Cast Profile: Johanna Collins

by stephaniejankowski on April 13, 2017

This post concludes our cast profiles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy tickets to the show after today! Snag yours ahead of time (and save a few bucks), or grab them at the door on May 12th. Either way, our hearts are full and we’re so grateful to spend the evening with you. Fitting that we’re ending our cast profiles with Ms. Johanna Collins, a woman who exudes grace from her gait to her words. Enjoy!


Who is Johanna?
I find this “who am I” question difficult to answer…In my early forties I am still searching to know better who I am…

I understand myself as being made by a loving Creator and this knowledge is central to me. I have been blessed in life to have a loving relationship with my family. My own parents are dear to me. I love my husband and I love our five children. As a daughter, wife and mother I am very much affected by the emotional and physical work of these relationships.

I look for strength in the scriptures of the Bible, in various parenting resources, through friendships and prayer. Yoga and lots of deep breathing – and some counseling too- have helped me tremendously to discover the best parts of myself. JC older

I am a free spirit in many ways. I delight in the human individual’s ability to express themselves. People are beautiful to me! Being outside and active feeds my soul. I love to run and work in my yard/garden.


If you were mayor for a day, what law would you enact or change?
I do not like the injustices of this world and I try to contribute what I can to fight injustice. If I were mayor I would want to make this city more livable for all its residents, not just for those of us who are more privileged.


What is your favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh?
It has been my privilege to dine out at many Pittsburgh restaurants that employ farm to table practices in their kitchens. To me, there’s nothing like eating food that’s been grown, raised and harvested locally. I love the Big Burrito restaurant group and other small ethnic spots, like Udipi, (Monroeville) which serves up some of the best southern Indian cuisine.


What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written?
I don’t have a specific favorite piece of writing, but I can say that I love to write notes and cards to people to express how much I appreciate them.


JC youngerWhat do you love most about our great city?
I am thankful for Pittsburgh. I love Pittsburgh’s hills. I think that they make us stronger and that they represent the ups and downs of this life. I live on a hill in the city’s Garfield neighborhood. From my third floor balcony I can see so much of the East End and this view of my community is a thrill for me. Traversing the incline of my hill makes me grateful for the flat and level places.
In a flat place in my yard we found five tiny kittens in a hollow tree stump in early March. While we were fostering them at home until they were old enough and strong enough to be adopted we had to give them frequent baths because umm… everything got caught in their fur.

What’s one of the craziest things you’ve ever said to your children?
I remember I told my children to “keep blowing on them until they were completely dry and fluffy”.  (They were blow drying the wet kittens after their bath.)


What do you wish most for your children?
I hope that as my children discover more and more of themselves that they will love themselves more and more- and the One who made them- and the people and world around them.


How did you learn about LTYM Pittsburgh?
I learned about Listen to Your Mother from my neighbor/friend, Jen Pelling. I loved the show when I went to see her in it!
I am so glad to have a chance to be a part of it this time around and to have the opportunity to tell a piece of my story that reveals a bit of how I have grown to see and understand and love my Mom.


JC mom

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