magical it will be when they meet,  how much they’re going to love one another and the stories they will share. As you’re doing this, you think about how you’d feel if you were on the receiving end-one of the individuals being told what they were about to experience and how it would make them feel-and you decide you’re a little bit of an ass. You want to roll your eyes at yourself (even though you are sure what you’re saying is true). How dare you tell people what their experience going to be. Hurrumph! You’re like the mother with the older child telling the newer mom, “Just wait until she starts crawling, […]

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We Have A Show!-Portland’s 2015 Cast

February 26, 2015

    Voices of motherhood rang true and proud on audition day in Portland. We are better for having heard every word and will carry them with us, always. With heaps upon buckets of gratitude, thank you to everyone, for everything you put into bringing us your stories and your beautiful selves.     We are thrilled to introduce to you those who will be taking the stage at the Alberta Rose Theatre on Thursday, May 7th. Michelle Borum Susan Fleming Noelle Guest Kylie Menagh-Johnson Christi Krug Kathryn Leehane Mary Mandeville Gypsy Martin Kelli Martinelli Carisa Miller Susan Moshofsky Michelle Porter Nicole Rardin   Please join us in welcoming this year’s cast! Their stories will cry you apart and laugh you back together. (In the most pleasant way possible.) Read about the cast on Portland’s bio page. by

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Impressions of Listen To Your Mother

February 20, 2015

Each May, from Listen To Your Mother stages across the country, voices reach out in celebration of motherhood and wrap community audiences in a collective storytelling embrace. The impressions last well beyond the shows. Some audience members will be moved to audition for the next season. Former cast members will lovingly nudge their friends to take a turn at the podium. People watching LTYM videos online will fall in love with the show and apply to produce one in their own cities. Strangers will encounter fliers at community centers, coffee shops, and college campuses and be swept up in the movement. No matter how it finds you, or the nature of its impact, the effects of Listen To Your Mother are significant and enduring… “I expected that sharing my story at Listen To Your Mother would be powerful and healing. But I had no idea how my heart would be broken open and […]

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