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LTYM Can be the start of it all

by Margaret on May 10, 2017

Listen to Your Mother…The Start of it All

I got a bit nostalgic for my beginnings with LTYM this morning and thought I’d share.

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Girl’s Rite

by Margaret on April 17, 2017


We are happy to once again be supporting the Girl’s Rite program! Girl’s Rite provides leadership skills to girls in Plumas County.

Girl’s Rite has provided a safe meeting place and a wide variety of activities for Plumas County teen girls, ages 11-18, throughout the year since 2008. The program helps girls build connections with themselves, their peers, woman in the community, and the surrounding forest. Participants learn how to work through life’s challenges, build their self esteem while helping​ others, and express themselves in a positive way.

Girl’s Rite is a service of Plumas Rural Services (PRS). Girl’s Rite Coordinator Jennifer Ready can be reached at or at 480-620-7852. For more information on Girl’s Rite, PRS, and other services PRS offers, please visit

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LTYM Plumas County Sports Some Change Ups

March 25, 2017

When you are a veteran of a show like this, you kind of start to take things for granted–or at least schedules and how long it will take to organize and where your resources are and of course where your show will take place. Because we’ve done this before! But this year we hit a snag. Our tiny area lays low for much of the year but spring is a busy time in the mountains–everyone scrounges around with events. So we’re changing venues to THE WEST END THEATRE in Quincy! We’ve worked with them before on a variety of events and are excited to be coming back to the theatre. And we’re moving our date to May 20 at 7 pm! Check out the space below: West End Theatre!     by

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First Rehearsal Reveals…

March 6, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman  we have a cast! The 2017 cast for Plumas County will be Tina Terrazas, me (Margaret Elysia Garcia), Linda Cayot, Jane Braxton Little, Joanne Burgueno, Hannah Hepner, Samantha Williams, Beck Deemer, Adrienne Anila,  Delaine Fragnoli and Mary Joseph.  And Sara Bishop. We had a lovely first rehearsal at the Main Street Lounge on Feb 26. Not everyone could make it (Linda was in Galapagos and Delaine has moved to Reno) but we’re pretty confident that we’ll all be together soon. We thank the Main Street Lounge in Quincy for providing us with the swanky room. We have stories for everyone. It was fun to watch this cast of alumni and newbies get together and figure out how cathartic the power of sharing stories can be. As my own kids are aging out of me being able to write about them, it was great to hear Jane’s story of her son […]

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Decisions, decisions…

February 3, 2017

Hi. This is me. Margaret. Right before I headed out to Quincy and the Main Street Lounge which proprietor Karen Powell lent me to audition potential LTYM cast members for our swan song show. I love the Main Street Lounge in Quincy—it’s just so cool to have a business owner so enthusiastic about the arts. Anyhow…my co-director Tina Terrazas…seen here (yeah I know, we forgot to take photos). and I got to listen to some very sweet stories. It’s been since 2015 since we’ve had a show so I felt a little rusty but as soon as I heard the first story I remembered just why we’re doing this. We haven’t made final decisions yet but decided on a good division of labor–I will be speaking to cast members about editing and Tina will be giving suggestions on stage presence. Putting our collective skills to work. We will be making our decisions this […]

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