First Rehearsal Reveals…

by Margaret on March 6, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman  we have a cast!

The 2017 cast for Plumas County will be Tina Terrazas, me (Margaret Elysia Garcia), Linda Cayot, Jane Braxton Little, Joanne Burgueno, Hannah Hepner, Samantha Williams, Beck Deemer, Adrienne Anila,  Delaine Fragnoli and Mary Joseph.  And Sara Bishop.

We had a lovely first rehearsal at the Main Street Lounge on Feb 26.


Not everyone could make it (Linda was in Galapagos and Delaine has moved to Reno) but we’re pretty confident that we’ll all be together soon. We thank the Main Street Lounge in Quincy for providing us with the swanky room.

We have stories for everyone. It was fun to watch this cast of alumni and newbies get together and figure out how cathartic the power of sharing stories can be. As my own kids are aging out of me being able to write about them, it was great to hear Jane’s story of her son going through the teen years and beyond.  Beck ‘s son is graduating this year and her joyful tears of new beginnings reminded me that I’m not far behind her. Joanne’s powerful story coming clean about alcoholism as a mom brought me to tears. Hannah and Samantha shared stories of complicated births that left them feeling not the way they thought they would feel. Adrienne found forgiveness that is both helping her and helping us find a path ourselves.

In times of alienation and absence of kindness these brave women and their stories provide a shining light. They hold our hands. They let us know we can get through this thing. With Love.

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