Cast Profile: Katie Long

by stephaniejankowski on March 14, 2017

Today is our third round of 2017 Cast Profiles, and we’re very excited to introduce Ms. Kaaaaaaaatie Long! Yell that like Oprah please.


How did you hear about Listen To Your Mother? I first discovered LTYM when my husband, Katie Longunbeknownst to me, arranged for a night out with two friends to see the Listen to Your Mother show 2016. I laughed hard, cried harder, and needed a debriefing sessions afterwards with my gal pals (thank goodness for drinks at The Porch!). I could not stop raving about the show for weeks afterwards, and with Steph’s promptings, Jen’s writing workshop at the library, and my aunt’s encouragement to just START writing (and to use a computer, because they make life easier, and not the pretty pen and notebook I was excited about) and not worry about how the story would end, I found myself auditioning for the 2017 show!

What’s one of the craziest things your kid(s) ever said? My two oldest children are talkers. I literally have a book full of the ridiculous things my eldest has said to me and I am working on filling up the book for my second (my third has a LOT to say as well and she does her best to get her message across. Yet formulating words is not her forte, and we are slightly nervous for what might come when she does have all the words of her two older brothers). That being said, the most RECENT craziest thing my child said to me was, “Mom. Why are nipples so close to your neck…. and so far from your feet?”

What do you wish most for your children? First and foremost, I wish that my children grow up to desperately love God, seek Him, and rely on Him for all their needs. He will never fail them and with Him, they will never be alone. OTHER than that, we pray that they grow up true to their names. Isaac means “laughter” and Isaac’s life, in the Bible, was surrendered to God. We hope that Isaac grows up, in God’s hands, and brings laughter to those around him. Noah means “peaceful” and his middle name, David, means “beloved”. We do not know how this will play out for him, but we pray that Noah becomes a man of peace, either full of peace, or with a fire to bring peace to others and fight for their injustices. And we pray that he knows that he is beloved. And our little miss is Selah, and he name means “to rest and reflect” or “to pause and praise”. Right now, her 2y/o ball of energy is causing her parents to really desire a little pause and some reflection. Again, we don’t know what this will look like for her as she grows, but we are excited to see what God has in store.

Katie Long and fam

What is your favorite thing about our great city of Pittsburgh? Ah. I DO love Pittsburgh. I love Pittsburgh neighborhoods and the differences in those communities. I love that Pittsburgh brings together the elderly, the poor, the working class, the students, the artists, the families, the dreamers and that you can see all of that simply by walking down her streets. I am a PROUD city resident and have happily lived in Pittsburgh’s Northside for the past 9 years (after also attending Duquesne University in uptown and living in the Southside, Shadyside, and Lawrenceville). Growing up 40-minutes outside of the city, near Moraine State Park, Pittsburgh was always our city and I have many happy memories of free concerts at the Point, baseball games at Three Rivers Stadium, and street lights and bus sounds while riding home after a wonderful visit at my Nunny’s. We are thrilled to be raising our children here and are excited to see how their minds and hearts are shaped by all the different stories surrounding them.

What makes Katie, KATIE? One of the ways I have been shaped is through my family. I am the oldest of seven children, 3 biological siblings and 3 siblings adopted from Russia. As the oldest, I was often removed from the craziness that can ensue with 5 brothers and 1 sister and with 15 years separating myself from my youngest brother, I was able to enjoy and love them all in a special way. I would not be the same person without the influence of my siblings and I am so very grateful to have them all (now with 2 sisters-in-law, a brother-in-law, and a niece) in my life.

Also, I have a really incredible husband. He is the chill to my hyper and the solid to my rollercoaster. He is supportive and kind and patient and committed and I love him a whole heck of a lot. Oh! And my kids! Did I mention them? There are three of them. Isaac (8), Noah (5) and Selah (2) and they ABSOLUTELY make me want to be a better person every day. With them, the struggle to be gentle is a worthy one and the endless opportunities to be silly make my heart sing.


Come see Katie and the rest of our talented cast at our May 12th show. Grab your tickets HERE!

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