Decisions, decisions…

by Margaret on February 3, 2017

IMG_0572Hi. This is me. Margaret. Right before I headed out to Quincy and the Main Street Lounge which proprietor Karen Powell lent me to audition potential LTYM cast members for our swan song show. I love the Main Street Lounge in Quincy—it’s just so cool to have a business owner so enthusiastic about the arts.

Anyhow…my co-director Tina Terrazas…seen here (yeah I know, we forgot to take photos).

IMGP7305and I got to listen to some very sweet stories. It’s been since 2015 since we’ve had a show so I felt a little rusty but as soon as I heard the first story I remembered just why we’re doing this. We haven’t made final decisions yet but decided on a good division of labor–I will be speaking to cast members about editing and Tina will be giving suggestions on stage presence. Putting our collective skills to work. We will be making our decisions this coming weekend.

I’m super excited for the season to start!

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