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Our First Rehearsal

by Margaret on March 26, 2015

LTYM Plumas County is probably the smallest show in the country. And by that I mean, we live in a tiny rural area– a county with less than 20,000 people in it. It is truly one of those places where everybody knows everybody. In Quincy, CA where the LTYM show takes place, we have less than 6000 people.

But what a remarkable find! We gathered 11 women cast members & directors and one photographer (Joanne Burgueno) on a Sunday afternoon at Plumas Arts for our first rehearsal.  Not everyone knew each other! Best of all, no one had ever heard the other one’s story before.  See in photos how we came together.

Linda and JenniferLinda and Jennfier listening intently.

IMGP5864 Melinda’s laughter.IMGP5892 (1) Marcy’s can so relate with Tiffiney’s hilarious tribute to trying to put toddlers to bed.  Circling up for the First ReadIsn’t our meeting place beautiful? Thank you, Plumas Arts, for letting us meet in the gallery.

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It gives us great pleasure to announce the LTYM Plumas County Cast of 2015. Word must have spread because we received more submissions than ever before! Most of our submissions were fantastic but these 10 essays are coming together to make a great show.

Please welcome:

Linda Cayot

Jennifer Wolfe

Marcy DeMartile

Darlene Gutierrez

Rebecca Deemer

Jennifer Mason

Melinda Rother

Gabrielle Magers

Tiffiney Lozano

Delayne Stapf

Tina Terrazas

Margaret Elysia Garcia

These essays take us from babies first breaths to seeing them off to college and everything in between. These essays take us to our relationships with our own mothers in heartbreaking and beautiful ways.  We hope you’ll enjoy the show as much as we love starting to put it together. Congratulations, ladies!

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LTYM Plumas County Auditions This Sunday!

February 28, 2015

We are so, so pleased to tell you that so far? This has been our biggest year ever. LTYM essay submissions just kept pouring in! In a small town it’s hard not to know everyone who submitted but in this case this year we were happy to not know so many names! People are really coming from all remote corners of the county for this one. This Sunday 18 people will read to Tina and I their heartfelt essays on the mother / child relationship, on being a mother, and having a mother. We look forward to tomorrow morning. For those auditioning tomorrow. Just relax and tell us your story. We want to listen. We’d also like to thank the Paradise Grill for letting us use their private party room for auditions. Many thanks and thanks for having the best carne asada tacos in town. by

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Only two more days to get those SUBMISSIONS in!

February 13, 2015

Deadline for Submissions for this years LTYM show Plumas County is fast approaching. It’s been wonderful to receive so many submissions so far! We look forward to reading yours! It can be funny; it can be a tear-jerker–the most important thing is that it’s yours! So let’s have it Plumas County! Only 48 hours to go!   Email those submissions to   by

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Our First Two Sponsors for This Years LTYM Show Plumas County!

January 29, 2015

 We are proud to announce our first two sponsors! Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce has signed on as a sponsor for our production of the Listen to Your Mother Show. This is really special to us. We are a very small community but also very mighty!  For the past two years half of our cast and crew (and director) have come from this beautiful valley in the center of the county.  We are very happy to have our chamber’s support. Back for a second year of support is De Martile Automotive of Quincy, CA. We’re so glad that they liked our show last year and our signing on for another season of support! Thank you so much, De Martile! Many of the cast and crew have relied on De Martile to keep our cars running. Thanks for seeing us through icy months and tune-ups! by

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