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Call for Submissions: Plumas, Lassen, Sierra Counties

by Margaret on January 8, 2013

We mountain women have stories to tell.  We raise our children far away from the cities. We get to worry about a whole different set of issues than our urban counterparts. We worry about fires and ice and driving mountain roads. And we know joys long forgotten by our urban counter parts. Our kids don’t get lost in the woods and can identify plants and animal tracks.  We do 4-H. Our kids have sled down our driveways on the way to school. They have watering holes in the summer to check out. And there’s all the universal things that happen along the way.

We have stories. So, Plumas, Lassen, and Sierra Counties–tell us your stories. Make us laugh and cry and think about motherhood up here in the mountains. What about your experience was unexpected? What’s been your joy? What’s been your downfall? What’s been your sorrow? What’s made you want to shout with excitement? What’s made the experience of mothering more than you bargained for? What was the great surprise? Tell us a story.

How do you navigate that mother/daughter mine field? What was it like when your son first left home? Tell us a story.

Men are welcomed to submit stories of their experience with mothering. Women without children are welcomed to submit stories of their experiences with their mothers, nieces, etc.

Send us your story and be part of a nationwide Mother’s Day Movement of spoken word performances.


 Submissions of essays, spoken word performances pieces in written or video format are being accepted from now until February 7th.  At that time, the directors will chose pieces for an open audition (which will be held on Saturday, February 23rd in Greenville). Rehearsals will take place, one a month in March, April, and May. Pieces should be roughly 750-800 words or no longer than five minutes when read out loud. For more information call Margaret @ 530 375-0580 or contact All submissions should be emailed to

We look forward to hearing your stories. Send them in today.




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