Just Who Are These People?

by Margaret on March 23, 2013

We have 15 readers for our show (if you count Roxanne and I , the co-director/producers). We thought you might like to know the treat you are in for when you hear them read their work. Be forewarned! Getting mountain women (and man) to turn in bios is a lot like herding cats. It really can’t be done.   That mountain self-sufficiency and self-reliance kicks in strong and everyone heads in her own direction.

Joelle Fraser  comes to us from neighboring Lassen County. Her memoir The Forest House: a Year’s Journey into the Landscape of Love, Loss and Starting Over was published earlier this month by Counterpoint Press. The Forest House tells the story of a mother of a young son picking herself up and retreating into the forest to regain her strength and fortitude. She’ll be reading an excerpt from the book that goes perfectly with our LTYM theme of giving a voice to motherhood. Her first book, The Territory of Men, was published by Random House to critical acclaim.

Jane Braxton Little  is an independent writer whose work has appeared in national magazines that include Scientific American, Environmental Health Perspectives, Utne and Audubon, where she is a contributing editor.  She arrived in Plumas County in the Middle Ages for a summer that has yet to end.

Elisa Adler has lived in Genessee Valley for over thirty years. The story she shares with us in the LTYM show really illustrates living in the mountains with three generations under one roof, united but all in their own worlds too. Her memoir I’ll Close My Eyes (But I Won’t Be Asleep) came out last year. It tells the story of a mother/daughter relationship in which the roles of each continually change.

Wendy Weight  attempts to define herself as: a seeker of metaphors, emotional deep sea diver, lover of grays (metaphorical and otherwise), Taurus with moon in Pisces, Myers Briggs INFP, Ennegram Type 4, Vata Dosha body type, and disliker of bios and all other attempts at summarized interpretations of the worth of a soul.

Pat Bradley is the proud mom of two amazing human beings: Amelia and Dylan. She loves to excavate through the lasagna layers of life to uncover those things that underlie it all. She believes in homeopathy, small wonders, and the power of story. A colorful cottage in Indian Valley is where she makes her home. She often forgets her age and works with some kindred folks at Lupine’s Natural Foods in Greenville.

Delayne Stapf has been married to her best friend for fourteen years and they have four amazing crazy kids together. If she had finished college she’d have gotten her BA in sarcasm. Her parents always told her to do what she loves so she is.

Ramona Hill   found her niche when she took a job reporting for Feather Publishing in Plumas County and discovered her ability to write: Her monthly column, “Accidental Gardener,” was a hit with local gardeners. Since leaving the paper, she works as a freelance writer and copy editor for private clients and on Elance.com. A member of the Quincy Advance Writers Group, she is working on her memoir about surviving her mother’s suicide. She lives with her husband in Meadow Valley, Calif. with three alpacas, two dogs and two cats, where she spends her time writing, gardening and tending the menagerie. She blogs at  Adventures in Living.

Jeff Luke Titcomb is an artist from Salt Lake City, Utah now living in the beautiful Northeastern California town of Greenville in Indian Valley. He shares his art  in many different mediums including jewelry, photography, drawing, and writing. He enjoys languages and sharing the written word from his perspective Sego Lily Designs.

Mary Ellen Joseph is the executive director of Roundhouse Council, Indian Education Center in Indian Valley, CA . She’s the proud mother of four children from one year old baby to teenager!

Julie Hatzell loves hanging with her son and her daughter when she’s in town and watching them play their sports!  She owns The Alley Cat Cafe and is a proud member of the Quincy Happiness Movement. She helps keep Quincy together with TED talks at her cafe and reading groups too.

Lydia Wahab is a reclusive soul, a bit socially awkward, fiercely private but going public like a frog for this event, and a dog lover.

Tiffany Lozano is mother of two spirited children, Jaxon Eliseo, four and Serafina Ruby, two. On the side, Tiffiney is also a freelance writer and outreach coordinator for the youth entrepreneurship program at Feather River College.  She enjoys adventure travel, inspiring stories of real people kicking ass, and handcrafted cocktails.  She has the best husband in the world, and recommends other women import their men from another country as well. She will be releasing work on a sporadic schedule at her blog Todavia Tiffiney www.tiffineylozano.wordpress.com.

Michelle Fulton  spent her formative years in the Pacific Ocean, quite literally, growing up surfing on the south coast of California. As she approached middle age and realized her beloved waters had been so disrespected and fouled that they were no longer a safe refuge for her journey, she left the ocean. This led her into the Sierra Nevada where she has been playing and learning for the last 7 years. Michelle is an educator, a biologist, a social activist and finds the path to the divine through her relationship with animals, big and small. She is building a small modern homestead in Meadow Valley with her partner which they call FulHat Farm. They are also restoring the old Meadow Valley Store and transforming it into the Meadow Valley Social Club, a gathering place for music, food, fun and healing. Michelle has been a ‘mother’ to many without the addition of stretch marks.

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