Our Theatre Needs Us

by Margaret on July 3, 2014

For the past two years, Listen to Your Mother Show Plumas County has found a home at the Town Hall Theatre in Quincy. Now? That theatre needs us.   Save Our Theatre shows us all in a few minutes what a theatre can do for a community. Help our tiny community save our cultural hub. Listen to Your Mother Show is in the video at the 3:22 mark!


Thank You Everyone!

by Margaret on May 14, 2014

On Friday May 2nd,  a good sized crowd gathered at the Town Hall Theatre  for the 2nd annual Listen to Your Mother Show Plumas County.

Moms and non-moms, dads, daughters and sons, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, friends and neighbors gathered to hear ten women take the stage and give us brave, funny, heartfelt accounts of real motherhood.

Here’s a taste of what they heard–one line from each of our cast members that gives you a glimmer of the energy and spirit of our show:

If we can come up with the mannered “ED” for erectile dysfunction, surely we can coin a more ego-friendly term for women who don’t dilate. Can you imagine diagnosing a man with “failure to erect”?  

“Hell, I’d settle for being able to use the bathroom all by myself.”

How could you leave me here to raise your children all alone?

It’s complicated/Like most relationships.

My stance? The doctor never encouraged “just one more push and your owner’s manual will be here…?”

I am the only daughter of a woman whose motto was “one is not truly a lady until one has crossed the Champs Elysee at traffic hours in stiletto heels. 

One of my favorite experiences in life is to drive alone, in a silent car, silently, without children… in silence.

I wouldn’t be alive today without my mom.

He held me with that look until I thought I would die in a euphoria of unconditional love. 

We lost the kids in August. We got them back in November. It was the longest season ever. It took everything in my power to stand up for the truth.


THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned, to our ten readers, and to our alumni in the audience. Special thanks to our families and friends who helped with photography, ushering, ticket sales, and general moral support.

THANK YOU to our Plumas County production team: Co-Producers Pat Bradley and Plumas Arts.

And huge HUGE thanks to national sponsors Chevrolet and BlogHer for enabling LTYM to give Motherhood A Microphone for another season, and to our amazing local sponsors who made the Plumas show possible: Oak Knoll EngineeringLupines Natural FoodsWretched ProductionsSterling SageSego Lily DesignsFriends of Plumas County AnimalsDeMartile AutomotivesQuincy Yoga & Wellness Center, Alley Cat Cafe and Josefina Fine Knits.

Thank you, Plumas County, for celebrating Mother’s Day with LTYM once again! It’s an honor and a privilege to see our community come together to celebrate all these wonderful ME TOO moments of mothering, not mothering, our moms, and ourselves.

We’ll be back soon with more photos, fun, and our final donation total to Indian Valley Youth Summit.  And don’t worry if you missed the show, because video from all 32 shows will be released on our LTYMShow YouTube channel this summer!!

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Over and Beginning…

May 11, 2014

  We started with Delaine Fragnoli walking us through the birthing process and the horrible words we use for it. Shawna Lindsey kept us guessing. She’s holding up a blanket that’s seen 20 years worth of children. Tina Terrazas walked us through single parenting trials and tribulations. Nancy Presser shared how her mother continues to save her. Wendy Weight shared revelations on a school bus field trip. We could oh so relate… We filled a beautiful set…filled with furniture borrowed from mothers around Indian Valley… There are more photos to come…more photos to sift through. The show is over but it’s the beginning in so many ways. I walk down the street , I go into the grocery store, and I find out my friends and neighbors were at the show.They want to share their stories with me. They keep saying “I can’t wait for next year when you direct the third one…” […]

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Thank you, Wretched Productions

April 30, 2014

LTYM Plumas County is happy to be using local film production company Wretched Productions to film our readers this Friday night for future YouTube fame. Director and photographer Heidi Moore, from Chester, CA, worked with us last year to provide us with videography. As soon as filming is wrapped up, Heidi will be teaching a photography workshop  at Books & Beyond in Chester, CA starting May 11th. For details, click on the link.

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Thank you, Quincy, CA Sponsors!

April 28, 2014

Listen To Your Mother Show Plumas County would like to thank its Quincy, CA sponsors who signed on this year to support the show. As a Greenville girl, I personally don’t know as many people in the big capital city of Quincy. So it’s always a bit of a surprise to find so much love over here! Thank you to Oak Knoll Engineering for their support. We really appreciate your generous help! Thank you to Demartile automotive for their support. We had no idea the DeMartile’s were such theatre fans! Now we know! Thanks to Quincy Yoga and Wellness Center –two of their instructors are in our show! Way to show them support. We love too that Friends of Plumas County Animals has signed on as well. They do oh so much for the animals in the county to find them homes and to keep them safe. And last but certainly not least, we thank Plumas Arts for making the process of putting […]

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